GAY Sugar Daddy

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"I need to fuck you hard and fast and I'm gonna come in half a second but I promise I'll make it up the next round. Is it okay?"

I laugh despite his serious facial expression, knowing he's trying to be honest from now on even to that point but I laugh anyway, because it's too cute. For the fact my legs are wide apart with his head in between them.

"What if I say no?"

He crawls upward then parks both his arms on each of my side, leaning to my lips and steals a kiss. I moan, already wanting my second bliss of happiness after he gave one with his mouth.

"Is it still a no?"

I grin, "No."

He leans for another kiss, resting his huge body next to me as I follow along by lying sideway, refusing to break our lips attachment. He uses that opportunity to sneak his hand to my clit and rubs me lazily.

"Nope." I say playfully eventhough I'm slightly disappointed with the slow motion, hoping he'd go faster or apply more pressure to earn a yes.

"Hmmmm," he lets that sound cockily when I start to make weird, desperate sounds the moment two of his long, meaty fingers enters me.

I'm this close to begging him to take me hard and fast even if it means just for half a second when he whispers, "Shhh, you'll be responsible for her trauma because you're incapable to be quiet." Huh?

"Which by the way," he smirks with a glint of evilness, "Your desperation is adorable."

I can't believe this man. I was about to open my mouth, actually begging him to take me right here right now but he just had to slap that to my face, ruining the moment.

"I'm not desperate." I am, but I'm not gonna admit that. So I distance my face from his eventhough our body are still touching. Or to be precise, my naked body is touching his fully-clothed body. First sign of desperation. Shit he's right.

"You're drenched, Precious," he swipes his fingers through my clit like running a credit card along the machine, "You're wet for me."

"Nope, just discharge. It’s normal.” I quickly change my posture and sit up, somehow fascinated by the way we both fit this couch. A pregnant whale and a male whale, guess anything fits if we make it fit.

I rub my tummy feeling kicks from the left side. He looks at me adoringly, with both hands under his chin. My hands fly to my chest, covering my breasts when I feel it's too awkward for him to stare at me like that.

His hand stretches to the exact same place I was rubbing just now, taking over what I did, "The baby just kicked?"

But a second later that look vanishes as his eyes grow once our daughter launches another set of karate punch. He becomes excited to the point of sitting up as well, so he can cup both his hands there.

"Hey, hello. I have white belt too, Baby."

I stop breathing the moment he talks to my tummy. This is his first interaction with her, and it's too cute.

"I'm sorry if it's gonna feel like an earthquake later but don't worry, you're safe. We're safe." He is still talking to her, "I'm just sending your Mama to heaven so brace for impact okay, Baby? Don't worry, we'll all live."

I burst into laughter and shove his hands off my tummy as he laughs as well, "What. I just want her to be prepared."

I stand up and walk to my pile of clothes while slowing down on my laugh, then practice my skill to pick up the clothes using just my fingertoes since my tummy's too big for me to lean in.

"Your room?" I ask when he's already approaching me.

"Your room. Mine's next to Pao's." Oh yeah, we wouldn't want what happened months ago to be replayed do we? I’m not going to get her hopes up eventhough this time she will get a sister, just a few more months.

He steps into my room for the first time, but he's too busy with undressing himself while kissing me that he doesn't bother much what my room look like. Suddenly he's already behind me, taking me as fast and hard as he promised, but come a few minutes later with a growl.

"Look at it going in." I know his eyes are on my face when he says it, purposely going slow for the second round to encourage me into actually looking at how his cock is going in and out of me.

I can barely see my toes nowadays so it's like a miracle when he puts my body in this position that I'm able to see everything clearly.

He really makes it up this round as he fucks me into orgasms, and forces me to continue warming his cock even when I cry in overstimulation, stuffed full in cum.


I think I just had the best sleep since this whole thing happened. The way he worked my body made me shut down completely, and wake up this morning feeling refreshed and... sore.

The temperature is perfect for a snuggle on the bed, underneath a thick blanket, but I'm too logical to do that, so the first thing I say once I'm all awake is, "Pao's gonna be up any second!"

He was still sleeping when I said that, so I kick him with my left foot.

"Awww!" He groans like a little girl, half whining half irritated but finally opens an eye, "What's that for. I was sleeping."

"Go sleep in your room."

"What's wrong with sleeping here."

"It's my room."


He really doesn't get that this is a one night thing, does he? "Get out before Pao comes here."

"She gets to be here but I don't?"

"Out Owen. Now."

He puts his head back to the pillow and closes his eyes, ignoring my order. I take a deep breath to contain my annoyance then kick him again, with more force.

"I mean it Owen," I'm trying my best to not shout at him as I put on my pink top and shorts, "Get out before she's here."

Because she has a habit of coming to my room once she wakes up, annoying me so I'd wake up too.

As if on cue, the door of my room is sprang open revealing that little girl in her bird nest hair and cute pyjamas. Her facial expression changes from happy to confused upon seeing his Papa on my bed, to raging mad when she pouts, "Heyyy how come you didn't tell me you guys are having sleepover!"
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