GAY Sugar Daddy

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So far I've known he's very easy to get along with, has a sense of humor, and definitely gives me this cool-guy vibes.

"I don't think I should waste your time," I begin my little speech about not taking the position that's being offered when he suddenly cuts me off, "You're gorgeous, you're hilarious, if anything it's definitely not wasting my time. I'm honoured you'd spend your time with me this long in fact."

I grin at his seems-to-be-sincere compliment, and decide to scratch my itch before going further with my no, "You're good looking, and funny, obviously have tons of money, so why would you need a sugar baby? I seriously don't get it."

He smiles as he sips his drink, "Perhaps you should say yes to know the reason, hmm?"

"You know I'm gonna say no since the beginning?"

"Miss Collins did tell me about your rejection." I know how things go in Cupcake. He'd be presented with a few profiles, he'd select one, then he'd have a meeting with her. If she says yes, sign the contract, and the relationship is sealed for three months.

But in this case, I'm saying no, even before the meeting. So he should go with his next choice, not pressing Miss Collins or Helen for a meeting with the girl which in this case, is me.

"I'm starting my internship in two weeks, I don't think I'll be able to juggle between a full time internship and this. I can't commit, and I don't do things halfway so yeah, that's why I said no."

"But you don't work on weekends."

"Well last time I check I'm a human, not a robot."

He chuckles at my answer but I'm still not done, "I'm gonna be frying my brain for five days straight then I'm expected to fry my ehem, excuse my language, pussy for the next two days? Nope. I don't think so, Mr H."

He looks at me as if he's thinking which starts to make me uncomfortable so I sip on my Rose to ease this weird feelings.

"You're not starting until the next two weeks right?" Don't tell me he wants to be with me for just two weeks.

Because I don't do fuckboys.

Yeah I know, whatever my principle is, I'm still gonna be labelled as a prostitute. High class prostitute; an escort if I'm gonna call myself one.

But I don't care, people can say whatever they want but I'm the only one who matters. And I say no to fuckboys.

If I want one, I would've indulged into the university life. Sleeping with guys my age, getting dumped after a few weeks, or worse stuck with the same guy when you know you can get better, urgh. No. Just no.

"I don't do two weeks." I say it before he managed to propose it.

"What?" He’s somehow offended by that.

"You look like you're thinking. Hard. So what else can it be besides that?"

"I'm 33, I'm done with the whole one week-two weeks fucking thing. I want a real deal."

I scoff at the irony of that, "A real deal? From a sugar baby agency? Are you sure you're at the right platform? Shouldn't it be a match-making agency or something?" But damn, 33? He's too young to be a sugar daddy. Why won't he do things the conventional way? I’m pretty sure the girls will be lining up from here to the next country if he advertises the offer.

He shakes his head as he laughs, "I know I'm at the right place, but I can't tell you more until you sign an NDA."

"Uuu so mysterious." Just like your eyes. Which I still can't decide what color are they, though I've narrowed it down to light green and baby blue. Or is it turquoise too?

"How about I add another clause? You can pull out anytime you want?"

"I thought you're the one who'll be doing the pull-out?" I can't believe that came out of my mouth but he sure laughs at that.

"I would, if you give me the honor of signing the contract first." He adds just when I thought we can shake it off once the laughter is dead.

"I need to score this internship for my CGPA. I don't think I can commit." I can always find more money later but I can't repeat my internship, this opportunity of being an intern at one of the most prestigious oil and gas company in the world is one in a million.

If I can score this, I can get brilliant references which will aid me tremendously for my job hunting later. Cue luxurious life with my own hard work and the possibility of meeting rich guys during networking with the higher management.

"Okay hear me out." Why is he so persuasive?

"You haven't signed the lease right?" My lease? What about my lease? I was merely sharing about meeting the real estate agent tomorrow to sign the contract for my new place.

"Why don't you come live with me? That way, you don't have to focus being with me the whole weekend. Spread it out throughout the week."

"You mean... be like a real couple?" Work during the day, sex at night, and bonding time during the weekend? Sounds boring. So. Not. Me.

The whole three years with my six sugar daddies, I always stay at my own place. I'd spend my weekends with my sugar daddy, and the way I arrange my schedule, I make sure I'll have plenty of time for myself. So to move in with him? When do I get to fart loudly then when he's in front of my face all the time?

He shrugs, "We can be roommates."

"Roommates that fuck?" I don't think I can do that with this full time job. What if they need me to stay late? Or work during the weekends? Suddenly came up with a ridiculous deadline? Swamped with projects that I'm stressed even on the days I'm not working?

When will I have the time to entertain my sugar daddy then? Nobody wants a grumpy sugar baby, not when you pay a thousand bucks a week only to be left dry and abandoned.

They might even sue me.

"I have plenty of bedrooms, you can take one and stay in it if you don't feel like socialising. Like a true definition of roommates," he sounds genuine, "But work is stressful, you'd want to let go of those frustrations. So if you want to use me as a punching bag, you're obviously welcomed."

"Oh wow," I chuckle at his offer, "Provide me a place to stay, giving me allowance money, and to be my punching bag? You sure lay out everything as if I'm the only one who benefits from this arrangement."

He grins boyishly as some of his hair falls sideway like a curtain bang, looking so cute yet sexy.

"On top of those benefits, you can cancel the arrangement anytime you want, with no money-back guarantee." He sure sounds like a salesman now, which makes me laugh thinking how adorable this guy is.

"Why do you want me so much?"

"Because I think you're perfect for me." The way he looks at me right in the eyes, and mouths those words with that husky voice, gosh I'm melting. Definitely heart-clutching, panty-wetting moment.

"Perfect for what, exactly?"

"Sorry, need the NDA signed first." He shakes his head playfully as I smile, you sure got me hooked with this secretive reasons.

"Is that a yes?" He asks with a huge grin on his face.

"Only if you add that clause." Because I can just bail out after finding out the reason right? It's not like I'd lose anything.

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