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"That's not nice, Estelle." He says sternly while pulling both his hands to his chest, hugging himself.

He is standing next to the bathroom door with a pout on his face, acting like an angry toddler who's flashing it's not fair despite what he did. Messy bed hair, piercing turquoise-green-blue-ish eyes, flexed muscled arms on the chest, and one semi-hard penis.

"You joked about my life goals." I reply him with the same tone, bringing my own set of arms around my bare chest, unconsciously pushing my bare tits further up, pushing them together creating a deep cleavage. We are both naked with a good three feet distance between us.

"You're the third person to ever know about them. That's not very nice too, isn't it?" I tighten the grip of my arms, showing my dissatisfaction at the double standard.

"Doesn't give you the right to look down on the LGBTQ community." He doesn't look like he's gonna back down.

"You think we like to be born in the wrong body? You think it's great to hide until we are brave enough to come out? You think it's funny to be made fun of at school by the popular kids?" Shit. I hit him at the wrong place. Because he's all worked out right now.

"I spent years questioning my sexuality. Took so much courage to flirt with guys at the bar. I still hide until today from the public, why do you think that is? The world is always about you, huh Estelle? The world only revolves around you."

He suddenly turns around and walks back to the bedroom. I follow him right away with guilt all over me.

"I'm sorry, Owen." I apologise once I managed to stand in front of him, stopping him from reaching his clothes placed on my study chair.

"You don't want me, fine. But don't look down on me. Don't insult my gene. Don't insult my sexuality."

I quickly nod as I pull another guilty face, "I won't. Ever again. I'm sorry Owen." It sounds like a plead, for I can't stand to part with him anymore. We just made up a few hours ago, losing him is the last thing I want to have in my agenda.

"You need to learn how to respect us." Us? As in the LGBTQ community?

But I know better than to question him by the predatory look he has on his face. So I stand there like a good girl and wait for his disciplinary action.

"First, apologise to him." He directs his eyes right to his protruding erection.

"Uhh," this is getting weird but whatever makes him happy, "Sorry." I say softly as I stare at him.

"Show him some respect, Estelle." I very much want to laugh because this is such a funny shit but the dominance aura he's emitting stops me from doing that.

I drop on my knees to mimic those I watched in porn where the girls role-play as the naughty school girl, kissing and licking the headmaster's dick to compensate her bad behaviour.

"I didn't give you the permission to touch him." His voice is like thunder, jolting me from my action. I immediately stop kissing his erection and look up. What does he want me to do then?

"Go to the bed, ass in the air."

That, I can do. So I scurry to the bed and put my front on the mattress, then lift my ass as per request.

"Keep your eyes to the front." He orders again when I'm about to turn to the back when he hasn't come to me after almost a minute.

But I do hear some noise at the back, of him rummaging my drawer, looking for something. Though I keep quiet since I don't want to poke the bear.

"Why would you need so much of these?" He asks, dropping a few tubes of lubricants next to me. I recognise from the labels that those are the ones that I purchased early this year, when I was attending to my needs. My solo performance.

"Which one is your favorite?" Is that a rhetorical question or he genuinely wants to know?

I hear the sound of a tube being opened, but I don't dare to turn to the back. I wait for something to happen but then he opens a few more, urgh I'm getting tired of hanging my ass in the air. What is he planning to do?

"Patience, Precious." He sure knows me too well that he said those particular words.

Then I feel my feet touching the door to heaven when his hot tongue swipes my clit to my pussy, straight to my puckered hole. I moan when he applies pressure at the right spot, getting louder when he expertly handles me from behind. If this is what I get for talking down on him, I'd do it a million times more in the future.

As usual he edges me a few times to ensure the promise of getting an explosive orgasm, but in between he did slap my ass cheeks when I unconsciously lower down my ass from being too overwhelmed with the edging.

"Stay still, Estelle!" He smacks me on the left cheek one more time so I lift my ass as soon as his palm hits my skin. It stings, but in a good way.

Then I hear the same sound signalling he's opening a tube, which a few seconds later the cold gel is rubbed on my puckered hole. I turn to him in a flash realising the possibility of what's coming. Nooooo-

"No better way to understand us than to experience it yourself." He smirks when I look at him in horror. Fuck. Fuck no!

"I promise you'll get why I stayed gay for more than ten years." The smirk is still there, but the tone of his voice can't be mistaken as a sharp serves-you-right.

"No, Owen." I say to him softly, almost pleading.

"I know what I'm doing. Let me, just once. I promise I'll stop if you don't like it." He caresses my body, coaxing me into a yes.

"You love it when I do it with my fingers." He tries again when I keep my mouth shut. Shit. That's why he's been doing that since the past few weeks? To prepare me for this?

He started by inserting one finger to my other hole when we first had sex. Then when I didn't complain, a week later he gently moves a finger in and out. Later on the following week, he adds another finger, and by now I've gotten used to be fucked while two of his fingers would always be in the other hole, moving simultaneously as he thrusts into me with his hardness.

Sneaky bastard.

"Okay, baby?" He asks as he rubs the lube on my asshole, "Can I?"

Why is my brain getting stupid because I'm sure my judgement is being clouded with the anticipation of how much pleasure I'd get the moment I gave him my consent, "Okay."

"I love you so much, Precious," he nears his face to mine and kisses me, which I receive with eagerness. I need it to comfort myself. To prepare for the unexpected.

"I'm an experienced bottom so I know what you need, trust me." Quit being a salesman and do it already!

"You can say no whenever you want."

"Just do it, Owen!" I snap at him for making me so anxious with the anticipation. Just get it over with!

He chuckles then moves to the back again, which I feel his lips on my right ass cheek, kissing it.

He starts by the usual fingering, while spurting encouraging words to loosen me up from this tension I'm holding. And finally, after he managed to edge me a few times, the moment I've been waiting for has arrived.

"Ffffuck." He groans after the insertion, his entire erection is now in my forbidden hole. He doesn't move, giving me time to adjust to his size. Dear God, thank you for giving this man a seven and a half inch dick, with average girth instead of an impressive one. I don't think I can take any more than this. Thank you God. Thank you.

He leans to me with his chest currently touching my bare back, his face is so close to mine.

"I love you," he whispers before claiming my lips. We kiss, we eat each other's tongue, and that's when I feel him moving gently as we keep on kissing. Damn he's good.

Because I do feel the discomfort, but I also start to feel the good feelings pouring in. His moves, his angle, everything seems to be calculated to perfection that I start to moan, asking for more.

He flips me to the back after he gave me a release. Instead of getting in me again, he watches me with admiration in his eyes. I'm spread naked with this greasy hair on my head, definitely not a sight I want him to see.

Then his eyes fell on my private part, "Pussy so pretty, it shouldn't be fucked."

It's like he's talking to himself when he keeps on staring at it. So I close my legs as a reflex.

"Sure, hide it from me," the way he says it makes me want to open them at that instant, "I'll claim this one for now."

He thrusts into my other hole in a swift motion, neglecting to give me time to adjust.

I bite my lips when he speeds up, panting and moaning at the same time while he shows a smug face, certainly proud to make me behave this way, "Get how amazing it is to be gay now?"
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