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The Nurse's Blues (in-progress)

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“I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out.” - Ally Carter

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Not again. I grunted frustrated, slamming hard on the mahogany door of the entrance of my apartment. Ever since the stupid security update, the electronic locks have been acting up.

I kept swiveling the handle hoping my prayers or a miracle would open up the door. The keypad beep added to my rage.

I had done a double shift at the Hospital since one of the nurses called in sick. I was beyond tired. I sigh looking at my phone’s lock screen 6:58am. It’ too early for this bullshit.

“Are you ok?” A husky voice asked.

“What do you care?” I snap back. Irritation evident in my voice.

“Down kitty.” He laughed. “I heard loud banging coming from the hall. I was already up and going to work. If you had woken me up, then that would be a whole different story.”

“My stupid lock won’t open. I apologize. I’m usually nicer.” I smirk trying to get in a better mood. It really wasn’t his fault after all.

“Let me try.” He takes the card from my hand.

I open my mouth, a protest forming when he hushes me.

“Did you just shush me? Incredible.” I roll my eyes, the little good mood I had shifting away.

He swiveled the handle and with his shoulders and body weight started pushing the door, like a policeman entering to raid a room.

The door flew open and he almost fell on his face. I started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Does this amuse you?” He looked at me a slight blush on his face.

“Sorry, it’s just so unheroic and ungraceful, you almost falling in the end there.”

“That’s what you get for being a gentleman.” He scoffed and left.

“Thanks", my sarcastic scream filling the empty hallway.

At last in my apartment I start my routine. I go to the bathroom and take a glance at the mirror. I look like shit. I grimace, this was what the hunk from 302 was looking at.

Taking my scrubs off, I get in the shower letting the warm water consume me. A huge satisfying sigh heard in my bathroom. After a long shower, I get out and get my face cleaned from the leftover gunk on it.

My cleaning and creaming face routine come to a halt after ten minutes. Good as new. The hunk should see me now. Hoping I get a chance to see him again and apologize.

Thankfully, tomorrow was my day off. I decided to take a nice nap. After all it was already 10:30am. Two hours later I get up, my stomach reminding me I haven’t eaten.

My phone beeps in the pillow next to me. Kassandra’s name popping on the notification center.

-You up yet, bitch?

Classy. I roll my eyes and laugh. Kassandra has been my best friend ever since I got here. I had a rough start to life, one may say. I moved alone when I was nineteen escaping my father’s past. Now here I was, twenty six in a prestige yet minimal apartment complex that looked out to the busy city and the lake that bordered it.

-Yes, babes I’m up. I could eat a dinosaur. Where we going to eat?

-Finally! I’ll be there in 10.

I rolled off my bed and looked for jeans and a t-shirt. My favorite ADIDAS sneakers and I was all set. As promised ten minutes later Kassie was at my door.

“Hey there sexy!” She hugged me tightly.

“Can’t breathe”, my smothered mouth articulated.

She sat down and looked at me. “You look like shit.”

“Why thank you. I had a double shift at the Hospital. My lock got jammed and I haven’t slept properly. Do not test me.”

She laughed enjoying my threat. Also amused. I wasn’t usually like this. We hurried, getting up and leaving to our usual brunch spot. It was small and never crowded. We were regulars, known for all the years we have been coming here.

“Bambinas you are here! Come let me seat you!” Lovely little Valentina, the owner, greeted us. She’s a small Sicilian immigrant who founded the place. Hoping her kids will take the business as their own, but she doesn’t leave it. We all laugh whenever she complains but we know she will keep working until the end.

“Valentina!” Kassie and I scream and hug her at the same time.

“I’ll get you Antonio so he can serve you. Ciao.” Off she went to attend a couple at the counter.

“I’m so hungry,” I whined looking at the menu.

“Why do you always do this?” Kassie looks at me laughing. “You haven’t changed your order in more than two years now. I don’t even know if what they prepare for you is on the menu anymore.”

Antonio comes and we order. Mimosas in our hands. Relaxation hits my tight muscles.

“Spill it. You are usually never this worked up. How’s the Hospital treating you?”

“Everything is good as it should be. One of the nurses called in sick so I took the extra hours. Marge was all up for it.”

“I bet.”

“Hush! Anyways something new did happen. Remember the change in security system?”

“Ugh! Yes how I hate it.”

“Well it has been acting up like I mentioned earlier. The card doesn’t read all the time and I was having problems this morning. Tired and in a bitter mood. So anyways I was banging my door and having problems opening it and this hottie came to the rescue. He almost fell though, which was extremely funny.”

“Ooh! Who is he? What’s his name?”

I frowned. “I have no idea.”

We ate our order and the rest of the day slipped by. Going to stores, more eating and a lounge session in my apartment. Having a night shift, screws your sleep cycle a lot. It was almost 2:00am and I was wide awake.

I texted Marge and Kassie had already gone to sleep and my thoughts go back to the hero from this morning.

Being in a huge drought with no sexual partner was taking a toll on me. And one would think that being in my line of work that wouldn't happen. But you’d be surprised.

As any normal sleepless night my vibrator was summoned. I entered to my favorite site and started watching videos but none was alluring enough.

I swear I’m so weird. In those moments that my body is aching for release my mind is elsewhere. I over analyze the porn video I have in front of me. If her moans are too faked, I change the video. The guy grunts in an unnatural way, I change the video. If they spit on the dick or pussy to lube it, I change the video. I laugh now. But I realize it’s strange as fuck.

So I decided to get a kink from the writers selection that site also offers. Perverse minds have written thousands of pages of stories. They get me hotter than the videos. My bad but it is what it is.

I start reading this story about this girl who lusts for her brother in law my mind starting the characterization of the people in the story.

When the image of the hunk in 302 sets my mind. My vibrator was pressed against my now wet panties. Teasing my clit. A small moan escaping me, my mind drifting...

He breaks into my apartment, waking me from my slumber. Harshly, my sheets were ripped from my body and he gets on top of me in my bed.

“Did I wake you?” He looks up at me, realization hitting him I’m naked under the covers. A harsh kiss is placed on my mouth obligating me to kiss him back. I couldn’t deny him so I didn't fight back. A moan escaping my lips.

“Not so confident and quip now, are we?” He says, massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples as he pleases. My erect nipples now at his mercy.

He kisses me again harshly, drowning my moan. “This is what you wanted, right?” His hands are groping my ass. His knee is pushing my legs open, exposing my pulsing core to him.

“So wet already, Dahlia. Fuck, so good.” His hands start sliding on my heated folds. My clit screaming for attention and hardening.

“Fuck! Yes!” I purr. His mouth is attacking my nipples while his finger is entering me. In and out with a slow rhythm. He is not hurrying as he wants the advantage of disarming me.

Another finger is inserted and I start bucking as the sudden invasion rushes euphoria through my veins. My hip starts meetings his hand.

"So tight." He observes and groans. His fingers are taken out of me so violently I shriek at the sudden emptiness that consumes me.

His wet fingers travel to his mouth, tasting my arousal. "So sweet." After he sucks his fingers clean, his head is inserted in between my legs. Feeling extremely exposed my thighs begin to close and a hard slap on them takes me by surprise.

His tongue starts attacking my hardened and sensitive clit. Lapping at my juices of arousal, said tongue starts being inserted into me. He grunts in approval as my sex is responding to his assault. He owns me in this moment.

"Agh! Mmm! Yes!" All my verbal responses adding to his ego. A smile on his face as I look down and see his gaze burning into me as he continues to eat me out.

"Delicious. Now you are going to come, and that's an order." His invasion became more vicious as his fingers were inserted and started fucking me as his tongue kept attending to my clit.

As he demanded, I came. Hard, on his mouth. My involuntary movements being subsided by his hands as they tried to ease me out of my orgasmic state.

My heaving breasts being attended by wet, hot, small kisses.

"Beautiful." I laughed not being able to say a word. "My turn." Without another notice he grabbed me by my ankles. Not being able to stand up properly, I fell into his arms. One stare and his tongue devoured mine in a needy kiss. I moan. Tasting myself during the session.

He turns me around in a swift movement and I'm thrown on the bed with my legs still on the floor. My ass presented to him. Another slap is heard this time on my right ass cheek. Followed by his hand calming the stinging sensation that caught me completely off-guard.

"This is only for my pleasure. I will take you hard and fast. Am I clear?" I just nodded. I felt his grip tighten on my hip as his other hand took his member and brushed it against my lips finding my opening.

Even though I was wet, my insides weren't ready for the hard slam and the sudden fill of his thick cock. "Fuck!" I hissed. He stopped. Not because of my complaint but because of the tightness.

An animalistic groan of approval marks the beginning of his hard pounding. "Fuck Dahlia, your pussy is eating me whole," he said through greeted teeth. His hands were on my hips commanding my movements and holding me in place as his cock rammed into me.

"Yes! So good! I'm going to come!" As he had warned, the taking was hard and fast. All he wanted was his release. I felt his dick twitching inside as he fills me with his sperm and my pussy pulses as another orgasm takes place.

"Fuck!" A huge moan comes from my mouth as my breathing is hitched and I come out from my orgasm. I open my eyes and the darkness of my room greets me. My vibrator now discarded to the side on my bed and a smile creeps up my mouth. That was mind blowing.

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