Bear with Me

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12. Animals


My ears were ringing as I gradually regained my senses and my consciousness, but my memory was still hazy. I had no clue where I was- just that it was a tiny room in what seemed like a wooden cabin.

I wracked my brain to recall the events that had led to this moment. I remembered being out with Callum and enjoying a drink at the pub after our day of outdoor adventures. His clear-cut features and his bearded face appeared in my mind, and I couldn’t help but smile at the memory of every inch of him.

But then the flashback hit me- he had slept with Riley, and the revelation was what made me run away from him.

Who knew if he would have told me about that if it wasn’t for the man, who had warned me in the pub. When he remarked that I was new in the area, I thought he was just trying to make some small talk while I waited at the bar for the drinks. That was until he mentioned that Callum seemed to have a type- city girls, the man called it- as he was shagging the other new arrival, Riley, just weeks before that. I wanted to punch the stranger for speaking about my best friend like that, but I was also fuming about Callum, so I decided to take out my anger on the right person.

I could not stand being anywhere close to him after I confronted him and he came clean. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he slept with my best friend and now he wanted to get into my pants as well. Well, there was no fucking way that it was going to happen.

Rage began to spread across my body once again at the memory of it all, even if my mind was still hazy. I tried to recall what happened after that as a way to calm myself but everything was coming back to me very slowly.

I remembered that I decided to walk back to Aiden’s place to get some air and cool off. It was a beautiful evening, so I stopped and sat by the shore of Loch Lomond to admire the picture-perfect view, with the moonlight making the waters of the lake sparkle. The smell of a strong aftershave hit my nostril and compelled me to turn around. A strong hand crept from the other side and landed on my mouth with a cloth doused in something before I could see who was there. And then there was nothing....just me waking up in this tiny room.

I pushed myself off the ground and got back to my feet, my head pounding with every step I took. It was like I had a terrible hangover but without the alcohol. Or maybe it was the damn Venom?

Wherever I was, I couldn’t hear any noises around me. The room had a small window on the ceiling, so I knew it was daytime, but I had no clue where exactly I was. Slowly, I made my way to the door and reached for the handle, trying to open it. It didn’t move because it was locked.

What the hell is going on? Why am I locked in a room?

I did not want to panic but my mind grew anxious when the words of the two agents in London about the last witness against my boss came back to me.

Shit, is this how everything ends?

This was when I wished that I had taken Riley more seriously whenever she tried to teach me how to defend myself if anyone ever attacked me. I loved the girl but her job often made her too paranoid about the safety of her friends and family. On the flip side, I had to admit that she was clearly right that I was going to need that.

“Hello?” I shouted in the hope that maybe there was someone out there. “Can anybody hear me?”

Nothing but eerie silence came from the other side of the door.

“Hello? Please, let me out. I think there was some sort of a misunderstanding.”

Still nothing...until I heard the creaking of another door, right before it slammed shut. I was not sure if whoever was there had heard me but I decided against saying anything again. I needed to bid myself some time to come up with a plan.

“Dude, stop messing around outside and let’s get things ready. I can’t believe I listened to you go for a run outside and leave the package here.”

The man that spoke sounded young, probably early twenties. I didn’t recognise his voice but then again, not like I knew many people in the area.

“Relax, you knob- what could possibly happen? She is no threat. I still can’t believe that such a weakling is mated to an alpha. That’s an embarrassment to our kind. But at least we are killing two birds with one stone here.”

I was taken aback by the disgust that dripped from his voice. Was he talking about me? I was unsure because his whole statement was weird, especially the part about a mate and an alpha. Who the hell talks like that.

“Yeah. Good thing that there are people in his sleuth who also think like us- it would have been more difficult to get our hands on her on our own,” the other man continued. “And without the warlock that helped us track her. You’ve got to love working old-school when modern technology fails.”

Were these guys high? Sleuths, sounded like a conversation between two crazy people. Not that it made me feel better- I would have preferred if my kidnappers were sane enough for me to try and reason with them. It looked like that plan was out of the window.

“Stop blabbering on, J. She might be up. And anyway, we have to hand her to those city goons- then we get paid, and she will be their problem.”

There was a small commotion as they stopped talking but I could recognise the sound of their footsteps when they made their way to the door that separated me from them.

My heart was rapping against my ribs, ringing in my ears. Panic swelled up inside me and every muscle went rigid. I held my breath as I watched the door open and two tall guys came in. Their faces were hidden by the animal masks they were wearing, which sent a shiver down my spine.

Better than clown masks, I guess.

I was not even sure how I had such thoughts, given the seriousness of the situation, but humour was always my go-to coping mechanism when I was shit scared.

“Oh, look- sleeping beauty is awake.” One of the guys turned to the other one, not even bothering to hide his evident dislike for me; yet, I had no idea what I had ever done to him.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” I spat out. Even if they intimidated me, I was not going to give them the satisfaction of showing it. “Are you two trying to make yourselves feel like big men by going after a woman? Let me guess- having issues getting it up?”

They both growled at me like two angry animals, much like the masks they were wearing. I wanted to take a step back but I was not going to let them corner me like I was their prey. No, instead, I stood in my place in the middle of the room, showing them that they could not get to me.

“She is pretty ballsy for a weakling,” the bossier one said. “I give her a point for that. Anyway, put the handcuffs on and let’s go- Armstrong’s men are waiting for us at the meeting point. Let’s see if she will be this gutsy when they get her hands on her.”

The shorter guy grabbed my arms and pulled them behind, placing the handcuff on my wrist. Neither of them looked particularly worried about me, so I knew that this was my chance.

I slammed the back of my head into his face, knocking him backwards before he could place the cuff on my second wrist. The element of surprise worked in my favour because his friend had not expected me to fight back and was checking his phone in the meantime. When he looked up to see what was going on, I kneed him in the crotch, making him fold in on himself as he clutched his groin in pain.

Riley will be proud of me, I thought to myself but I didn’t have time to sit around and inspect the damage that I had done because I needed to run.

I sprinted out of the room while I heard them both call me a bitch.

The cabin that they kept me in was pretty simple, so I managed to get out of it without any problems. A brief moment of relief hit me as the sun rays caressed my face once again. But tall green trees surrounded me, preventing me from figuring out where I was, other than in the middle of a forest.

As I scanned the area, I noticed a red pickup truck just behind the shed near the cabin and I knew that was my ticket out. But before I could reach it, the two guys had me surrounded. They moved with such a speed that I was taken aback by it- I had never seen anyone move so quickly before.

“Where do you think you are going, fire crotch?” They both laughed at their excuse of a joke. Apparently, my escape had only boosted their insecurity issues, and this was their pathetic attempt to fill in control again.

“Is your arse jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?” I asked with a fake smile, which only earned me another growl from the guy but I couldn’t care less. Still, I got my satisfaction when his friend laughed until he realised that he sided with the enemy.

“I’ve had enough of this. I would much rather have to carry her unconscious body than listen to that bitch again. Knock her out again and let’s go,” the arsehole ordered the shorter guy, who took out a dirty cloth from his back pocket and soaked it with the smelly liquid in the small bottle that he produced from his other pocket.

“Wait-” I tried to protest but he was too quick. The cloth pressed against my lips, and the foul smell invaded my nostrils and filled up my lungs like earlier, knocking me out in no time.

“Nighty night, bitch” was the last thing I heard before everything went dark once again.


Suprise- you get an extra chapter this weekend!

I hope you enjoyed Scar’s POV and that it answered some questions....although it might have also given you some new ones.

How kick ass is Scar btw! I know she is not an expert like Riley but she still doesn’t let her kidnappers get to her.

Do you think that they will hand her over to Armstrong’s men or will help arrive before that? You’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out but I would love to hear your theories.

Here is also an extra question for those of you who read SaO- how do you find Bear with Me, so far, in comparison to SaO?

I hope you are all having a great weekend, lovelies. See you soon,

Iveto xx

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