GAY Sugar Daddy

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The entire Sunday was fun knowing Margo and Phillip were not at the house so we had the freedom to fool around.

If there's anything I'm grateful of, is his perfect size because if he were too big, I'd be too sore to have this much sex.

By the time Monday morning comes, we've already done it at least in six separate occasions. His terrace, the swimming pool, the kitchen, the stairs-

Yeah the stairs, because it's too far to get to the bedroom so we settled at the stairs.

But today's my first day of work, so we can't be doing those anymore. Right after I've got my dose of morning ride, I go to my bedroom to get ready.

"Good morning, Miss Elle." Phillip greets me before opening the backseat door of the white Maybach.

I've told Margo and him countless times to just call me Elle but from Miss Evans to Miss Estelle to Miss Elle, they just won't drop that Miss title. For the fact we are all equal, serving that one particular boss. It's just that my employment is not made known to public.

"Good morning Phillip." I beam in happiness, wanting to be as positive as possible because I aim to start my day right, especially today. My first day.

But my smile disappears the moment I see a familiar someone is already sitting at the other side of the back seat, looking drop dead gorgeous in a navy blue suit. He even has his iPad on the pull-out table in front of him.

"Matchy matchy!" He sure beams in happiness too from the tone of his voice. I glance at the three quarter sleeve with square neck work dress I'm wearing, we're indeed matchy matchy. It's the same exact color code.

Taking the seat next to him, I ask the obvious question, "What are you doing here?"

"Same as you." He answers in the duh tone.

"You're going to my office?" Nooo, he can't be going to my office. This can't be one of those fling-turns-boss stories. Nooooo-

"I'm going to my office, Precious." Another duh.

I somehow feel relief hearing that, but he's already turning to Philip that is sitting in his driver seat.

"Phil, let's send Miss Precious first."

I roll my eyes at his little nickname that he announces to the entire household. Even Margo is calling me Miss Precious sometimes.

"Noted, Sir." The car starts to move as the partition window is raised. I take into view the entire white interior of this luxurious car. It still screams money but not as obvious as his sports cars.

"You seem to be forgetting something?" His voice breaks my attention towards the remarkable detailing of this back seat. It's like being in the first class seat, only this time we're travelling by road.

"Hm?" I turn to him realising the iPad is already missing, and the table has been folded back in.

He looks at me as he taps his thigh, with that smirk on his face.

"Seriously?" I can't believe it, "We're in the car."

"You know the rules." He replies nonchalantly then raises an eyebrow like an asshole.

"You expect me to sit on you the entire ride? No Owen, it's ridiculous. You'll make my suit wrinkle!"

"You'll make my suit wrinkle too. So we'll be even then?"

I roll my eyes at his stupid deduction. But I take my ass and bring it on his lap, "You know the ball is in my court. I can cancel the contract whenever I can."

"You sure the ball is in your court?" He totally twists my words which my hand automatically hits his chest, "It's not funny."

But I laugh anyway because it is funny. Which by the way his balls are gorgeous, perfectly round and are the same size. Not even sagging or anything like that. They even match the color of his cock, not one or two shades darker like-

Damn it, did I just describe a whole sentence about his balls!

"You're prettier when you don't talk like this," he runs his fingers throughout my entire hair length, "Like a doll."

I do the same with his hair that seems to be styled today instead of his sexy just-get-out-of-the-bed hair, "You're prettier too when you don't talk."

He chuckles at my remarks, "Always winning huh."


"Text Philip when you're getting off work, he'll pick you up." He reminds me again when I've scooted to the door on the other side once we've arrived in front of my office building.

"Yes Daddy." I reply in a mocking tone before realising what I've just called him.

"See you at dinner, Precious."

But I already push the door close before replying him or listening to more irritating reminders.

What a hurdle. Here goes my first day!


I was informed there are two other interns but they will be joining next month since I volunteered to start one month early so here I am, on my own, with no accomplice.

There's nothing much to do on the first day besides being introduced to the entire department and settle my ID and Outlook issues, so by five I'm already in the car with Philip.

I've gotta admit I feel a bit disappointed when I open the door not finding that annoying Owen at the back seat. But it's okay, dinner is just in two hours.

"There's my big girl!" His voice fills the space the moment I step into the backyard, "How's first day of work?"

He's sitting alone with his laptop, which a few seconds ago he was tapping the keyboard looking all serious until he notices my presence.

And yes, instead of going upstairs to change I look around the house for him, simply because I miss that annoying behaviour of his. Two weeks of being together, of course it feels different to spend my day without his silly not-so-funny jokes.

"Come here," he pulls the chair next to him, "Tell me all about it."

"Well," I walk to him and take his left hand, drop my ass on his lap then puts back that hand at the spot it was before, "I miss the pool."

"Just the pool?"

"And your food."

"Anything else?"

"Mhmmm maybe a bit of Margo's accent."

He chuckles, knowing how much I'm always giggling hearing her accent every time she talks.

"Did you miss me?" I put on my puppy face as I wrap my hands on his neck, "Hmm?"

"Margo wished you're here today."

"Me? Here? Why?" And why won't you answer me? Did you miss me?

"I forgot you're working so I cooked lunch for two," Awww that's so cute, he misses meee, "I asked Margo to eat with me and she wished you're here, because she doesn't like to be the back up plan."

I giggle, "You should've just told her you cooked for her."

"Have you met Margo?" Yeah she can see stuffs even without anyone telling.

"But I think it's sweet. Thank you for cooking me lunch," I kiss his cheek briefly before retreating, "I'm gonna change then I'll be down for dinner?"

"I haven't cooked dinner."

"We'll cook together then."

He hums with a knowing look. Every time we're in the kitchen, he's always the one who cooks, the only one, while I'd just talk and sip on wine. Sometimes hug him from behind for moral support, though he finds it a bit annoying since I limit his movement.

"I'll wear my sexy apron." I wink as I hop off his lap.

"Margo is still here."

"Margo knows we're fucking."

"You told her?"

"Margo knows, Owen."

He nods with the 'ahh makes sense'.

"By the way, you're already home at lunch time? How long did you stay at your office then?"

He grins but doesn't utter a word.

"Must be lucky to be your own boss." I know he's not born rich but he's really lucky to be this loaded at such a young age, all on his own effort.

"Marry me, then you'll be my boss."

Oh believe me, I’m tempted to.
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