GAY Sugar Daddy

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I've been telling myself to stop wandering about him and focus on the lecture since I have no idea what the previous two classes have been about, but my mind is so stubborn, I keep on cursing his lack of efforts at courting me, pleading at me, or show me how much he really wants me as a girlfriend; the title he fucking asked me two weeks ago but didn't even want to do a small thing like send me to school this morning!

Sure he offered but it was a response to my reaction, not because he really wants to send me.

"Well guess he's not getting any pussay today." Kimmie says in between her biting on the gummy worm.

"He won't be getting any this week," Cleo chirps in despite her full attention to a thick book in front of her, "I just got my period last night."

Honestly I don't understand either why I was easily triggered last night but hearing her, well that makes sense. Our period sync so that means mine will be here anytime soon. Hello PMS.

That also means I have to hurry with my need for a release before my period is here. The way he left me aching last night made me want to kick him the moment I heard his snore but I didn't, because my head still remembers he's my sugar daddy. My client.

"You're still coming tonight right?" Cleo lifts her head with a suspicious look.

Damn it, I totally forgot about that.

"Yeah yeah of course." The three of us were set to have a dinner tonight since it's the last night Cleo would be a single lady. She'll be engaged to Mr Montgomery tomorrow night.

"I'll pick you guys at six okay?"

"Where are we dining?"

"Best place in town, of course."

"Where exactly is this best place in town?" I ask boringly as I gather all my stuffs. We'll be having our last class in ten minutes.

"Harold just told me it's the best place in town, it's a surprise." Of course, Harold will always be the one who books us restaurants and stuffs.

"Let's go guys. Last class for the day!"


I'm the kind of person who is annoyed at surprises but also love them if it's at the right time and place. I mean, to get a surprise present after three lectures would be awesome. But to receive something when you're in the shower that you have to hurry and come out with your hair still lathered in shampoo? On top of this whole PMS thing? Nope.

That's why I'm not big at giving surprises. I don't like the odd of people disliking my surprises when I've planned the entire thing excitedly.

Though with Owen, when I showed up past midnight at his restaurant, and another last night at his penthouse, guess this is becoming a habit when instead of going to the lab I rush to his restaurant right after my class. Surprise.

I didn't call or even text him that I'm coming but that should be okay, remember he loves me? Even asked me to be his girlfriend. Geesh.

"Sorry Elle," Emily returns with an apologetic face, "He's busy at the moment so he can't see you."

What could be so important that he can't ditch it for a second to say hello to his girlfriend? I thought he loves me?

"Is he at his office?"

She shakes her head, "He's at the kitchen, prepping for tonight."

"Oh." It's only 1, there's an entire six hours until they're open. He obviously doesn't wanna see me because nothing's so urgent about prepping.

"Can I wait at his office?"

She makes this uncomfortable look, as if she doesn't wanna deal with my enquiry but she answers me anyway, "I... have to ask him first."

But she doesn't move, or make any gesture of doing what she said. I definitely understand the hint she's giving me, that she'd prefer if I just leave but I'm persistent with what I want.

And I want a damn orgasm before my period is here.

"Alright, I'll wait."

"Uhm. Okay. I'll be back." She drags her feet along with her mini-protest look and disappears behind the walls again.

It takes longer this time because after twenty minutes, she's finally back with the same look. What happened? Did Owen scold her for my persistence? Is that why she's so reluctant to ask in the first place? Owen is a strict boss?

Nah, can't be. Owen is anything but strict. He's a sweetheart and a gentleman. He rarely shows a negative emotion. He even rejected me politely whenever he's saying no.

"Please follow me."

I stand up from the bar stool and walk behind her towards Owen's office. She unlocks the door then opens it, "Owen is still busy at the kitchen but you can wait for him inside. Please lock the door whenever you want to leave."

I nod as I take the keys from her hand, "Thank you Emily."


I spend the entire three hours at his desk, working on my assignments until I get super bored that I did some naughty things to lure him in.

Like lifting my bra halfway and snap a picture showing my under boobs. I still cover my nipples considering it'd be stupid to send a total nude titties to a man; doesn't matter if he tells me how much he loves me or how much I trust him with his perfect traits, there could be one day he might use these kinda pictures to blackmail me.

I send another with my panties lowered down to my knees, since he didn't reply me after ten minutes.

Then another with my hand cupping my pussy.

Another with my bra already leaving my body, but my hands covering both my nipples.

By the time I've finished sending the fifth picture of my hand covering my pussy but with one finger missing, the door was pushed open making me jump in shock.

Despite sitting on his chair with just my pink shirt, minus the bra and the panties and the jeans, I fix my posture and push the chair to hide my bare bottom. If it's one of his employees or anyone at all, they won't know about my lack of clothing as I put my arms in front of me in a way to cover my braless nipples.

"Why are you here?" He is not happy.

"Doing my assignments." I reply in a duh tone as I pretend to type something on my laptop.

He walks towards me in his navy t-shirt and jeans, looking sexy as hell with his blonde hair, and of course, along with that unhappy face.

"I'm working, Elle." He sighs once he stops his track in front of the two chairs that are on the opposite side of this desk.

"I just wanna see you."

"You can see me tonight. At home."

"But you were mad when I left." It's true. That's the reason I'm here right after I finished my classes. I can't stand being in a fight with him. I want to talk this through.

And get my orgasm. Of course.


Exactly? "What do you mean by that?"

"This is the place where I work. If you're gonna pick another fight, do it at home. Not here, Elle."

I stand up so fast upon hearing his accusation, "Are you calling me trouble?"

He takes a deep breath seeing my entire being. With my 5ft 9 height, the desk is not able to hide my naked bottom. Then he inhales another deep, long breath once he sees my chest. My braless chest.

"Wear your clothes." He orders me with an authoritative tone, his eyes keep on going from my breasts to the apex of my thighs, then back to the tits, the pussy, the tits, the pussy, tits-

"Or what."

"I have work to do, Estelle."

"Then go."

"Do you think I can concentrate knowing you're here half naked?" Jackpot.

"Wear your clothes before I do something inappropriate." The warning he drops doesn't scare me even a bit, it makes me want to take that challenge instead.

"How inappropriate are we talking?"

"That's it." He strides to the other side of the table as I turn to him so we'd face each other. Yes. Straighten me up. Do it.

"On your knees." His piercing gaze accompanies his stern tone.

"To pray?" I ask innocently, tilting my head a little bit to the left, just to poke him further.

"Cute," he nods two times as if he's obligated to comment on my dry humor, and with the same serious face he asks, "Have you had lunch?"

Seriously? After all the sexual tension between us that's what matters the most? If I've had my lunch? What's with him and his obsession in feeding me?

"Not yet." I answer anyway to gain some points if there's any for sympathy votes.

"On your knees then." He orders with his eyes doing the bidding, directing me to the carpeted floor I'm stepping on.


But he's already assisting me by grabbing my arms and pushes me gently to my feet. My knees hit the floor, making my face on par with his clothed sex.

"Today's Friday," his tone has soften the moment he touches my hands, guiding them to his zipper. What a subtle way of reminding me it's his day.

"Smart mouth deserves the best," he lazily traces my lips with his thumb as I take his cock out. He's already hard and ready for me. Damn it. It's supposed to be my pussy, not my mouth.

But it's okay, I'll make him travel from my lips to my clit.

"Owen." I call him once I take my face away from him. He's been groaning like he's close to eruption so I had to stop before he reaches it. I need to have him in my pussy instead of my throat.

"Don't stop, Precious."

"But I want you to-"

"I thought it's Friday?" He dares use that card?!

I continue throating him anyway, because he's been respecting the contract so I should do my part as well, doesn't matter how I ache to have him inside me.

"Try not to make a mess on my pants," he reminds me the moment I feel hot liquid spurts into my mouth, "I have to go back to work, Precious."

And that’s how I had fresh sperm for my late lunch. With a side of revenge and reminder to kick him when he’s asleep tonight.
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