GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Are you sure about this?"

Instead of answering me he just grins while taking a full view of my appearance. One week before everything is over, he suddenly thinks it's a wise decision to bring me to a wedding as his plus one.

It's not just a wedding but a weekend wedding, complete with the rehearsal dinner, church ceremony, and the reception, two hours away from the city.

"You're the prettiest girl I've ever met," he leans down and kisses me briefly, "I'm the luckiest man alive."

"Because you get to fuck me?"


"Well then you're not the luckiest, there are a few more before you."

His face changes abruptly, but I haven't finished yet, "Perhaps another few after." I put a grin of my own, though my heart hurts from my own comment.

It's been a few days I've been sabotaging us. No, I wouldn't call it that way because I'm just stating the truth. There will be more after him, at least two for the two semesters I'm gonna take next year.

"You know what they say," he puts on a happy face again, "Live the moment. The present. So right now, I'm the luckiest one."

Just like always, he'd try to bring the good mood back. And me being a persistent asshole, "Until next weekend."

His face drops, again, but he hides it by putting his body next to me, now planting his hand on my back, "Let's go. We don't want to be late for dinner."


As expected, there's a sea of good looking people at the dinner. Everybody is mingling around, and every time Owen introduces me he'd say, "This is Estelle, my friend."

For once in our friendship, I wish he'd call me his girlfriend instead, just like what a male main character does to every female lead at an event like this. My heart sinks eventhough my brain tries to reason with it, what you have with him is at most a friendship, if not a client and a service provider.

"Let's go over there," Owen whispers in my ear once we're done talking to a set of older people. Turns out he is a family friend of the bride, hence the invitation. By gross calculation, it's a private wedding with only fifty to seventy guests.


My eyes widen seeing the one person I just met yesterday at the office. Her sweet voice along with her slim figure makes no mistake that she is indeed one of the three interns at the place I'm interning.

She looked so different from what I've seen the two months we've worked together. Always eating my leftover because I get full before finishing the whole meal, and always being humble whenever I compliment her outfit; she makes me think she's the person I'd be if I'm not a sugar baby. A struggling girl who buys expensive stuffs -i know those clothes and bags and shoes are designer items- and willing to sacrifice food for such trivial things.

Okay fine, they're not trivial to me. Because I work my ass (and pussy) off to buy them.

But now, she's dressed in something that obviously costs a bomb, her hair and jewellery scream elegance, and the man who has his hand around her is an absolute dream to every woman in this whole wide world.

At least to my world.

"Elle?" She gasps before Owen managed to introduce me, "Oh my God!"

We always goof around at the office, she's definitely my partner in crime but when we meet here, right now, I feel like I don't know her anymore.

"We intern together!" She sounds so excited while at the same time, on my end, I try to force a positive attitude, though I'm cursing inside realising someone has seen me with Owen.

My relationship with daddies is always private, yes I did go to events with them but at least I haven't met anyone from the university. Not until now.

"You do?" Owen asks her first then turns to me, seems to be equally surprised and excited.

"Yeah. I didn't know she's your girlfriend!" And right that second, I'm just waiting for Owen to correct her.

But she has already turned to the man next to her, "Baby, Elle is my lunch buddy. Estelle Evans."

I smile inwardly with the endearment she used, it doesn't fit him at all. For someone who's so tall and big, bulky even, Baby is the last thing people would call him.

"Augustine, the husband." He introduces himself and at that moment I stop breathing.

This gorgeous man, yes, he's even more gorgeous than Owen, is her husband? What the actual fuck? I thought she's from Rosewood? A nothing-fancy neighbourhood in New York, a place where middle class people live. How come a gorgeous, seems to be the heir of old money kinda person, is her husband? What the hell is going on?

Oh I'm so gonna grill her this Monday.

"Pleasure to meet you," I flash a smile at the intimidating man. I wonder if you have a brother?

"The pleasure's mine." Oh so charming.

"You guys bring the kids too?" Owen's question has definitely moved up my plan from this Monday to the restroom tonight. What the hell Evie? Kids?

"Yeah Mimi is so excited to be the flower girl tomorrow."

"How old is Mimi?" How big is she that she can be a flower girl?

Wait. Owen mentioned kids? They have more than one? What the fffffff Evie? From a poor girl from Rosewood to having kids with this kinda man? Are you fucking living my dream?!

I can see Evie is starting to get what's bubbling in me, we're afterall partners in crime. But her husband answers politely, "She's three."

That's it. We are going to powder our nose now Evie. Now.

"Uhm," she takes the cue as she pastes an awkward smile on her pretty face, "I'm gonna go freshen up. Elle, join me?" Damn right I will.

"Of course."


"You screwed Owen?!"

"Shhh!!!" I whisper-shout at her, glaring my eyes till I feel the strain but I maintain it, to show how upset I am when she announced it to the whole powder room. Luckily there's only two ladies chatting at the end of the room, totally engrossed in their conversation they couldn't care less about us.

"How did you do it? Seriously? I thought he's gay!" She laughs despite her classy appearance today, laughs like we always do when we gossip.

"If you know he's gay why did you call me his girlfriend?" I'm not laughing, still upset with the secret she just let me know minutes ago.

Turns out she married Augustine Knight three years ago, and after that she got pregnant instantly. Nothing like what I had in mind, if they got married because of an unplanned pregnancy or something. Damn, she really is lucky.

"I always call anyone who he brings as his boyfriend," she shrugs, "though this time it's a gurlllllfriend." She winks as I roll my eyes.

"How did you know Owen?" Damn it.

"I thought you've never been here? Is it when he was at UK? Wait, he already left UK when you started uni. So how?"

"The question is, why haven't you shared about Augustine or your kids with me?" Yes I'm totally deflecting, "We've been friends for two months but you've never mentioned or even dropped a hint you're a married woman or have any kids. Oh my God, how did you get more than one child out of you? While pursuing a degree? You're amazing."

She grins, "Well, they came out at the same time so-"

"You had twins?!"

She nods as she grins innocently.

"Don't tell me it's a girl and a boy," I turn an index finger between us which she giggles and nods again.

"Dammit! Are you God's favorite or what?" How lucky can this girl be? A husband like that? And a set of twins? A boy and a girl? That is definitely, without a doubt, is my dream! Her whole damn life is my dream!

Though I do notice the slight change on her face the moment I ask her about being God's favorite.

But then she quickly turns into her usual cheerful self, "Augustine is God's favorite, not me. Which by the way, how did you meet Owen? What the hell did you do to him? I swear he was still gay when I last saw him. He was so smitten with Ger I thought they'd end up together but now, for the first time ever, he's brought a woman." Ger who?

"Wait. Do you know Owen was gay?"

I hum a yes, "He told me a few days after we met."

"Before you guys are together?"

Another nod. I'm contemplating if I should correct her. We're not together-together. We're just together-together.

"He was with Ger when I saw him last summer. I thought they're still together because Ger never commits before him, they even look like they’re head over heels with each other." Who the fuck is this Ger?

"Oh," she definitely reads the confusion on my face, "Ger is Gerard, Augustine's business partner. I've known him as long as I know Augustine. He rarely brings anyone to any function but out of nowhere last year he brought Owen. I thought they came separately but they admitted they're together. Wanna see Ger?" She quickly takes her phone and taps it a few times until she shows me the screen.

Just like Augustine and Owen, Gerard is a handsome man but is definitely generous with smiles in all his pictures. Just like Owen. So this is his second boyfriend? Or third?

"You don't know about Ger at all, do you?" I can hear the sympathy in her voice.

"We should go back now but I promise I'll tell you everything I know at the office. Okay?"

Should I be concerned about him? I'm leaving in one week anyway. And most importantly, Owen and I are just friends.

"We screwed but we're just friends." I tell her the truth, because in one week, that will be the truth. Right now we're friends and a sugarbaby-sugardaddy. Next Saturday we'll ditch the latter one.

"Okay," she takes her clutch and smiles, "If you say so."


Author: Yes yes she's Evie from Bitter Sugar Daddy. This should be around the time they're together ✨again✨ before their divorce in January the following year. Chapter 69 to be precise.

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