GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Did you just-"

He doesn't have to answer me nor for me to complete that question because I've known this man for more than ten years now, and I've seen this look a million times before so yes, yes he just finished in me after what felt like ten pumps. Or less.

The kiss. That's how everything started; the kiss. We were kissing. A lot.

And my hands. Oh my God my hands.

My hands definitely had their own mind when they crept to the hem of his shirt, rolling it up that when it reached his chest, we involuntarily pulled our lips apart so he could remove that piece of clothing.

I should've used that two seconds to reflect what I just did, encouraging him, but instead I used it to take off my own tank top.

We jumped on each other but this time around, instead of kissing me, he attacked my sensitive spot just under my ear that I again, moaned for obviously enjoying that little nibbling too much.

I seriously have to do something with my traitorous hands because after assisting towards the removal of Owen's shirt, they naughtily travelled south and slipped into his sweatpants, on another mission to remove that one too.

I hummed feeling his solid rock rod in my palm, stroking it up and down while he sucked my earlobe. Santiago, Karl, and all those guys I've been with are obviously blessed in that region but with him, that one criteria does't faze me much. Because there is one thing only he can provide; home. He felt like home.

"I want it." I murmured in between my moans when he greedily took my nipples in his mouth.

"Take me." I wanna be home.

He stopped abruptly, seemed to be surprised hearing my little demand, "Are you sure?"

I answered him by gently pushing his sweatpants down and when I saw it, oh how I miss you.

He drowned his face to my chest, right between my breasts dipping into my cleavage but I couldn't wait anymore so I rushed him, "Please, Owen."

He grinned at my desperation, "Gladly."

He carefully placed me on the kitchen island with his sweatpants lingering around his ankles. He didn't bother much to remove it but focusing on me when he helped me pulled my panties down to my thighs which I hurriedly took one leg out and let it dangled on my left knee when I pleaded again, "Owen."

"Right here, Precious." He whispered before kissing me, and I used that opportunity to wrap my arms to his back, pulling him closer so his bird would meet my bee.

"Are you sure?" I was this close to snap at him when he asked such thing at this particular moment.

He must have seen the look on my face when he grinned boyishly, sliding his hardness along my slick clit before manoeuvring the stick into me.

I held my breath when he started to nudge it in, keeping my eyes at him just the way he had been staring at me.

We synced our sigh of relief once he was all in, and he took that chance to kiss me until a moment later he started pulling out and pushing in again.

I cried in ecstasy as he kept plummeting himself in me but just the way we clearly were rushing into this, well, he really took rushing to that part too.

"I uhh-" he looked embarrassed as he takes the hand that was holding my right hip to his hair, running it a couple times in frustration, "I haven't had sex in months. Sorry."

He's like a little boy who's caught with his hand in the candy jar, battling between admitting his mistake or pretending it's not his fault; it's the jar's fault for being there. In this case, it's the lack of sex that made him came in less than ten pumps.

Well I know his track record, we went way longer than this so fine, blame the lack of sex. Or the fact he's been a bottom for five years. Wait, does that really affect the whole ten-pumps-and-done thing?

"Give me ten minutes, I'll-"

"It's okay," I stop him before we do more damages, "I don't think that's a good idea." Because I'm starting to get my senses now instead of being clouded with hard abs and mesmerising eyes.

His cock is still in me and we are in the same position we were minutes ago so I gently push his chest to allow some space between us. He obliges by taking a step backward, leaving me with one leg on the kitchen island, the one with the panties stuck at my knee, while another leg just dangling at the end of the hard surface I'm sitting on.

It's already awkward to pose in that position but it gets worse when his eyes watch my wet pussy that I follow the same direction to see how the white viscous fluid is seeping out of me. Oh God.

I immediately close my legs and jump off the island, landing my feet on the floor.

"Night," is all I managed to say after I pick up my tank top and scurry to my bedroom.

Damn it, how the hell did that happen?

Hormones. Crazy hormones. Crazy hormones make me do crazy stuffs. Like sleeping with an ex who obviously belongs to the past, not my present or my future. What was I thinking? Geesh.

Shit. Hormones! My trigger shot. Ovulation. Sex. Unprotected sex.

My heart stops beating at the realisation of what just happened. The trigger shot that was taken a couple hours ago is supposed to trigger ovulation, to allow us to harvest the eggs 36 hours later at the clinic.

But I just had unprotected sex with my ex. Ohhhhhhh my God.

I scramble to find my phone as my heart feels like it's gonna come out of my body for beating too fast. I want to cry so bad but at the same time I'm too freaked out to do that.

"Winn Fertility Clinic, how may I help you?" The helpline answers as I put a hand on my chest, trying my best to calm the fuck down. I’m definitely grateful for this 24 hours helpline and oncall doctors.

"Ovulating as early as 24 hours is unlikely," Ohhhh Thank God for this, "but it can happen." What?!

"Normally it's between 24 to 48 hours." Phew. I'll take whatever I can for now. Maybe mine is 24 hours, maybe I’m one among the average.

"Though sperm can live in a woman's body up to 5 days so it doesn't matter when you ovulate actually." Bloody on-call doctor tells the most important thing last!

"But I have endo." I can't believe I'm rooting for my disease to help me with this.

"I'd say come here tomorrow for a consult with your doctor. I have the medical record but she knows your history better. I'm gonna pencil you in for her first appointment tomorrow, is that okay?"

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