GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Spitters are quitters."

As if we're not making a scene already at the park, I laugh even louder hearing Evie's bold statement. I've stopped eating my sandwich, afraid if I'm gonna choke on it while listening to her.

"I've never slept with anyone else so I don't exactly know if they taste the same but I'm really good at taking it."

I wipe my tears seeing how proud she is, raising her half eaten burger to the air as if it's a trophy, "Every drop, Elle. Every. Single. Drop."

And just like that I laugh hysterically as she grins, then takes a bite of her burger.

"So you guys have been screwing since three months ago?" She asks casually when I've calmed myself, now resuming to eat my sandwich.

I hum as I munch, "Mhmm."

"Is it like going back and forth or you're staying with him?" She looks at me and before I managed to react she continues, "Which by the way, I know a certain Maybach sends and picks you up from work every day."

I gasp, "How do you know?"

"People have eyes, Elle. Especially when that certain Maybach waits for you in front of the office building."

I sigh, guess it's too late to ask Philip if he can start picking me up two blocks away from here.

"We're just friends."

"Yeah I know, you told me, remember?" But I can hear mockery is being laced somewhere in her words.

"So you guys are staying together?"

I hesitate to answer, I'm not sure if I wanna share everything with her.

"It's okay, you're not obligated to answer Miss Evans." She winks then starts to gather her stuffs, so I do the same.

"Evie," I call her on our way back to the office, "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"I know how much you treasure this internship, and your determination to finish the degree, because I have the same exact target. The only thing that's different is you have a family; a husband, two adorable kids. If you can start all over again, would you rather be married at 22, or be me?"

She smiles, "Single with no complication, you mean?"

I nod. I always thought we're similar in terms of life goals and perspectives on things, that's why we get along so well. But now that I know she has those, well, I can't help but wonder.

Because if I agreed to marry the first daddy I had at 18, I must've been like her now. Juggling between a husband and two children, but still ace her study. I wonder if I can do it like her too?

All these while the only reason I said no is honestly, because of my determination to have what I want without getting distracted. Namely men and children.

"The pregnancy was unplanned. But the wedding, well, despite whatever happened between Augustine and me, which is a lot, I never regret even once marrying the love of my life. We were together for 4 years before we got married, I love him. Like love him so much I'm willing to marry him at 18. So if I can do it all over again, I would still marry him. I would still marry him at 18. But maybe, we'd have kids after I finish my study or when I start working. Don't get me wrong, I loveeee my kids but like you said, if I can do it all over again, maybe the kids should come later."

The sparkle in her eyes every time she mentions her husband, it's obvious she loves him too much. Hence the marriage at such a young age, which I find ridiculous and reckless. Don't even ask me what I think about her unplanned pregnancy at 18.

"Owen asked me to stay."

"Hm? What do you mean?"

I hit myself in the head for the glitch, "Owen asked me to move in." There, that makes more sense.

"Really?!" She jumps, actually jumps in front of me despite wearing a Chanel suit. A gorgeous pink and cream colored Chanel suit, something I've been wanting to have in my wardrobe.

"Yeah. He asked me before the reception."

"Ohhh, no wonder you're quieter than usual that night!"

Instead of saying anything, I make a face for her to be aware that we're already in our office building, so we should cut it off, before people find out about her being a wife to a billionaire and me being, well, I don't know. A sugar baby?

Yeah. I'm just a sugar baby.

But I do aim to be like her, find someone as good looking as Augustine. A millionaire is fine for me since finding a billionaire is like picking a star. Then fall in love with the man, marry him, and live happily ever after with our children. Just like Evie.


"I'm gonna miss you."

"Then stay."

"We've had this talk, Mr Harris."

"I have all the time in the world to have the same talk every single day, Miss Precious. As long as you're here."

I know, we've been doing this since Wednesday when I first told him I'm gonna miss him. That's like another level of foreplay because after that, we'd proceed with comforting each other with you-know-what.

But today, I'm ready to leave. My stuffs are all packed, suitcases already loaded in the car, and Philip is waiting for me outside.

So I let go of my hug and look at him, "Call me if you wanna hang out."

"Same goes to you." He cups my face then kisses me, of what feels like the last one; a goodbye kiss.

He must've felt it too, he knows me too well after all the time we've spent together. That I have no intention to call or meet him again after my departure.

It was a good twelve weeks, Owen. Thank you for the amazing experience, I really had fun bringing another side of you to the world.

And girls, you're welcome. If there's one tip from me, well, make sure he eats you. Because I promise, it will give you a whole new definition of cunnilingus.
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