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I spent the entire day at the library, finishing my final report so I can submit the draft of my Final Year Project by the end of this week. In three weeks I will be presenting my project to the internal and external examiners which means, I don't have time to dwell on my broken heart. I've spent three days moping around like a wingless bird, it's time to continue flying to my destination.

Though I know I'm gonna be mopping the floor with my tears again come weekend. How could he do this? What kind of man dumps a girl by ghosting her. Not even a text!

I was walking at a snail speed from the bus station to my apartment building when I saw that black SUV.

His black SUV.

Kimmie's Washing Board's black SUV.

My heart beats so fast my palms start to sweat that I rub them on my sweather a couple times to ease my nerve.

Then the driver's door is opened revealing all six feet two inches of him. He turns around showing me the face I've missed so much. There's nothing I wanna do more right now than to run to him and hug-squeeze-kiss urgh fucking worship every inch of him.

"What are you doing here?" I break the ice before he managed to say anything. If there's a conversation going on between us, it will be on my term. That's why I said it first, to set the tone. To dictate how it will be.

"To see my girlfriend." He answers with the same duh tone I've always given him. There's a huge boyish grin pasted on his face, as if nothing has happened for the fact he fucking ghosted me since four days ago.

"I mish you," he says once he's less than an inch from me, using that annoying baby voice.

Hold on. I must have heard wrong.

"Why did you say that?" He signed the contract, he ghosted me for so many days, it's obvious he has ended everything. So why the fuck is he saying that.

"What?" It's his turn to get confused.

"You agreed to terminate the contract," I can't believe I have to spell everything out, "You signed it."

He still has that confused look, with his brows knitted together showing how much he tries to digest my words. Or how ridiculous it is to hear what I just said.

Why is he like this? It's as simple as it gets. He signed it, and we're over. Why does it look like he's never heard about the contract termination?

"Did you sign it?" I have to ask.

He doesn't say anything but keeps on staring at me, with the same confused-as-fuck face. Damn it Owen.

"Did you, or did you not?" Now I'm not sure anymore since he looks like he has no knowledge of it whatsoever.

"I..." He's obviously stalling.

"I what?"


"Did you sign it or not?" I snap at his hesitation.

He sighs, but remains silent. He runs his fingers through his sexy hair, posing like a model. The wind is not helping when the hair is blown like a typical shampoo ad. Damn it Owen. Stop flaunting your beauty when I'm dressed like a boring nerd over here!

If I know he's gonna drop by I'd at least wear something descent or wash my hair to show him how unaffected I am for being dumped like a worthless bitch.

"Whatever." I'm about to walk pass him when he grabs my wrist, "Wait."


"I was thinking."

"You what?" I snap again hearing his dumb answer, "It's a simple yes or no. Why would you need to think about it? It's either you signed it, or you didn't!"

"I... uhh yeah, I signed it. But-"

"So you signed it. Just say yes then. What else could you be thinking about." I sneer before he gives more lame excuses.

"Why are you here? You signed it. You agreed to it. Why are you here now? What do you want? Why are you here Owen?" I can't believe from being angry, totally upset with his dumb answer, I am now tearing like a hopeless, weak woman I was last night and the nights before.

He quickly takes me into his arms the moment he sees the tears. I shake my head multiple times before I managed to find the strength to push his chest, distancing us.

"Why are you here."

"Because it's Thursday."


"I wanted to see you since Monday but I don't want you to be mad at me again for not respecting what we agreed."

Oh God. "Please don't tell me you're only here right now because Monday Tuesday Wednesday is my day."

He made that face knowing too well he'd be in trouble no matter how he answers me.

"I thought you don't want me anymore!" I push him with all my strength that he has to take a step back to balance himself.

"I texted you, I called you on Monday, why the hell didn't you call me back?!" I don't care that some of the pedestrians have stopped and watch us as if we're in a live show.

"You were mad when I posted those pictures. I thought I'd wait until I get them removed. I thought I'd wait until Thursday."

I don't know if I'm more upset or relieved to hear that. Ghosting me because he was afraid if I'll be mad at him. The fuck?

But the most important thing is, he still wants me. My boyfriend still wants me.

"I hate you." I sigh, I don't know what else to say because I'm too frustrated with his actions.

"I know baby," he pulls me into his embrace, gently stroking my hair as I hug him back.

"I thought you don't want me anymore." I murmur with my face bumped to his warm chest.

"Of course I want you. You're the one who didn't want me."

"I said I don't want you in my future, not now."

He chuckles as the crowd starts to disperse, perhaps getting bored when we've made up and whisper to each other instead of shouting that they can't hear a thing now.

"No more Thursday Friday Saturday." I pout when he releases me from him.

"You don't wanna see me anymore?" His sour face is so adorable.

"I wanna see you everyday, silly."

He immediately cheers up, "You'd move in with me?"

"What? No!" That would be ridiculous. Never.

"But you said you wanna see me everyday."

"I mean there won't be any more my day. You can see me anytime you want."

He grins boyishly, "Can I go to your place too?"

"Of course."

The grin gets creepier, "So... do you wanna go up and have make up sex?"


"I wish you'd move in with me." He purposely sighs loudly when I leave the bed to get my much needed shower. My hair is so greasy I feel overwhelmed by the amount of oil on my head.

"I can cook you breakfast, keep you warm at night, make you tea when you're-"

"You just wanna fuck all day long." I cut him off and blurt out the actual fact.

"Don't you think it's amazing? Fuck all day long, then nap, then fuck again, nap, fuck, nap, fuck-"

"I didn't know my CGPA is also influenced by how much fucking and napping I do."

He laughs at my sarcasm and jumps off the bed, trailing behind me to get into my small bathroom.

"I'll buy a building or something at your uni, I'm sure they'll be fine to produce a cert for you from my generous donation."

I raise an eyebrow at his not-so-funny joke.

"I can give you five figure salary right now so you can proceed with finding your future husband with that cute story." He's not stopping, isn't he?

"Or you know, you can just pick the first guy you see," he waves his right hand in his direction, "So you can go straight to baby making. Three babies right?" Please make him stop before I punch him because that. Is. Not. Funny.

At all.

He's making fun of my dream, my ambition. How is that funny?

"The bed is right there, Precious."

"No thanks, I don't want my kids to have the homosexual gene," I obviously smacked him at the right place when the smirk on his face disappears, "It's enough to school a confused gay man for three months. Don't wanna repeat it for the rest of my life."

I know it's a low blow but I can't accept the fact that he joked about the thing I rarely share with others. He seriously has broken my trust.
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