GAY Sugar Daddy

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"I wonder how it feels to be fucked in the ass." Cleo says dreamily once I let them know about what happened last night.

"He ruined me." I sigh, for how hopeless I've become to agree to anal sex. Both last night and this morning.

"He didn't just ruin you, he ruined us!" Kimmie sighs louder, looking envious from the way I described how it feels like being protruded back there.

"Maybe I should ask Harold." Cleo is still in her world, perhaps already imagining doing it with her fiancé.

Both Kimmie and I widen our eyes as we shake our head, "Noooo-"

She'd die if Mr Montgomery's monster dick gets into her other hole. She'd die, I promise you. Or feel like dying.

"I'm so unlucky." She protests, totally understanding where we're coming from with the long no.

"Unlucky? Come again?" Kimmie scoffs at her complaint.

I giggle seeing both of their face. Kimmie is clearly annoyed with the much blessed Cleo who complains like an ungrateful bitch. Though we know she truly loves Mr Montgomery. And loves the fact that he has a giant dick.

"So you guys are together again?" Cleo asks once we're done with the anal-sex drama.

"Yup. No more my day or his day, he's free to see me any day he pleases."

"Awwww." Both of them say adoringly.

"He asked me to move in-"


"But," I quickly cut them before they bombard me with questions, "I said no."


"You know me," I shrug, "I need my space."

They nod understandingly as I continue, "Everything will end before finals so I'm prepping myself. Minimising the impact." It would be hell to adjust if I move in with him for ten weeks only to be alone afterwards. Remember New York?

"If you love him, and he loves you, can't you just forego the promise?" Kimmie asks boringly.

"What's a person without her principles." Because I believe in holding tight to your core. Strong core leads to strong personality. I want to maintain being an Exclusive Estelle, not bring Slutty Estelle until the end of my life.

Being Sugar Baby is just a chapter, I don't plan to write the whole book with the same theme.


"Owen," I call him when we're both lying on the bed, too lazy to do anything despite being awoke since the past few hours. All we do is play with our phone, him on his side of the bed while me on mine.

"Hmm." He hums as an answer. See. Lazy.

"When are you gonna cook my breakfast?"

"You should do it today." Lazy, lazy.

"But you're the cook."

"Exactly." Huh?

I finally turn to look at him, which of course, his eyes are still glued to his phone.

"I've cooked the whole day, all I wanna do now is be lazy." Yeah I can see that.

"I thought you love me?"

"Already made you love me too so the job's done."

"What?” I kick his leg because that's the closest I can get to. He groans in pain then laughs, obviously playing around.

"Haven't you heard no matter how long you're together, date her till you die."

He is looking at me, already ditching his phone, "Good thing I know my expiry date."

"Are you gonna play that same card till you leave next month? It's getting old, bestie." Time passes so quick that out of nowhere we only have three weeks left.

I'm done with my Final Year Project, already secured my grade for the other three subjects I'm taking this semester with all the course work so what's left is just the finals. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy papers.

"I thought it's the other way round?" He purposely makes that confused face, "You're the heartless one who's leaving, not me, bestie."

I laugh when he throws the same bitchy bestie sass. How can a person be a great boyfriend but also the awesome-est bestie ever?

"So you've figured out what you're gonna do after your summer vacation? Go back to Texas?" He's been baiting for clues about my next agenda but I haven't fallen for that.

The first step to my new chapter is to steer clear of him.

One of the external examiners during my Final Year Project presentation loved me so much he proposed my name to the HR of the company he's currently working since they're recruiting fresh graduates. Within two weeks, I've received the offer letter.

Nobody knows about this including Cleo and Kimmie. I don't want them to be persuaded by Owen that they accidentally blurt out my whereabout to him.

"Told you I'll think about it after the vacation is over." I'll be long gone to Scotland by early Fall since my offer letter requires me to report duty at Aberdeen by the first of September.

"Would you leave everything and follow me if I'm going to the other part of the world?" I won't lie I've been thinking about this since the day I received the offer.

"I would if you still want me."

"Awww, you'd leave your life here for me?" My hand goes to my chest, swooned by his admission. But also to mock his too-sweet answer.

"I've done it too many times. I've lived by myself since I was eight, and I always stay at the city for at least six months before I open a restaurant there. Won't be something hard to settle down anywhere if it means being with you." It's supposed to be a mockery, not a heart felt confession. Damn it Owen.

"Maybe it's not a good idea to bring you with me," I sigh, not in the mood to play anymore, "I need to get that five figure salary without any distraction."

"By all means, do it. I can clean the house, do the laundry, pick you up from work, everything, Baby. You don't have to worry a thing, I'll support you into that five figure salary with everything I can."

"Awww, you would..?" I jump to his lap and hug him tightly, "You'd cook and clean for me?"

He grins when I've loosen my arms around his body, "I can do the cooking but I'll probably hire a helper for the cleaning part."

I laugh as I roll my eyes, "I knew it." I've never seen him lifts a finger dusting the house or puts clothes in the washing machine.

"And when we decide to have a baby, I'll hire the nanny too. You don't have to do a thing." He always goes above and beyond whenever we draft different sets of our future. This time around, including a baby and a nanny.

"Since you have too much money to hire people, should we hire a surrogate too then?" Well I also have my fair share of going above and beyond.

He suddenly flips me on the bed that I'm stuck underneath him, "I'd never let other woman swells with my seed."

I laugh hearing his chauvinistic promise, "What are you? A cave man?"

He doesn't laugh so I say something else to lighten the mood, "No thanks, your ten seconds work is nothing compared to me carrying the baby for ten whole months."

"Technically," he raises his eyebrow, "I carry the baby too. In fact, I carry him first."

I can't believe this man. "I dare you say that to any pregnant lady out there. I'd love to hear how you counter back when they start telling you about the excruciating pain to push the baby out. Hah!"

"I also did that," he confidently strikes, "I push it out first."

I gasp at the audacity of him saying that, he even smirks at the end of the sentence.

"You push out a raindrop, that's nothing compared to what I'd be pushing out. A melon!" I push his chest and escape from being under him.

"Micro scale to melon scale, you pushed in 50 percents, I'd be pushing a hundred percents." I get off the bed then slip into the walk in closet to steal one of his shirts.

"I'll cook, I'll clean, I'll drive you everywhere, Baby. I'll be anything you want me to be," he wraps his arms around my waist when I'm brushing teeth at the ensuite bathroom.

"I'll hire a surrogate too if you really want one," he leaves a trail of kisses on my shoulder as I giggle. It tickles.

"If it means forever."

My heart drops hearing the last word. Forever... with him?
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