Bear with Me

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14. I understand


A rich, deep fragrance invaded my senses. The sweetly floral and slightly spicy, honey-like notes were so familiar that I could almost taste the sweetness of the scent on my tongue. I craved it and it drove me wild.

Rose oil. Scarlett. My mate.

My eyes snapped open when my brain finally connected the dots. And sure enough, there she was- her strawberry blonde head rested on the edges of my bed as she slept while she sat on the chair beside it.

I looked to see where I was and realised that it was my own bed, in my cabin, that I was in. I had no clue how I got here. The last thing I remembered was getting tasered by the humans after my mate, but I was definitely relieved to see that I was home and that my mate was safely by my side.

Despite my best efforts to move without waking her up, I was content to see those beautiful green orbs look at me as she pushed herself off the bed and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“You are awake.” The happiness in her voice made me happy in return. “I was so worried about you.”

“I thought you never wanted to hear from me again,” I teased her, but I also secretly hoped that what she said back at the pub after our fallout was no longer true. I didn’t want her to be angry with me anymore and I was dead set on telling her the whole truth this time.

Flame reached for me, caressing my cheek with her soft hand. Her touch zapped me with electricity but, unlike with the tasers, my body relaxed and relished the emotions that it stirred in me.

“Scarlet, I--”

“Don’t. You don’t have to explain anything.” Her lips tipped up in a gentle half-smile. “Riley and the others told me the truth.”

I lay in bed, more stunned by what she just told me than I ever was by the tasers. “ So, you mean that you know? You know everything?”

My words came out with hesitation, not sure if I heard right. I was mesmerized by every small movement of hers, but I drew a sharp breath when she stood up and moved nearer, sitting on the bed, as close to me as she could.

“I do. I know that we are mates, Callum. And this is all very crazy for me- I did not know that shifters even existed until a few hours ago, let alone that I had a mate. But it all makes sense now. My tattoo- well, mating text- the pull I feel towards you. The desperate cry of every cell in me to be with you….” She paused and looked at me from underneath her long eyelashes. Goodness, she was stunning. “It all makes sense, Callum- we are meant to be...Mate.”

My heart was beating so fast as I listened to her that I half expected it to jump out of my chest and burst with happiness. Good thing that Jack was nowhere close by, or he would have once again told me off for sounding or looking like a lovesick teddy bear.

Without wasting another second, I pulled her towards me and my lips meshed with hers. She tasted like dark wild honey- complex, intense and robust- and I savoured it all as my tongue explored hers like a starved man, desperate to make up for the lost time.

Our kiss left me breathless when we finally pulled apart but, even more so, it made me want more. I wanted to explore her whole body, to kiss every inch of her skin and then to sink myself deep inside her, bringing her to heights she had never known before. Mahon was scratching at the back of my mind, demanding for us to claim and mark out mate, and make her ours forever. Our mate. Our Luna. Our queen.

“Callum.” My name rolled off her tongue with such a need mixed with desire that I was going to come just at the sound of her voice, like some inexperienced teenage boy. But frankly, none of the women I had before mattered- the only one that I was destined to be with was my Flame. She was going to be my one and only, my soulmate and my other half. As far as being with my mate was concerned, I might as well have been a virgin because nothing could have prepared me for how my body was ready to ignite under her mere gaze.

She stared at my lips, biting down on her own at the same time. The way she undressed me with her eyes while her pupils dilated with lust had me enthralled. I was a goner. A lost man, a mere servant in the hands of the woman who owned every fibre of me.

“I want you, Callum.” Her voice was a plea and a demand at the same time.

“Goddess, mate, I want nothing more but...are you sure? I don’t want you to regret anything. Maybe we should talk about it all first?”

Talking was the last thing on my mind but I wanted to give her all the time she needed. She just found out that the shifter world existed and that she was mated to me, a bear Alpha. I wanted her to be certain that being with me was what she really wanted.

“We were made for each other, Callum- I understand that now.” Her fingers stroked my skin while she explored my face like she was trying to memorise every detail. When her eyes bore into mine, all I could see was care and affection. “I mean, I guess I knew it all along, even since we met in Putney. But now I know what it means and I want to embrace it all.” Heat coursed through me as her small hands slipped down my chest until her fingers grabbed the hem of my shirt, and she began to pull it up to get it over my head.

The appreciation and hunger she had in those beautiful green orbs of hers as she took me in made my cock twitch. Time moved in slow motion when she placed her palms on my shoulders to support herself when she leaned in to place featherlight kisses on my naked chest.

Mate, I heard Mahon chant over and over in my head.

A low, pleasant hum warmed my blood. With every kiss, our mate bond tugged at both of us, demanding for us to claim and mate each other, and become one. When our mouths were finally in the same breathing space, she tapped a finger on my lips, torturing me with my fervid need to devour her lips. I couldn’t peel my gaze off this woman. Her every movement had me hypnotised.

Still under her, I leaned forward, skimming my lips over the sweep of her cheek. A quick tug put her sitting pretty in my lap as my lips brushed her ear, raising goosebumps on her skin.

“Kiss me,” I whispered, wrapping my fingers in her strawberry blonde hair.

Her lips entwined with mine as she straddled me, grounding her core against my throbbing bulge. The loud moan that escaped her throat turned me on so fucking much that I couldn’t help but bite her beautiful swollen lips. Instead of pulling away, my perfect mate became even more aroused, whimpering with desire and pressing herself against.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I pushed her back on the bed and pounced on her, caging her with my arms.

“I need you to be sure about this, mate.” I gave her a final out. “Shifters mate for life, and if we go any further now, I won’t be able to stop until you bear my mark and the whole world knows that you mine.”

“Yours...please.” Her voice was raspy with need.

I wanted nothing more but to treasure her and spend my days giving her all the pleasure that she deserved but, right now, I needed to bury myself deep inside her and satisfy the call of our mating bond and my bear.

Her shorts were gone in one swift motion before I pulled her cotton panties down, slid them along her legs and threw them in a random direction in the room. Her legs opened widely for me and my breath hitched at the sight of her glistening pussy. My own clothes were gone in the snap of a finger.

“Please, mate.” Two simple words but I could swear they made my cock even harder, if it was even possible.

Without a second to lose, I plunged into her core and my whole world blurred. The sensation of being inside her- the warmth, the softness- fuck, that was what home felt like and I never wanted to be deprived of that feeling. I thrust my hips and sank into her once again, making her pant and moan with need.

“More. I need more of you, Callum,” she begged, and I indulged her demand.

Her inner muscles clamped on my dick every time I drove into her hot, wet core. My name rolled off her tongue with every thrust.


The sound of flesh slapping flesh echoed in the room as I closed my eyes to take in the moment.


“Callum. Callum!” Her voice changed from desperate need to urging, one that sounded more demanding and less lustful. “Callum!”

“Look at me, Callum.” The tone was now full of despair, almost like she was holding back tears. “Please look at me.”

I thought I was losing my mind. We were finally completing the mating, so there was no way that she was crying unless those were tears of joy. But then I felt it- the warm teardrop that hit my face and rolled along my cheek until it reached my lips. Another drop left a wet trail on the other side of my face.

Tension built up in my soul- my Flame sounded scared, anguished. What’s going on?

My eyes snapped open and my mate’s grief-stricken face was all I could see. Her gaze lowered as she wiped her tears away and it was only when she looked up again that she noticed me.

“ are alive,” she exclaimed and buried her face in my chest.


🙈🙈🙈🙈 I’m sorry! (And forgive me!🙈)

I promise that I am not trying to be evil- I’ve wanted to give you this moment forever but we are still not quite there in the story, so this is the best I could do.

Hopefully, you enjoyed it nonetheless, especially as next week things will not be as rosy as this chapter (even if it was all just Callum’s dream this time).

Do you think that our bear Alpha and his Flame are now in the hands of the bad guys, or did Riley and the boys/Callum’s bears get to them first? 😬I guess we will know for sure on Tuesday.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this latest chapter.

Iveto xx

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