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Do you know that semen contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, protein gosh the list of nutrients goes on but at the end of this WebMD website, it says it's absolutely safe for human to consume semen provided the man is free of any STIs.

Ohhh you have no idea how relieved I am to read that one last paragraph. That I won't die. Because Owen has gone for STI screening prior our contract agreement two weeks ago.

I also know now that the metallic taste is a result of the existence of many vitamins and minerals. Geesh, he sure was generous to supplement me all those goodness.

"Do you also know that they have 5 to 25 calories?" I continue educating my best friends while waiting for our appetizer to arrive.

"Thank God we're done with our soup already." Kimmie mutters under her breath in annoyance as Cleo giggles.

I might have this irritating trait to inform my besties every time I came across fun facts whenever I'm faced with funny situations. There's nothing funny about swallowing cum for lunch, Estelle.

"It's not like you've never had midnight snack. Everybody at this table knows I'm the last to join the train."

"Choo choo." Cleo echoes as her giggles turn into a full laugh.

A waiter comes to deliver our third course out of the seven we're having tonight so all of us fix our posture and seize down our little banter to portray three classy women at a classy restaurant.

I never knew Friday nights are the only night his restaurant serves seven course dinner meals. No wonder he is so adamant about prepping at the kitchen, it's the one night he has to showcase everybody what a true dining experience is.

"I can't wait for summer. Do you remember how good the sashimi was at Tokyo?"

Kimmie and I nod in sync, as the three of us hum in satisfaction remembering the magical taste in our mouth. This magnificent fish dish definitely brings back the memory of our first summer vacation together. Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. All in five weeks.

"I can't believe it's gonna be our last. We're graduating, guys." Kimmie sighs as she puts another bite into her mouth.

"Can't we keep this tradition? I mean yeah, we'll probably be busy with work and family," I direct my eyes to Cleo since she'll be married soon enough, "Maybe one week away every summer? What do you guys think?"

"I think you just missed a note from your boyfriend, darling." Cleo hands me a small piece of paper as I put down my cutlery.

My office, now.

"My office," Cleo says with a deep voice mimicking a man's, "Now."

Kimmie laughs along with Cleo as I stick my tongue out, "Ha ha."

"Somebody's getting 8 courses tonight." Kimmie wiggles her eyebrows the moment I stand up to leave the table.

I grin as I pick up my clutch, "Don't wait for me."


I purposely chose a modest dress tonight by wearing a long sleeve, slightly below the knee, white bodycon dress, with a deep v neck. If you're not facing me, it's modest as I would like myself to be but if you are, my cleavage is totally giving you the opposite of modesty.

When I open the door of his office, he was already sitting on the chair. Though this time around he's wearing that black chef shirt instead of a plain T.

"How long have you been waiting? Sorry, I didn't realise there's a note." I tell him the moment I step into the room.

He drops the pen he's holding and leans to his chair, watching me walking straight to him. I smile seeing how handsome and sexy my man is. Perfect. He's perfect.

And mine.

"Why didn't you tell me you'd be here for dinner?" He asks with his arms slightly opened, gesturing me to sit on his lap.

I oblige and go to the other side of the table, "You didn't ask."

He sighs with my smart-mouth answer but pastes a kiss on my lips the moment my ass lands on his lap. I deepen the kiss as my hand roams to his zipper, feeling the growing bulge. Hmmm.

"I need to go back to the kitchen." He whispers in between kisses. His hand has naughtily slips into my deep V neck dress. He's absolutely taking advantage of my braless chest when he squeezes one of the girls.

I play the same game when I insert my hand inside his opened zipper, moaning in satisfaction once I managed to touch the warm solid rod.

"Chef?" A male voice accompanied with three loud knocks stop my hand from moving up and down his shaft, as both of us stop kissing and turn to the closed door.

"Chef?" The same voice asks louder but he doesn't knock this time, "Are you in there?"

"One second, Daniel," he replies as he takes my hand out of his pants, pulling his zipper up.

"We'll continue at home, okay? I have to go."

"Chef?" Annoying Daniel is interrupting us again. Urgh.

"I'll make it up," he tries to coax me once we're both standing up, "Tonight."

I pout at his words, "Promise?"

"Promise." He smiles showing his infamous dimple as he looks at me with that gorgeous eyes.

I'm melting. I'm melting for being this close with a sexy man like him, and I get to have him tonight. To feed my much needed release.


"That was quick." Cleo comments when I return to our table. Indeed, I was in there for less than ten minutes.

"So he's one of those guys, huh?" Kimmie dabs the napkin to her mouth, "Penis is like flowers. They bloom then they disappoint you. Two minutes then the end."

I laugh at her stupid idiom. But agree to how right she is because I've had a few daddies who last less than five minutes. Disappointing, but I was okay with finishing myself since that's not their obligation. Money is the only thing they have to provide.

The waiter delivers our entree a few minutes later that now I know why annoying Daniel was being annoying. He looked so nervous when Owen opened the door, it's like disturbing Owen was the last thing he wanted to do at the moment but he had to. Most probably because the next course is the main course. This meat is superb.

My phone dings when the sixth course is being delivered to our table, signalling an incoming text. I take my phone out as my friends look at me, as eager as I am to know who's texting me and why.

Also because I've just violated our rule of no phone during dinner. I totally forgot to put it on silent. Hence the apologetic look on my face right now.

"Whoaaaaaa what's thaaaaaat."

"My eyes! My eyes!"

I laugh hearing their comments as I stare at the dick pic on my screen. I can't believe he just sent me a picture of him holding his hard on; Maam I got your package here.

"And he's funny too." Kimmie sighs once we read the words below the picture while Cleo is still covering her eyes.

"I'm sorry, ladies," I grab my clutch and stand up, "I have to go. Something big just came out."

Both of them laugh as I giggle myself, "See you guys tomorrow."

"Dicks before chicks? Not cool, girl." Cleo sips her wine without looking at me. Shit. I forgot tonight is all about her. And we still have one last course to go.

"You're right. I'm sorry, baby." I take my seat again but this time she looks at me in confusion, "I said not cool, I didn't say don't go."


"Go get your O, girl. I'll be fine with this whore." She tilts her head to the direction of Kimmie.

"Are you sure?" I ask her knowing she's the Queen of Okay. Wouldn't want her to say okay when she's actually not.

“I can stay till we finish, we only have one more to go.” I offer, ready to text Owen that the package has to wait for another fifteen minutes.

"No, go. I’m fine with Kimmie here.”

Is she my best bestfriend or what? We might be whores but our friendship is exemplary because we click at every page, being understanding and all.

Cumming, Daddy. On my way 🤩

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