Bear with Me

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21. Jealousy 🌶️


I had no idea where I was going, but I wanted to get as far away from that cabin as possible before I let my fury out and strangled the bitch that was standing practically naked in Callum’s living room. It was not that I wanted to jump to conclusions about what was going on there- for all I knew, maybe he invited her there and planned to fuck her on the sofa. But no matter the reason, the rage that was burning inside me was spreading like a wildfire that was threatening to consume me.

The moment I saw them, I wanted to kick her skanky arse right out of there and tell her never to return, unless she wanted to suffer the consequences of pissing me off and that was not going to be pretty. But I couldn’t- it was not like we were in a relationship or anything, and even with all this mates talk, I couldn’t just go and piss on him to stake a claim.

A claim to what?

I hadn’t even kissed the guy, so I could hardly blame him if he wanted to hook up with someone else. Or at least that was what the little common sense that I still had in my head was telling me.

Yet, the truth was that every part of me screamed at me to claim him, to make him mine and to put an end to any other woman thinking that she could ever have him. Because he was mine and mine alone, as irrational as it sounded.

The ferocity of the feelings storming inside me scared the hell out of me and, truth to be told, that was why I had to get out of there before I did something that I was going to murdering someone, even if the leggy tramp was most likely a bear shifter who could probably crush my head in one bite.

My legs began to tire as I sprinted through the woods, and that forced me to stop running and to walk instead. I cursed myself for leaving in a rush like that because I left my bicycle close to Callum’s cabin, which meant that I had no easy way back to Riley and the Windcrest pack.

Yet, a little ray of hope emerged when I saw three small wooden cabins in the distance- perhaps I could ask one of the owners to give me a lift back?

I headed in that direction but my plans were cut short when I heard a loud, angry bear growl behind me. Shit! I was not sure what was worse- if I turned around to find Mahon there or another bear that was not as friendly as him.

Of course, the stupidest ideas came to my mind as I wondered what to do but it was the only one I had, so I decided to roll with it. And just like that, I kept walking, pretending that I had not heard anything. When another furious roar echoed around me, it was much closer this time. But I was determined not to stop, no matter who was behind me.

I only managed to take a few steps before I heard the now-familiar sound of bones cracking. I wanted to keep going but someone grabbed my hand and spun me around, pulling me in until I found myself pressed against a hard, muscly and very naked male body. The first thing that I noticed were the intricate tribal tattoos. Then the scent that had been embedding itself in my mind and my soul over the last few days hit me, making my knees go weak.

“Oh!” My breath caught in my throat when I finally also noticed that something stiff was pressed against me as well.

The chuckle that my gasp earned me at the same time made me want to punch him and kiss him to shut him up. I was sure that if I looked up, I was going to find him staring at me with a shit-eating grin, so I didn’t. I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing the conflicting emotions that he spurred in me.

But the damn bear shifter was as stubborn as I was- he placed a knuckle underneath my chin, his touch making my skin erupt in goosebumps, and tilted my head up so that my gaze could finally meet his.

“You know, I think that you deserve quite the spanking for constantly running out on me like that.”

His voice was nothing like his usual jokey, gentle tone. No, it seeped dominance with a hint of a challenge, like he was daring me to be bratty. I had to press my legs together to cover the excitement that his words caused between them.

Traitorous body! The arsehole was ready to fuck some random brunette just moments earlier and here I was, my body begging to let him ravage me.

No fucking way.

I had no plans to give in to my desires.

“Funny, you seemed pretty busy handing out punishments earlier too. Although, if I had to judge by how quickly you got here, it doesn’t seem that you are any good at doing a thorough job.”

His cock twitched at my comment and the throbbing in my core intensified. When his eyes flashed yellow, it made me wonder if I was literally poking a bear with my bold jab at him, but I didn’t care. He should have been happy that words were all he got because I was this close to showing him just how sharp my claws were as well.

“Are you sure you are ready to play this game, Flame?” His arms slid to my hips, grabbing them, pressing me even more against him and his hard-on. “Because I plan to show you just how thorough I can be with my mate.”

“Bet you said the same to your little friend back at the cabin.” I snorted, the green-eyed monster once again making an appearance.

“You are cute when you are jealous.”

He looked way too amused by the whole thing for my liking.

“I am not jealous. At all.” My lips puckered up in disagreement, probably coming out more like a pout than actual denial.

“Fine- you are cute when you are angry then.”

Ugh, damn him and his sexy smirk. But I was not going to fall for it.

“Oh, you think that I am cute when I am angry? Then you better get ready because I am about to go fucking irresistible!” And with that, the gates of Callum’s hell opened as I let him have it. “You think you can go around telling someone that they are your mate and all, talking to them about eternity and out-of-this-world bonds, and then you get to go and fuck some other girl just hours later? Who the fuck does that? I’ve met a lot of pricks and yet you take the grand prize for making a girl fall for you, even saving her life, to go and screw around after.”

Steam was practically coming out of me as I vented all the annoyance that I had bottled in. I was so fired up that I was practically out of breath by the time everything spilt out of my mouth.

His eyes widened as he listened to my rant, making me want to pat myself on the back for chewing his ear off in a way that left him speechless- he deserved it!

“You fell for me?” The look on his face quickly changed from one of surprise to a satisfied grin like a kid in a candy store.

“Oh god, are you serious? Is that all you got from everything I said?” I rolled my eyes but the reality was that I did it mainly to downplay my giant slip-up about falling for him. Sure, I could no longer deny it to myself but it didn’t mean that I had to tell him the truth.

“Okay, how about this- did you see me kissing or fucking Jade?” Callum raised an expecting eyebrow at me, waiting for my answer.

Jade, I hissed in my head as I repeated her name. At least now I knew who to curse in my mind.

“No, but-”

“But you thought that something was going on?”

“Of course I did. You were there, shirtless, holding her hands while she stood in front of you, barely covered by her see-through lingerie. You were definitely not talking about the weather; that much was sure.”

He chuckled again. “Flame, I am not going to lie- Jade came there to seduce me.”

Was he for real? Why was he saying it all with such calmness?

My teeth sunk into my lip, biting it until there was nearly blood coming out when I heard him confirm that. Now I was definitely going to find that slut and rip her limbs out.

“I see those ideas spin in your head again, mate. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Jade is an idiot for thinking that she could ever come between us. I don’t want anyone else but you, Scarlett.”

My gaze shifted to his and all I could see in his eyes was desire and… admiration. The deeper I looked, the more I felt the connection between us strengthen. I could not quite put it into words but it was almost like our bond was alive, pulsating with such vibrancy that it was ready to consume us and make us one.

“Your lips are the only ones that I want to devour, mate.” His fingers brushed my exposed thighs, making me take a sharp breath in as they travelled further up and slipped under the fabric of my dress, caressing the curves of my butt. A trail of tingles was left wherever his fingertips went, while heat pooled between my legs. “My days will only be complete if I wake up next to you, and your face is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing at night. And my cock,” his burning eyes shifted down to his stiff hard-on, ”it will only ever react this way for you, Flame, no one else.”

Like magnets drawn together, my hands itched to grab him, to explore him, to touch his skin. I had been trying to push down- as deeply as I could- the primal hunger that I felt for him ever since I got to Scotland but it always lurked just beneath the surface, waiting to be set free. And right now, there was nothing I could do to keep it at bay. And I didn’t want to hold it back anyway.

I needed to satisfy it. I craved it. I craved him, the naked god in front of me—my mate.

One word played on repeat in my mind when I wrapped my fingers around the back of his head, and I pulled him down for a kiss. Mine!

“Scar-” He tried to speak but I didn’t let him. I was done talking.

My bold move took him by surprise at first, yet that only lasted a second. My lips were met by his desire that told me just how badly he wanted this as well. The way he kissed me- fuck, I had never been kissed like that before. There was nothing sweet or gentle about it but it was everything I hoped for- ravenous, intense, possessive. It ruined me for all men, erasing any memory I had of anyone before Callum.

The more he deepened the kiss, the more my knees buckled underneath me. As if reading my thoughts, he grabbed my thighs and lifted me, my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist while my arms twined around his neck, pulling him closer, not letting him break our kiss.

In three big steps, Callum brought us next to the closest tree and pushed me against it, steading us as I continued to explore his naked body. His own hands once more found their way underneath my dress. I gasped with excitement when they reached my butt again, grabbing and squeezing my naked cheeks that my Brazilian briefs left exposed for his enjoyment.

I was long gone in my lust haze when our lips finally pulled apart, both of us out of breath, but neither one stopping to catch a break. Instead, he left a trail of wet kisses along my chin until he buried his face in my neck, eliciting desperate moans from me. My body was ready to combust underneath his touch, dying for him to be inside me; my panties already soaking wet. Hell, I couldn’t care less if he ripped my dress and took me then and there, against the tree. All I knew was that I needed us to become one like I needed air to breathe.

“Please, Callum.” His cock stirred beneath me at the sound of my raspy plea. I had no idea what made me say what came out of my lips next but, somehow, deep in my soul, those words were waiting to be set free. “I need you, mate.”


Yay, the peppers are back... well, okay- one for now but this is the warm-up.

Do you remember Aiden and Riley’s epic four-chapter date in SaO? Well, get ready for Scar and Callum’s epic four-part smut scene. 🔥🔥🔥

This is no a drill and definitely not me trying to tease you- this is happening! For real this time.

Who else is excited? 🙋‍♀️ I’m taking bets on how this is going to go down, so do share your theories/predictions.

Iveto xx

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