GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Forget what I said, I don't want forever," he sighs with his eyes remained shut, "I want a quickie for the rest of my life."

I giggle despite his erection filling me balls deep with the alarm from the fridge has finally stopped beeping; most probably fed up with its owner for not minding the importance of energy conservation or food preservation.

I was bending on my attempt to grab some of the fruits for my morning smoothie when Owen swiftly enters me with the easy access I'm providing. I should have learned better than to walk around in just his shirt, afterall he's been doing this most mornings whenever I sleep over at his penthouse.

I hope the cleaners deep-clean this kitchen with complete sanitisation considering the amount of contamination we provided with sex is more than using it for cooking.

"Quickie before coffee, he says," I moan my words which was meant to tease him but instead, it shows how much control he has when I stutter a bit towards the end when he purposely jerks with intense force.

"Milking you for your coffee," he whispers into my ears, his hard abs is touching my back, "I know how much you love coffee with extra cream."

I giggle again before he turns my face towards him, silencing me with his kiss while he pumps everything he has in me. I don't usually get my release during quickie but to be honest, I don't mind it at all. Because I feel satisfied knowing I'm the one who kick-starts his day.

"Let's continue this in bed," he murmurs when our lips are still touching.

"You're not going to work? It's almost noon." He normally leaves before 12 to do the prepping. Most importantly, it's Friday; the seven-course day. He normally goes to the market himself to pick the best ingredients, as early as seven in the morning. What's up with him today? Being lazy to the max.

"I haven't pumped you full." He smiles wickedly as I laugh and blush at the same time.

"Come on," he swiftly takes my full weight in his arms, now walking to the bedroom while carrying me, "I wanna give you hickeys only we know where."


Nowadays my morning routine involves watching him getting ready for work.

Unlike before, it's always me leaving first for class or we get ready together if he's sending me to the uni, but since I'm done with finals and everything, and he has to be at the office by 10am for the monthly board meeting, I've spent the entire week waking up early just to watch him get ready.

It's satisfying, really. To watch from a sleepy sexy Owen evolves to yummy naked Owen fresh-from-the-shower to absolutely sexy and yummy and everything rolls into one hot suited Owen by the end of the routine. Ahhh, I'm such a lucky woman to bed this fine man.

"So today's the last day I get to see this Owen?" I pout knowing the board meeting will end today.

I've spent enough time with him to know the monthly board meeting is normally held for only one day but somehow, it's like God is on my side that out of nowhere, the board meeting were held for five consecutive days. Though today is sadly the fifth day.

"Mhmm." He hums as he fixes his tie, standing in front of the mirror.

"I'm gonna miss this Owen so much." I purposely sigh loudly making him smiles that the dimple shows.

"That's why you wanna marry some guy you'd meet after the five figure salary? For the suit?"

I grin as I nod eagerly, "Men in suit is soooo sexy."

"You told me I was sexy last night."

I shrug, "Anything with a hard dick is sexy when you're horny."

He chuckles then walks to me, kissing me briefly. I swear if it's not because of how important his board meeting is, I'd haul him back to bed so I can fuck him to my heart content.

"Be a good girl," he warns when I unzip his dress pants, to which I make a disappointed face watching him zips it back.

"I don't wanna be a good girl."

"I promise you'll get to be bad all weekend. But for today, be good okay?"

I frown further despite totally understanding his commitment and accepting it. I guess this is PMS, always getting me in mood swings and bring out the bratty attitude.

"Now gimme a kiss. Daddy's going to work." He leans in which I gladly peck on his cheek.

He shows his displease with his eyes so I giggle and near my face to his again, kissing him on the lips.

"I love you."

"Love you too, Precious." He smiles as he straighten himself, "See you for dinner."

"Bye bye Sexy."

He chuckles hearing the nickname but continues walking out of the bedroom without looking back. A moment later I hear the sound of the private elevator dings signalling it has arrived at our floor, and just like that, I'm alone at his place.

Is this how it's gonna be like if I agree to be with him forever?

I'm done with my finals last week, and I'm also supposed to be done with us three weeks ago but I keep on giving myself excuses, just so I can lengthen our duration together.

Just a few days before everything is supposed to end, I decided to prolong it until I finish my finals. I mean, why would I put myself in misery just days before the most important exam of this semester? It's a no brainer to extend it for another week, just until I finish with my finals.

Then on the second week, when I finished my last paper on Tuesday afternoon, my best friends and I celebrated it at his restaurant, ending the night with a bang. Literally a bang because he banged me on his desk in his office right after dessert.

Knowing this week is the Sexy Owen in Suit week, I made the executive decision to stretch the days until this weekend, because I'd be a total moron to pass up the opportunity to see that well suited Owen Harris. I must say this week is one of the best sex I've ever had perhaps because I was fucked by the Mighty Sexy Owen-in-Suit.

I guess having nothing to do makes me horny that I jump on him the moment he steps home. Or is it because of the suit? Either way, I'm super glad I decided to stay this week.

"Are you guys all packed?" Cleo asks right after the line is connected. The three of us are face timing for our summer vacation discussion that is scheduled to be next Tuesday.

"That's in four days. We have plenty of time."

"Minus the weekend fucking, are you sureeee you can pack everything in just one day?" She arches an eyebrow as I laugh, definitely agreeing with her accusation.

"Monday will most probably be spent with fucking all day and night since that's your last day with Owen. You better pack today, darling!" My laugh stops abruptly listening to Kimmy's warning.

Monday will indeed be spent with fucking, because that's our last day together. I can't postpone the goodbye any further because I'll be in another continent for four weeks straight. And after that I'm gonna have to fly to Texas to see my family prior moving to Scotland.

Monday will really be our final good bye.
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