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It was awkward since that picture.

I don't know about him but I felt awkward, so I barely talked to him, or be near him. Though I did feel a bit down to compare what I used to look like as displayed in the picture, with my current state.

The next day I went to a lingerie store to buy new ones on my attempt to shake off this feeling I've been having since the past few weeks; that I'm like a stuffed turkey during Thanksgiving.

There are limited styles and sizes I could squeeze into but I accepted the fact that I was pregnant so I was okay to come home with just two huge paper bags instead of my initial intention to wipe off everything off the rack.

I'm glad I did that because I start to feel like myself again, finally confident and sexy with my new figure, knowing I have such beautiful lingerie underneath these boring maternity clothes be it workwear or casual wear.

For the rest of the week, he avoided me like a plague again; he'd be here when I'm about to go to work, and leave right after I arrive home.

Until Sunday which is the Halloween night when Hugo decided to be Aladdin because Pao wanted to be the monkey.

He wears this red open vest to hide his upper body eventhough it's doing such a poor job at hiding his amazing abs, but sure, I'll give a star for the effort; his effort to keep it PG rated since the party's filled with children, not just adults.

Owen had no choice but to be the genie which I have to say, despite the blue color he pasted all over his body, he is one hawt genie.

But seriously, yeah okay he covers his entire skin with blue color but that doesn't give him the right to showcase his entire upper body. Besides, Genie is supposed to be one with beer belly, not hard, sculptured abs!

And that sad looking, hideous ponytail that a Genie normally has? He does put a ponytail alright, but it's the sexy David Beckham ponytail that I swear if I'm not pregnant already, I'd be one.

I'm forced to be Princess Jasmine despite my protruding tummy; Hugo came to our apartment yesterday with a designer, to take my measurement when I told him there's no way I'd fit into any ready-made costume.

And just like that, I appear at Madeline's Halloween party with the two of them -minus Owen since he's in charge of the food- dressed in a turquoise off-shoulder crop top that screamed Pornstar alert! Pornstar alert! with my tummy being exposed to the world since the matching turquoise skirt was hung below my belly.

I criticised Hugo and Owen for showing too much skin for the fact my breasts are spilling out of this crop top. Pornstar alert.

"No, no, she's not allergic to anything." I tell a Mom when she asked if it's okay for her daughter to share her candy with Pao.

"I'm the only one who's allergic to something," there comes a whisper from a man I thought would be in the kitchen the entire night.

He clears his throat when he corrects himself, "To someone."

I turn to him rightaway, couldn't believe he said that at a party, in front of so many people. Yeah sure, he said it in a whisper but what if someone did hear him? What if Pao's friends heard it and makes fun of her? That her papa hates her mama so much to the point of using the word allergic.

The sexy, all-abs genie didn't even look at me when he said that because he's facing the other way, just his back is meeting me.

"Excuse me?" I try to contain my annoyance.

"I'm allergic to you."

... did he just say that to my face?

"A part of me swells every time I'm near you." What? Wait. Whaaaat? Which part are you referring now? What?

"Hey Owen!" A man suddenly steps into our bubble, when I'm still trying to comprehend that he did not say it out of spite but instead, some sort of... complimenting me? Is it? Really? Or I’m having one of those pregnancy brain moments?


Dear Diary,
Owen texted me first today.
And when I replied him, he replied my reply!
Jotting this down since it's a miracle for this to happen. Who knows the next time he'll text me will be during an earthquake.

"Can we have McDonald's?" Pao suggests when I list down the menu we can cook today for dinner since it's just me and her. And Nancy of course, because Owen's off to his monthly board meeting.

Yes, his text was just to inform me he can't take over for today, because of the meeting.

Alright, I'll take a leave 👌🏼

To which he surprisingly texted back; K

See. Progress. We're texting now, perhaps next year we'll be friends.

Because I'm too tired to fight him with the whole avoid-and-ignore war, or see who'll cave in first with this sexual tension. I'm already physically tired carrying this huge tummy with all the side effects; peeing, back pain, eating-like-a-pig.

"You don't want me to cook?"

"Your tummy's too big."


"You're gonna cook the baby." Nancy supplies which I nod, agreeing to that point.

I'm gonna hit the third trimester in two days and this tummy has grown horizontally like a champ. There's a big fat chance I'll be putting this tummy on the stove as well besides the food I'm about to cook.

While we're waiting for the pizza, Nancy receives a call from her sister who lives in Arizona. Apparently she's already at her place right now, showing up specially for her birthday.

I dismiss her that instant, even giving her the whole week off since her sister came all the way here to spend time with her, and that they haven't seen each other for three years. Also, because I have no idea today's her birthday when all she's done is help me take care of Pao all these time.

So it's just the two of us having this extra-large pizza, chilling in front of the tv. If Owen's here there's no doubt we'd have to eat at the dining table. Pfttt that boring old man. Luckily she has this cool mom who's open to breaking rules when it's not necessary to follow them.

"Pao stop it!" I scream at the little girl who laughs as she keeps on shooting water towards me using the water gun Hugo bought her last weekend.

While Owen's being the boring, strict dad, Hugo is too fun and too immature sometimes. He bought two water guns, one for him and one for Pao, so they can play during bath time.

"Pao, I mean it. Stop it already!" My tone is higher this time, "My clothes are all wet! Look! Stop it, Pao!"

But she laughs louder and starts shooting my arms since she has already wet the body part. The white t-shirt I'm wearing has now stuck to my body.

"Pao." The deep voice strikes me like a thunder when I was removing my shorts.

Pao has stopped shooting, with a stunned face as well. We're obviously shocked with his presence; I thought he has a meeting? That normally runs till late evening? I thought he won't be here today?

"Put down the gun," he orders with the same tone, and Pao drops it to the nearest surface instantly.

I can feel warmth radiating next to me as he passes by and walks to the bath tub, in his dark charcoal grey suit, obviously coming straight from work.

"Remove it." He turns to me with a stern look.


"Remove my shirt."

"Oh?" Shit. I totally forgot I took this shirt from the laundry basket. Yes, that's right, I am now that creepy lady who digs the laundry basket to look for her ex's shirt, so I can smell him all day.

A side note to that, I only do this shameless act when I'm sure he won't be around. Like today.

"Uhh okay." I quickly take off the wet shirt but as soon as I remove it, he puts his suit coat on me, covering my body that's only in panties and bra. He takes the wet shirt from my hand and puts it on top of my wet shorts that I placed on the sink.

"Go change. I'll handle the minion." With that he's back to Pao, so I get out of there and take a shower before wearing another set of clothes.

This time the one that's mine.


"Have you eaten?" I ask him once I go to Pao's room. He's drying Pao's long hair in his dress shirt and pants, while Pao's already in her pyjamas.

"We have pizza if you haven't." I walk into her room and sit on her bed. Perhaps he's not hearing me since the hair dryer is a bit noisy. Or my voice is too low. Or both.

Or you know, he's ignoring me. Hmm.

They remain quiet until he finishes with the drying, then both of them chat as if I'm invisible over here.

But I don't really feel awkward, instead I'm glad to sit here to see their bond, how they interact with each other over the bedtime story. And once in a while Pao does include me in their conversation.

Once the door is closed I offer him again, "There's pizza if you haven't eaten."

He disregards my friendly attempt then walks towards the kitchen, perhaps getting that pizza. Or going home..? Since the main door is adjacent to the kitchen.

I settle down on the couch regardless what he is about to do. If he stays for pizza, great. If he leaves rightaway, also great. All I know is I need to watch this new episode of Below The Deck tonight since tomorrow the girls and I plan to have FaceTime. One of the main agenda during our weekly call is to bitch about the dramaaaa in this reality show.

"Here," a white cloth is handed to me when I'm all cozy with my pillow and throw blanket. I look at the man only to find him shirtless since the thing he's offering is his dress shirt.

"I thought you like wearing what I've worn?"

I accidentally laugh before I managed to contain it, "Sorry." Not sorry.

"So you're a washing machine now?" He asks as he sits next to me, putting the shirt on his lap, "If you are," ohhh he's used this line before when we were married, "I'd like to put my dirty load in you."

But I still laugh at that, grabbing the shirt from his lap, "What about the pants then?"


"Why don't you be inside of me, not them."

For the first time since I kicked him out of my house, he smiles at me which I know if he can help it he won't do it. But he did. He fucking did.

"Hah! Caught you smiling!"

He immediately stands up and unbuttons his dress pants. Shit. He's really gonna do it?

He proceeds with removing it, leaving him in a pair of black brief. Then he casually walks to the kitchen.

And when I'm done calming down with my raging hormone, he's back with the pizza box and a beer bottle. Luckily he's in a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants now. Phew.

"What are we watching?" He asks as he sits comfortably next to me.

"Below The Deck."

"Below The Deck original or Mediterranean?"

Excuse me? Are we officially nice to each other again? Talking like two civilised people instead of me saying stuffs to a brick wall?

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