Bear with Me

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22. Flame 🌶️🌶️


In an instant, he stopped kissing me and looked up, his smouldering gaze meeting mine. I watched, mesmerized as his beautiful blue turned beastly yellow. By now, I knew enough to understand that my words roused the man and the bear inside him.

He didn’t say anything though- he simply picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and started walking in the direction of the close-by cabins.

“Callum, what are you doing?” I squeaked in protest. “There are probably people there.”

“I promised you some spanking for running out on me like that all the time, didn’t I?” From his smug tone, I could imagine the cocky smirk on his face, even if I couldn’t see it. “And taking you by the tree will not let me do all the things I have planned for you, mate.”

Fuuuuuuck. I had to press my legs together to cover just how turned I was right now. If he kept talking like this, I was going to orgasm without him even touching me further.

“What if someone sees us?“I squeaked but the possibility of getting caught was a bit of a turn on as well. “I mean, you are walking around naked with that monstrous hard-on and a woman over your shoulder.”

“I’m happy to hear that you are impressed by my cock, Flame, although it’s you that brings the monstrous hard-on out to play.” His dark, pleased chuckle was so sexy but I should have known that my words were only going to boost his ego. “And don’t worry. These are guest cabins, and most of them are not even finished, so there is no one here. Plus, walking around naked is part of the shifter life and no one would ever question my need to have my mate.”

Well, apparently, inhibitions were not something that shifters had to worry about. I had to admit that I appreciated the naked walk because my current position, hanging over Callum’s shoulder, gave me the perfect angle to ogle his muscly, toned arse. My mind wandered off, imagining my hands gliding over his butt.

I was so busy admiring it that, at first, I barely noticed the red scratch marks that my nails had left all over his upper back while we made out against the tree, nor did I realise when he climbed the stairs that got us to the patio of the cabin. It was only when he practically kicked the front door open that I snapped out of my staring and fantasizing.

He pulled me gently off his shoulder and laid me out on the wooden table in what seemed like the open-space dining room. My legs innately spread open, with only the cut-out material of my dress covering what was beneath it. I propped myself up on my elbows, my gaze immediately landing on his hungry eyes. He seemed like he was about to lose control and ravage me, and god I wanted it. I wanted him to go wild with me as he had never done with any other woman.

“So, are you going to just stare at me all day or are you scared that your Alpha, or whatever it is that you call your leader, will find out that we are getting down and dirty in your new guesthouse?” I teased him mischievously.

I wondered if I was not making a mistake to mess around with him like that, but the way he looked at me- his face darkened with lust and possessiveness, yet making me feel safe and adored- it was everything.

He slid himself between my legs, standing tall above me as I remained on the table. His hand travelled up my thigh while the other one grabbed a fistful of my hair. My core clenched the closer his finger got to my slit, the tantalising sensation between my legs and his warm breath, which caressed my ear lobe as he leaned in, making my brain short circuit.

“I am the Alpha,” he growled in a low tone, his voice laced with dominance and desire while he tugged my hair, making me arch back as I let out a moan. “And you, Flame- you are mine.”

Like on command, my nipples turned into hard peaks that poked through my thin bra and my dress. A warm and pleasant hum warmed my blood, making me feel like I was slowly burning up. I imagined myself melting, just sliding onto the floor in a puddle of hormones and liquid lust.

“Yours,” I whispered while he nibbled on the soft flesh of my ear. His other hand teased me through my panties, stroking my clit with the tips of his fingers. My hips buckled with each stroke closer to my core, pressing into his hand with a desperate need.

“Somebody is eager.”

He was teasing me but he was hardly one to talk about eagerness if judged by the hard dick that rested on my thigh. But he seemed to enjoy torturing us because, instead of giving us what we both wanted, he lowered his mouth to my protruding nipple and grazed it with his teeth through the fabric, provoking a hiss from me.

“Tell me how badly you want this, Flame,” he commanded while he made his way back to my mouth, nipping at my neck as he moved along.

“Isn’t it obvious?” That was all that I managed to breathe out in between my pants.

He rubbed and pressed my throbbing clit, finally satisfying its craving for more pressure just so that he could remove it, leaving me whimpering at the loss of contact.

“I want to hear it, mate,” his dark authoritative tone demanded.

I stood no chance against this man- he seemed to know me better than I knew myself, pushing buttons that I didn’t even know existed. Every touch, every word knocked down my walls, my inhibitions, and whatever little sense of reason I still had left. I was spellbound, completely under his control.

Yet, I didn’t fear it. I embraced it. I yearned for it. I wanted to be his, and I wanted him to be mine—every single inch of him, together with his mind and his soul.

My hands reached behind me and I unzipped my dress, peeling it off me, one strap at a time, before my bra was gone as well. The more skin that became exposed, the more hypnotised Callum looked at me. I knew then that I had just as much power over him as he had over me.

“I want you, my Alpha,” I emphasised each word while I continued to undress, his gaze following my every move. “I want you to fuck me senseless until I don’t remember anyone before you. I want you to claim me like the animal inside you longs. I want you to make me yours because God knows that you are mine, and I will rip apart any woman who dares to even think about what’s mine.” My voice was thick with emotion, even if I tried to remain cool and composed.

Lust. Passion. Need. Love. Care. Gratitude. His face had a million emotions written over it while he listened to me. My dress was pooled around my waist but even my naked body couldn’t pull his gaze away from my eyes. The moment was so tense, yet so intimate, that both of us were barely breathing. My heart pounded hard in my chest and I was sure it matched his.

Callum cupped my face and brought it closer to him as he brushed my cheeks with his thumb.

“Mine. You are mine, mate.” He nibbled my lip, leaving me wanting more when he pulled away to speak again. “And don’t you ever doubt that I belong to you.”

The kiss that followed was a claiming of its own. It made my whole body vibrate, every cell in me submitting to him. My tongue followed his lead while I slowly turned into a wild animal in heat. Nothing was going to satisfy me other than having my pussy clench around his cock, milking every last drop of him.


This woman- my perfect mate- was going to be the end of me.

Hearing her call me her Alpha, telling me that I was hers and nobody else’s. Fuck, even in my fantasies, I could have never imagined this.

As if that was not enough to drive me crazy, the sweet smell of her arousal was mixing with her delicious scent, filling up my lungs, and Mahon was ready to lose it in my head, just like I was.

She was everything that I could have ever asked for and so much more. Her presence alone erased every moment of doubt, of hurt that I had ever felt. Next to her, I was stronger, better. She made me want to dream of greater things and a brighter future. Of my very own family.

I was going too far ahead in my thoughts but nothing felt impossible when I knew she was with me.

The emotions she stirred in me were only amplified by our mate bond that demanded that I claimed and mated her. I had certainly not planned for our first time to end up like this but, judging by her words, the urge to stake a claim on each other was as bad for her as it was for me, even if maybe she didn’t understand that it was the bond that drove those cravings.

I didn’t want to break our kiss, but I had to be honest with her about all of this. It was not a decision that I could make on my own for the two of us.

“Flame.” The way she looked at me from underneath her eyelashes, her face a picture of submissive innocence with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, made it hard for me to focus. “If I mark you now, we would be bound to each other. You would never look at another man the same way, just like I wouldn’t be able to look at any other woman.”

“That sounds pretty damn good to me,” she purred with a wicked smile, and I had to restrain myself from kissing her again because I was not done yet.

“You need to understand if I mark you only, it will be pretty difficult for both of us to resist the call of our mate bond to complete the mating. And if we do mate fully, there is no going back. No do-overs, no returns. We will belong to each other forever.” Her face didn’t give anything away as I searched for a reaction. “Goddess knows that I want nothing else, Scarlett, but are you sure that this is what you want?”

Her face scrunched up for a second as if she didn’t like what I told her and my heart sank a little.

“I don’t want this.”

My chest tightened when I heard her say those words. The disappointment swooped in and replaced my earlier elation. Fuck! This was not the answer I had hoped for.

She got off the table and her dress fell at her feet, leaving her in nothing but her panties. I winced when she placed a hand on my chest, readying myself for her rejection.

Instead, she cupped my cheek with her other hand, encouraging me to look at her.

“I don’t want to be Scarlett anymore. Or not that Scarlett, at least.” A sliver of hope broke through my disappointment while I anxiously waited for her to finish what she had to say. She propped herself on her toes, her face aligning with mine, and kissed the corner of my lips. A kiss so simple, yet it sent a ripple of electricity across my body. “I want to be your Flame. Your mate, Callum.”

Her lips moved to my neck and then along my chest, leaving graze and bite marks along the way, while her nails dug into my skin wherever they went, just like bears marked their mates. She had no idea what she was doing, but I did- even without knowing, she was intuitively trying to mark me, to make me hers.

Every shred of doubt in my mind was gone. In its place, something bestial, carnal- primal even- was awakened.



Damn, I know they didn’t actually do much in this chapter but why does is it feel so bloody hot out of a sudden?

I just love their dynamic and writing a double POV chapter again was so much fun. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Can’t wait for Tuesday to come so that I can share with you the 🔥🔥🔥 double update. We are moving up to Category 3 🌶️, people. Trust me- you do not want to miss the next two chapters!

Meanwhile, I am dying to know what you think of today’s release, so hit me up with your comments. (And forgive me for not leaving them to get it on against that tree- I wanted it as much as you did but these two had a different idea. Who knows, it could still happen at some point 😈)

Iveto xx

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