GAY Sugar Daddy

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We argued a lot over the next forty hours. That, and a plenty of sex too.

It's funny how aggressive I was, debating every single point he raised when it came to his arguments why we should try again, and I seemed to win with my rebuttals.

Then again when he made my toes curled with his tongue, or fingers, or uhm the needle, I was like this weak little Nemo who submitted to the sharks, willing to be eaten alive without giving much fight.

I always, always forgot about what we were arguing about when I was in the heat of the moment. Only until the adrenaline was gone, I finally managed to think straight again. But it would be too late, because I was already thoroughly fucked by then.

And that's how he gets what he wishes for, such as dragging the three days to one week; "Just in case," was the excuse he used. Just in case, to be safe, and all sorts of if's he throws to get us in action. Just in case you’re ovulating a lil bit later. Just in case my swimmers didn’t go through yesterday. Just in case-

"I'm bored." He complains with his eyes still on the iPad. We've been lying on the bed like two lazy human beings, just minding our own business after tucking Pao in.

Oh yes, he managed to persuade me into moving here for a week, because he didn't want to part with his daughter anymore. Which means, I was the one who had to make changes; dragging my ass back to the room opposite his.

Thank God Pao's room is on the third floor so she is guaranteed not to hear any more weird noises at night. It's a double guarantee when Owen explained how very well insulated his room is to provide a comfortable, sound-proof baby-making place.

I packed my bag right away when he said he can cook better in his kitchen, given the premium utensils, ample space, fresh herbs and veggies from his garden. Anything for good food. Sold.

"Wanna watch movie upstairs?" He asks, still looking at his iPad.

"Really watch a movie or last Wednesday's watch-a-movie?"

He grins, probably remembering how things went two days ago. Ten minutes into the movie, he dove right into my pool of wetness. Instead of watching what's on the huge screen in his mini cinema, I was watching him eating me the entire time.

"Everything's good for tomorrow?" I divert the topic before he lets out any lame lines to get into my pants, not that he even needed one.

"Yup, can't wait to be Gil."

I laugh imagining how it's gonna be tomorrow for Pao's 4th birthday party. She's adamant about having Bubble Guppies as the theme this year, which suits the weather because it's summer, but Owen was a bit reluctant when she asked him to dress as Gil, since she's gonna be Molly.

The planner took care of the party part but in terms of costume, I went shopping with her to get a blue swimsuit to match her character. Owen wasn't really onboard when he was asked, or should I say ordered by his daughter to dress like Gil; blue hair and green mermaid tail.

I had my laugh at the store the other day when he tried the mermaid tails, it was hilarious and cute at the same time. Can't wait to see the father-daughter duo tomorrow with their mermaid tails. Hugo too will be wearing one, as his effort to still be involved in her life.

"Well, we can recycle it later for Halloween," I put down my phone and crawl to him, "Or you wanna be something else for Halloween?"

"I wanna be fucked." He answers nonchalantly making me laugh at how casual he answered it.

"Pretty boy is funny."

"Pretty funny boy just wanna be fucked."

"What happened to flirting?"

"Women want everything," he pouts as he puts his iPad aside, "Flirting. Romantically fucked but also filthily fucked. Breakfast in bed. Babies. But never the men."

I giggle, leaning down getting near to his lips, "Smile or I'm gonna kiss you."

"Hmph!" He purposely pouts further that I crash my lips on his, his hands already getting busy with my shorts.

"You smell so good." He whispers after taking a deep inhale of my skin.

"Lick me then."


I'm glad seeing how happy Pao is at her birthday party despite what happened with her daddies. I hope I can have this kinda healthy relationship with Owen too for our baby, if I do get pregnant. I'll be able to know in another week since the blood test can tell as early as two weeks post ovulation.

Owen is hanging out with some other parents, looking absolutely delicious in just a green swimming trunk despite his ridiculous blue dyed hair. I've gotta say Pao picked the best theme for her birthday party this year, coinciding with my baby-making plan with her Papa because I'm so gonna make him wear that blue hair until tonight; I wanna know how it feels like fucking a merman.

Yeah yeah, both of us know that we don't need to have sex anymore. The doctor told us about this. But neither Owen nor I are complaining.

I still stay at his place, and he doesn't seem to be putting a stop in our sexual activities. I'd say we're both too lazy to think with our brain when our body is too happy with all sorts of excitement and stimulation. Why bother, if it doesn't stink, perhaps it's a good thing?


Time sure flies.

Suddenly it's already two weeks since we last slept together and I'm spending my time with the trio at a mutual friend's birthday party. Wait, not trio. It's actually a group of five since Hugo's bringing his date.

"I'd leave me for him too." Owen murmurs as both of us stand at a corner, watching Hugo's hot date chatting with Pao.

"Even Pao chooses him." You should see his face when Pao accepted the handsome man's invitation to go to one of the face painting booths instead of staying with him to decorate lame gingerbread men.

"I bet you'd make babies with him over me any chance you got."

"Obviously," I tsk, "He's got all the good genes. Did you see the high cheek bone? Green eyes? Blonde hair? Over a foot taller than me? Hello, that's like premium sperm quality there."

"Too bad I've filled you up with all my average quality sperm already."

“Though we both know doesn’t matter how much you’ve filled me up, we’re still at single digit success rate so meh." This is how I cope with the nerve wrecking anticipation since the past two weeks, since we started having sex. I just don't wanna get my hopes up, so I won't crash that bad in case we don’t get a favored outcome.

"What time we'll be getting the result?"

I quickly take a glance at the watch on my wrist, "In 2 hours."

We went to the clinic earlier this afternoon for the blood sample, and will only know the result later at 4pm. Fingers crossed.

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