GAY Sugar Daddy

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"I think we're doing great. By the 12th week you should be a certified bi and I can move out in peace." It's only the third week but I have faith in him. He's a fast learner and he's willing to do everything he can to achieve the result we anticipate.

"You're gonna move out?" The pie that's supposed to be in his mouth is now back to his plate as he frowns.

"Stay," his hand creeps to mine, a gesture to emphasise his words, "at least until the end of your internship."

I shake my head but smile anyway, "Thank you but that won't be appropriate." Staying here from mid July till mid October, I wonder myself if I can find a landlord who will rent me a place for a short two and a half months since my internship ends just after New Year.

"Oh come on, I think we're friends already."

"We are but you're more a Daddy than a friend. I can't stay here."

He lets go of the fork on his left hand and brings both of his arms to his chest, signalling he doesn't want to accept that.

"If we are then it's decided. You're staying until the end of your internship."

Now it's my turn to hug myself, not wanting to accept that too, "Again, thank you for being such a good friend but I can't. You're my sugar daddy, Owen."

"Then what are you doing over there?" Here we go again.

I stand up and go around the small table we're having our dinner at. It's only 7 but the sun is still out since it's summer. The view is amazing, partly because of the man I'm having dinner with, but my mood turns sour a bit when I'm being ordered around like this for the fact we're currently having a minor argument. I’d very much like to stay at my seat just like I’m sticking to my decision.

"I can't believe you're doing this." I flip my hair to the back, fully aware they are slapping his face in the process.

But he catches most of them, "It's either this or you're staying till the end of your internship."

I finally turn to my left, staring at his ridiculously beautiful eyes, "So from now on I can only sit on you? What if you're standing? I have to stand too? I can never sit until you sit? You're unbelievable, Owen."

He smirks, "Then stay till the end of your internship." The hair he fisted earlier is now being caressed to the end of the length, repeatedly.

"This is my one in a lifetime chance to live in New York. Like actually live here, go out, visit places, mingle with the locals. I can't do that if I'm stuck with you till the end of my internship. One minute I'm talking to a guy and the next you're calling me home to fuck. I don't want that Owen."

He sighs, and I feel glad that he seems to get the reason why I want to stay on my own.

"I never wanted to sign the contract in the first place. I can just end everything right now if I want to." Because we have that one clause. I'm free to go if I want to.

"Come here," he pushes my head gently so I'd meet his lips, and we kiss for a while, letting go the frustration we each have.

But I push his chest after a few minutes, distancing ourselves, "The only reason I'm here is because we want to see if you can be bisexual. If the objective is met, what's the point of keeping me here?" What if I fall for you?

What if I have no reason left to be here that I fall for you because you are the perfect guy, the one I've been looking for.

And I'm seriously scared if I fall for you just like I did with a few of the sugar daddies I had. The good thing is, they aren't so perfect.

I know I easily fall in love with guys, and out of it too. I'd be attached to the next crush and naturally would forget the guy I fell in love with.

But to be able to choose not to have a heartbreak, well I'd like to take that road first.

"I like your company."

"I like yours too but I need to be on my own. We can still be friends, and hang out sometime."

"Okay." He surrenders and that's when I smile, then kiss his lips in a much brighter mood. He returns the kisses in a punishing way but I gladly take them, he tastes good and this could be our foreplay for what's coming next.


By Friday evening, I'm glad the workweek has ended. It was truly boring to just sit and wait for someone to call me either to help them do the photocopy or follow them to a meeting to take the minutes. Being an intern without an assignment sucks.

"You look amazing."

I blush at his compliment eventhough I know I do look amazing without him telling me. To be approved by someone who always look amazing himself, I actually feel proud eventhough on my end, the amazing comes from a combination of using the make up and a curling thong. Don't forget the suffocating corset to ensure the dress runs smoothly without any bumps.

"Shall we?" He offers his arm which I gladly curl mine into his, "Let's go."

Celebrating my first week of internship despite its awfulness, he promised to bring me to a restaurant instead of dining at home. This should be our first time eating out since he cooks for me all the time.

"Do I have to sit on you too tonight?" I ask playfully when we're already in the car.

"You can, if you want to."

"I don't think others would be as cool as Margo." Remembering how awkward I was last Wednesday when Margo came to our table while I was sitting on him as he cuts the steak for both of us, well, let's just say Margo is awesome at pretending I wasn't even there. He told Owen about the business call, totally ignoring me who's trying my best to put a poker face. Then once she had finished talking to Owen she smiled, "Have a good evening Mr Owen and Miss Precious. See you tomorrow."

"I can find us a private table." He glances at me and winks, then back to his driving.

"I'd like to see New York, including its people. So no, no private table. In fact I want one in the middle of the restaurant."

"An exhibitionist, I see."

I hit his biceps when he chuckles, and glances at me again.

"I don't want to sit on your lap Owen." I tell him, just in case he has the idea of me putting my ass on him in the middle of the place. He always does the unexpected afterall.

"Sit on me tonight," I was about to protest when he continues, "in my bed."

"That, I can do." Because I've done that almost every night this week. Even without a request I do plan to screw him, as a thank you for bringing me out tonight.


I think I've gotten the secret recipe to make the flaccid dick of one Owen Harris into semi-hard, without requiring any blowjob.

Yeah it's semi-hard but still, it's something.

So. Back to our recipe. I don't exactly know which one is the main ingredient since it all comes in one package of a dinner at an exclusive restaurant, a super tight dress, a corset, and a pair of fuck-me heels. Nevermind, I'll unravel that mystery later because now I'm just gonna indulge on my happiness to be able to discover that secret recipe.

"You're going?" He asks seeing me opening the door of his bedroom.

I turn around with a confused look, "Yeah..?"

We've fucked, he's had his orgasm, I've had my orgasms, am I missing something?

"You can stay if you want, you're not working tomorrow right?"

"But it's Friday night," we agreed I'll only stay on Saturday and Sunday night.

"I don't mind." I do mind. I want my own space, as promised.

I've already planned everything. First I'm gonna go down and grab the chips, then set my ass on the bed while watching a movie, or movies, it depends on how sleepy I'll be. I even plan to sleep without brushing teeth, anticipating to be lulled to sleep by the movies.

"It's okay." I reject him politely, adding a smile on my face.

This is why I shouldn't stay at his house. This is why I should move out once the contract is over. I stick to being a sugar baby for so long because I had my space, I can hide in my place if I don't want to see my daddies, I can lie telling them I have extra classes or assignments to hand in. But this, how am I gonna spin this.

"Good night Owen." I walk out before he manages to say anything else.

"Night," is all I hear because I've already shut my door and lock it.
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