GAY Sugar Daddy

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"We shouldn't do this, Owen."

At this rate I'm just gonna agree to anything she says because tomorrow night she'll be here again, asking for another dose of release.

We're in a toxic cycle alright, but we're definitely communicating healthily. I listen to her rant about the guilt she has for coming over to my room almost every night, but she can't help it because according to her, her judgement is currently being clouded with hormones.

And I do talk to her as well, opening up about my hope that we unite as a couple, for ourselves and also for our daughters. But she asks for time, since she's still in therapy so she could be heavily influenced by the drugs she's taking daily.

We function as best friends from day to day, co-parenting our kids in this apartment, though I do plan sometime in the future to convince her about all of us moving back to my place, to where it all began.

"Do you want me to stop?" I ask her after she whines a couple more times.

She bites her lips as she slowly shakes her head, but there's obvious guilt shown on her face. She doesn't want this but at the same time she wants this too bad she's willing to go against her own promise; fucking me.

"Tell me what you want then," I whisper in her ear then kiss her neck, down to her shoulder.

"I want you to keep moving."

"Moving where?"

"In me."

"Like this?" I move my hips and push my entire length in her.

She nods, still biting her lips. I can't help but to smile seeing how adorable she looked underneath me, just waiting for me to fuck her with clear desperation on her face.

"I'm not gonna date other people because I'm still not sure how I feel about us, but I know I don't wanna be with you."

"So why did you come?"

She sighs, "I shouldn't come, I know."

"You did anyway, twice already tonight."

She was confused for a moment but then her lips curve into a wide smile upon realising the double meaning, "Three actually. You didn't notice the second one maybe."

"Three? So we should be good for tonight?" I'm about to pull out when she grabs my arms at each side, "Noooo, not yet."

"I thought you don't wanna be with me?"

"I don't."

"Okay," I'm halfway out when she tightens her grips on my arms as she shakes her head, "No, I want you. I want you, Owen."

"Which one is it, Precious? Do you want me or do you not want me?"

Here we go with the lip biting, that I can't help myself but to lean in and kiss her for being too cute. She returns it with determination as she pulls my body to be closer to hers, and launches her hips towards mine swallowing me whole.

"Do you need to be married with me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know all your life you've been wanting a perfect family. You want to be married, and you want to live happily ever after with a wife and a bunch of kids. But Owen, I'm still confused. I can't say yes or no. We have been in this toxic, exhausting cycle for too many times. And each time we're adding a daughter in it. We can't live this way, because it's not just us in this weird relationship. We're dragging the kids too."

I kiss her again for all the honesty, "At least we get something out of it?"

She seems frustrated with my response but lets me caress her tiny bump anyway. What happened four months ago is starting to making an appearance, and I'm grateful for it.

"Take as long as you need, I don't mind at all. As long as everybody's healthy." This baby, and her mental health.

"Do you think we should go to couple counselling?"

"I'm open to it."

"We'll try a session and see how it goes?"

"Sure. If it doesn't work, we'll just go back to the toxic cycle and have more daughters."

She hits me instantly on the arm, "Not funny!"



Maybe marriage is not for us, and I'm grateful that he respects my decision not to go into that direction. But I'm definitely willing to try with him, which we've decided to label ourselves as best friends who co-parents but also fuck. Friends for benefit then?

I'm not in denial, I just don't wanna associate myself with marriage. I guess he hit me hard with our first marriage, and I'm in that constant fear that he will abandon us if anything goes wrong, or if I lose this baby just like I had years ago.

I tried, I really tried the entire seven months after Iva was born. But once we crossed the line that night, I couldn't go back to what we were and have this addiction to keep on sneaking into his bed at night.

And the bad thing is, or perhaps a good one, is that he welcomes me with the widest, warmest arm to cuddle me into sleep or fuck me into oblivion.

He's like that one comfort food we shouldn't have every day but if it's up to us, we'd have it every single day. He's my comfort food, and I'm his.

"I love you Owen." Best friends say these stuffs too, and I really love him, to the point of willing to marry him if it's really important to him.

But I guess I'm important to him too that he chooses to go with my way this time, and agrees to be friends for however long I want, as long as we're there for each other, promising an open communication with complete honesty.

He's the gay sugar daddy with the entire package, of what I used to label as the perfect guy. He still is, but now he's not a sugar daddy anymore. He's my baby daddy.

The end.


Author's note:

It was a rollercoaster ride with these two, thank you for staying until the end 😽

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