GAY Sugar Daddy

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It's Thursday morning. I couldn't sleep at all after he left last night. By 7am when Pao wakes up and barges into my room, I decided to leave my problem aside so I can focus with what I have now; spend quality time with my daughter. We cook breakfast and eat together, change our clothes then off we go to the school.

I know I shouldn't run from him but I can't. I can't see the lawyers. I'm not willing to handover the four days I have with my daughter to him. The best case would be for me to get the weekend, but I don't want just that. I want my four days. I want to have bedtime story with her every night, and see her face first thing in the morning. I want those.

That's why I hide at a cafe nearby the school. I'm so sleepy from the lack of sleep, at the same time my body hurts from sitting since the morning until it's time to pick up Pao from school, but I can't return to my place, afraid if he's gonna drag our lawyers there to force me agreeing to give him back the days I took.

We return home around 7, after I'm convinced they wouldn’t drop by at my place since it's past office hour. They're gonna have to try again tomorrow. Heh.

"Papaaaaaaaa!" Pao shouts as soon as she gets out of the elevator as I'm stunned to see that man standing a few feet away from our door. Damn it. He's been waiting for me?

"How's school? How's your ballet class? Did you twirl like a princess today?" He asks while squatting next to his daughter, making sure they're talking at the same eye level.

I adjust the knot of my trench coat before approaching them. I'm nervous though not as bad as before since I realise there is no lawyer in sight. It's just him, phew.

"Why are you here Papa? We had McDonald's for dinner! I ate nugget and french fries and Mama had a biggg burger like thisss big!" She widens her arms as Owen chuckles. My heart warms seeing how adorable they are.

"I need to talk to your Mama that's why I'm here." Oh? So he's indeed here for me?

"Erm Pao, why don’t you go have a bath." I interrupt them once I've unlocked the door.

"But I miss Papa! I wanna talk to Papa some more!" You just saw him yesterday.

"I'll be here, don't worry we can chat after this. Go have a bath first okay?"

She reluctantly goes to the bathroom with Nancy following her, leaving just the two of us right by the door. Should I invite him in or we're gonna talk out here like last night?

"I have something to show you." He says calmly once they're out of sight.

"Oh? What is it?" Don't tell me he's showing me the lawyers. Please, please don’t.

He turns around then walks towards the elevator. Oh shit, he's bringing them up isn't he?

But he doesn't stop there. Instead, he walks further to the other end of this floor, right in front of the door of another apartment.

It's a low density building, having only two apartments each floor. I choose this place because it's just fifteen minutes walk to my office, and has excellent security and view, including complete amenities.

The fact that I only have one neighbour is a major plus since I'm not a friendly person to make small conversations every time we bump onto each other. Though I've only met my neighbour twice since I moved here because they live in Canada. This apartment is just a place in case they're in town to meet their daughter who's studying here.

My jaw drops the moment he jabs his finger on the digital lock of the main door, which a second later he pushes it open making me gasp in shock.

He tilts his head to the direction of the apartment, wanting me to come in. I fix my trench coat again as I walk to him, still questioning his action.

"5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, open layout from the kitchen to the living area," he says while I take the view of the apartment, "Two balconies, one here and another in the master bedroom. It's connected."

He opens the french door revealing a balcony that is huge enough for a small outdoor table set. The place is beautiful, homey, and at least three times bigger than mine. My place only has a small kitchen and living area, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms while this one, it even has balconies!

"Here's the pantry, and over there the laundry room." He continues while sliding each door of the room he mentions, "Fully furnished. Ready to move in."

"Erm... I'm not looking to move." I should state this before he begins showing the bedrooms.

But it's too late because he's opening the room next to him, revealing a single bed in pink bedsheet and all sorts of pink furnitures.

"This would be Pao's room. And over there," he shows the opposite room, "is mine. Yours is the master bedroom on the other side, and the room next to it is Hugo's."

Wait. Wait wait wait. Does this mean-

"This is our co-parenting house. We'll stay here according to the schedule. And next to Hugo's room is a guest bedroom, in case we have someone over." Like his boyfriend?

"Kimmie and Cleo can stay there if they're here." Oh. My best friends.

"I'll clock in 10am Tuesday, and clock out Wednesday 10am," he closes the door then walks to the living area again, "You can clock in 10am Wednesday till Sunday 10am. Hugo Sunday 10am to Tuesday 10am. We won't bump onto each other with this schedule."

I nod, playing with my fingers. How about my request last night? About the nanny taking care of her while I'm at work?

"Don't worry about the cost, it's on me." Is he trying to make me quit by paying everything? So our daughter won't be raised by the nanny?

"If you can't send her in the morning, I'll do it. You can leave early for work." Whaaaat?

"I'll pick her up at school, and send her to the extra classes." Okay. What's going on now? Last night he was hell bent over taking me to the lawyers but now he's willing to take the load.

"I'll take care of dinner. Just come home after you finish work, don't worry about dinner or bedtime."

"Uhh, it's okay," I shake my head multiple times, "I can be home before 6.30. I'll do dinner and the rest."

"Hmm." He hums as a yes then walks to the door again, which I follow suit.

Both of us go back to my apartment but of course, he stops right at the door.

"Wanna go in and say goodbye to her?"

"Maybe you can call her if she's done?" So he really doesn't wanna step inside ever again.

"Yeah okay." This is the least I could do after all the effort he's done with the apartment and agreeing to cover for me when I'm at work, so I'm not gonna be a bitch just because he won't step into my place again.

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