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"Are you my sister?"

"Ha?" I stop munching my omelette as I turn to the little girl sitting next to me.

We're very much aware of Pao's jealousy towards her friends about having a sister since she's been the only girl in the house since she was born but to consider me who's old enough to be her mom as an elder sister is a bit much.

"Why would you ask that?"

Owen who is sitting to her left is also looking at her, obviously as curious as me.

"I heard you call papa Daddy last night," I cough the content in my mouth as Owen tries to hide his laugh, "Amy calls her papa Daddy. Levi calls her papa Daddy. Micah too. Are you my sister?"

My hand reaches for the glass of water in front of me, chugging it as my effort to avoid responding to her question. Fucking answer your daughter, Owen!

"I'm sure you're just dreaming, Princess." He replies calmly though I can still hear his chuckle in between the words.

"Nooo I heard Tia said please Daddy last night," I accidentally spit the water hearing her imitating me with the whole tone and desperate facial expression, "I heard it last night! I really heard she said that, Papa!"

That motherfucker laughs hysterically as he shakes his head multiple times, obviously amazed and finds what his daughter just said as a great humor instead of a blaring crisis.

This is why it's always a bad idea to have sex on the couch when a four year old is sleeping only a few feet away. Wait. Did I shut my bedroom door last night? I think I did.

Or I didn't? That's why she heard it? Shit. How much did she hear?!

I swear I'll strangle Owen after Hugo picks her up. How stupid can I be to do everything he ordered me last night. Call me Daddy? Damn it, Owen. I'll never call you that again! Even if there's no one there!

"Well," he begins once the laughter fades, "Tia and I watched a movie last night. It must be from the movie. The girl does sound like Tia, that must be it."

"Oh." She sounds disappointed.

"Done with your breakfast? Wanna hit the shower? Papito will be here in an hour. Let's go?"

She reluctantly steps off the chair and follows Owen to the bathroom. I feel bad for crushing her dream, but hey, if what we're doing works, she'll get a younger sibling soon. Perhaps a baby sister.


"Time for injection." He announces in a sing-song tone once Pao is off with Hugo to spend the entire Sunday together. They've agreed to co-parent with Hugo taking Pao for two days a week; Sunday morning until Tuesday.

Leaving us ample time to work on Plan A; sex marathon until Tuesday 2 a.m. if we were to follow the timing of the trigger shot.

"You're not making me call you Daddy again." I point a finger as a warning but he chuckles as he walks closer to the bed I'm lying on.

Last night we didn't exactly agree to anything, he just made me melt like a jelly with his touches, his voice, eyes, all those sexy features, that suddenly I obliged to everything he ordered. Next thing I know we're naked with me desperately asking him to inject me with his needle. Cringe.

"Alright, call me Grandpa if you want to but we're gonna make babies at a proper place from now on. No more at the kitchen, or the couch, you deserve to be treated like the queen you are."

I roll my eyes at that. He was the one who initiated everything at those places, and he has the nerve to say that.

"You're cute." I mock him as I continue scrolling my Instagram feed.

He comes nearer and lies next to me, "If you think I'm cute, you should see how I look between your legs."

I look at him in disbelief but he uses that opportunity to wink at me. I can't help but to laugh, "Did you just flirt with me?"


"Ohhh keep flirting with me and I'm gonna end up sitting on your face."

In a blink of an eye he really does as he was threatened when he moves me from sitting on the bed to his face, making me laugh rather than aroused.

"What the f, Owen! Geesh!" I am still laughing when he rearranges the lower part of my sundress to access what’s beneath it then naughtily pushes my panties aside. Just like that my laugh turns into moans when he flicks my clit with his hot tongue.


"Find a place, with enough bedrooms for the baby, me, and you. So I'll say a minimum of three. From Sunday to Tuesday, you can be with the baby. Wednesday to Saturday, me. You get one day during the weekend, and I get one. Since Pao's with Hugo on Sunday, hmmm maybe you can take Wednesday to Saturday, you know, so Pao can be with her little sibling on the days you have her. Wait. In that case, we need four rooms. Baby room, my room, your room, and Pao's room. How's that?"

He hasn't said a word or moved any of his body parts while I tell him my idea. So I climb on his back since he's lying on the bed face down.

"Are you sleeping?" I whisper in his right ear, "Owen? Did you hear what I said? Are you sleeping?"

He finally lifts his face off the bed that I quickly crawl further up to reach out for his lips, kissing him briefly.

"Did you hear what I said? About my co-parenting plan?"

"Hmm." He replies lazily then puts his head back on the bed, shutting his eyes.

"I just want a place that the baby can feel like home. I don't want him or her bounce from one place to another. From my place to yours. He needs somewhere he can feel safe, home, so I think it'd be better if we're the one who's moving around. I'll be there from Sunday to Tuesday, then I go home so you can be with him or her on the remaining days."

He's doing it again; not reacting to what I said. Urgh.

"It's supposed to be my baby. Just my baby. That I don't have to share with anyone, with you. But noooo, you've gotta ruin it with your shrimp dick and came in me after what, 2.6 seconds?" He's already looking at me with confusion, but no, I'm not done yet mister.

"I'm trying to get everything in place if I get pregnant. I don't wanna ruin the baby's life just because the parents, us, are not ready. I'm supposed to be doing this alone. No sharing. But you know what, if you're not really interested about the baby, well good for me then! I can get him or her all for myself! Yay!" The last one was an obvious sarcastic yay but I end it with pushing both my hands to his back, releasing my anger before getting off his naked body.

"Hey," he takes my wrist, stopping me from sliding to the other side of the bed.


He gets up and sits down properly, that I copy the same posture. We're like two yogis sitting on the bed face to face with naked bodies.

"Why would you want to raise the baby separately?" I hate how calm he is right now, "Why can't we do it together?"

"Because we're not together."

"Let's be together then?"

"I told you, Owen. We've done this. So many times. Have you forgotten how it happened the first time we broke up? Then at London? Aberdeen? We've done it so many times I swear anyone who's reading our story are tired already with the same plot! I'm tired, Owen. Pretty sure Pao and this baby would be too, because we have a history to repeat the same thing over and over. It's time to put a stop to this."

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