Bear with Me

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23. Mine Pt. 1 🌶️🌶️🌶️


“MINE.” I heard him roar again while I slipped my panties off and threw them with my dress. That one word was his claim on me but also his demand for my submission. And if that was not clear enough, he grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head, holding my wrists together in his grip.

My pussy clenched from the way he looked at me, ready to devour me with his eyes. The insatiable lust was back in full force after I shifted my gaze to his massive cock. A pearly drop on the tip was practically screaming my name, begging me to wrap my lips around his length and swallow it whole.

I pressed my thighs together, eager for some friction, but my efforts were in vain- they were too slippery from the wetness that was trickling out of my core.

My frustrated sigh drew Callum’s attention. I barely even had time to blink before his free hand slid between my legs and found my pussy. Slowly, he ran the length of his fingers between my folds, causing me to rock my hips and angle myself so that I could rub my clit against them. A picture of needy desperation- that’s what I was right now but I didn’t give a fuck. If I had to, I was ready to beg on my knees for this man.

“No!” I protested when he pulled his hand away and all I got in return was one of his infuriating smirks.

Callum brought his glistening fingers between us, and my mouth salivated as I watched him lick them dry, his eyes never leaving mine as he did it. My body was burning, hungry for his touch again. Only he could satisfy the aching need inside me.

I didn’t expect it when he spun me around, even less so when he bent me over and pushed me flat against the table. My fevered skin was soothed by the coolness of the wood that my chest was pressed against. I had no idea what he was about to do next, yet the excitement that came with the unknown drove me wild. My senses were going into overdrive from the intensifying arousal. Every smell, every noise, every sensation- everything felt sharper, clearer.

His musky scent invaded my lungs as I took in as much of it as I could when he leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Do you have a safe word, Flame?”

“Red.” My breath came in tiny pants while my mind conjured images of all the hot, dirty things that his question could lead to.

“Red it is then. Now be a good girl- spread your legs and push that tempting little arse of yours up in the air.” His tone was the perfect mix of gentleness and dominance, enticing me to let go and give him all the control while still making me feel safe and protected.

I followed his instructions down to a T, although I was not happy when he moved away and nothing followed.

“Callum!” I pouted impatiently after what felt like several endless minutes but, in reality, it was no longer than a few seconds.

“Shhhh, patience, mate.” He brushed his fingers along my back- sending shivers down my spine- until they reached my butt.

The sound of his hand connecting with the soft flesh on my cheek sunk in at the same time as I felt the sting of his spank. I yelped in response, but more out of surprise than anything else because the burn that remained was quickly replaced by the sweetness of the pain, and I relished it. It made me feel alive and even more needy for him.

“You will not run out on me like that, mate.”

I moaned loudly with contentment when he slapped my other cheek.

“I am here to protect you, Flame, so don’t you ever dare disappear again like that. If something is bothering you, you come to me and we work it out.”

“Yes, Alpha,” I muttered with a raspy voice. But as lust-drunk as I was, it was impossible not to detect the note of desperation in his voice every time he spoke. It was like tiny cracks were emerging, threatening to shatter his calm, composed demeanour.

Smack. He spanked me again, the pleasure from the sting once again spreading through my body.

The emotions in the air were so thick that I could almost taste them. His worry. His pain. His fear. The punishment was as much part of our foreplay as it was a release for everything that he must have been bottling in over the past day. He was dominating me, but he was also letting me in, showing his vulnerability once again. The total trust between us at the moment was overwhelming. My mind was finally coming into grips with what he had gone through and how much I meant to him.

I blinked back the tears as my own suppressed emotions mixed with his, as well as with the lust, desire and adoration that took over my body ever since he caught up with me in the forest. It was as if an invisible weight had been pressing on my chest, making it hard to truly breathe, to be myself, and now it was gone. Every time he spanked me, he removed those horrible memories from that cabin of horror out of my head and banished them far, far away, never to return again.

“I...I can’t lose you, Flame.” His words trembled as he struggled to continue. I expected another slap but, instead, he tenderly placed featherlight kisses on my sore flesh, soothing it. “You are my world, Flame. Now and forever. And your happiness, your pleasure, they will always be my priority.”

God, he made me feel like I could take on the world with him. Like I was an invincible goddess that he worshipped, sharing his strength with me. And yet, while he talked about my happiness and pleasure, my mind was only focused on one thing- him. His happiness was my happiness. His pleasure was my own. Was this what love felt like?


I didn’t have time to ponder further on it as he flipped me over. I pushed myself up on the table and found myself sitting on the edge of it, my gaze fixated on his. He gave me a soft, knowing smile and I wondered if he knew what I was just thinking about. I couldn’t shake off the sensation that my thoughts mimicked his own, almost like our minds were attuned.

Did he feel the same way then?

“Let me show you,” he said as he dropped to his knees between my legs.

My legs shook with anticipation when he spread them apart and proceeded to leave a trail of wet kisses while he worked his way up along my inner thighs. By the time he reached his destination, I was sure that I was going to come at the very first lick. My head dropped backwards with a moan and I began to pant when his tongue darted straight for my core, lapping and sucking the wetness that he was responsible for, teasing me with a slow tongue fucking in the process.

“Fuck, Flame, you taste better than I could have ever imagined. I can spend eternity between your legs, making you come time and again.”

When his tongue made contact with my pussy again, he laid it flat at the entrance of my core before he proceeded to explore it with a long, slow lick all the way to my clit, then passing the tip of his tongue over the bundle of nerves. When he was done, he pulled away and then started all over again from the beginning. Every time his tempo speeded up a bit more, causing liquid heat to pool between my legs.

I was so ready to fall over the edge from all the blazing sexual tension between us that another two licks, and I was going to reach my climax.

I could feel it coming.

I could taste it.

It was getting closer.

So close.

My eyes closed in anticipation and I held my breath as his tongue moved between my folds once again. My panting was the only sound I could hear. But just as I was about to shatter, his lips moved back to my inner thighs, grazing and kissing my flesh.

“Fuck.” I let out an exasperated breath, and he chuckled in response.

He knew exactly what he was doing, the bastard, but I was not going to admit that his torturous games were working.

An involuntary moan echoed in the room as he finally shifted his focus back to the area where I needed him the most and he plunged two fingers inside me, moving them in and out at an ever-increasing pace. When he added a third one, his mouth found my nub again, licking and sucking it, swirling his tongue around it and flicking it, giving it the attention it craved. The harder he thrust his fingers, the more pressure he applied to my clit.

“Holy shit, Callum, this feels so fucking good,” I moaned with a raspy voice between my short, gaspy pants.

My body prepared to finally orgasm as his fingers began to rub my G-spot, the combination of everything that he was doing pushing my pleasure towards its peak. I was writhing on the table under his control, ready to explode.

...Until he fucking pulled away again, this time kissing and biting my core all over but not enough to get me to come.

“You are mine, Flame. This is mine,” he growled as he took another bite of the sensitive flesh around my pussy. The vibrations from his words over my already sensitized slit were driving me crazy, just like he was. “Your pleasure is mine.”

I was so wired that the moment he stopped talking, I twisted my fingers in his hair and pulled his head between my legs again. I was shaking with need. My whole body was begging him to give it the release it craved.

I found myself falling backwards when he grabbed my thighs and pulled my pussy even closer to him. He rested my legs over his shoulders, his head getting completely lost between them. His wet lips formed an O around my clit, sucking it into his mouth, holding it there while he used his tongue to massage it. Holy fuck, this man is a god! Every cell inside my body was on fire and I could feel my climax build up again with an intensity that I had not experienced before.

“Please don’t stop,” I whispered with desperation as I barely held it together.

My mind was going haywire with the escalating pleasure. My hands flew to the edges of the table, gripping it harder the nearer I got to my rapture. My back arched on its own accord as he began to suck hard on my clit and release it slowly, over and over again.

Determined not to let him pull away this time, I used his body as leverage to prop myself into a shoulder stand, and I wrapped my legs around his head. To my content, this only spurred him further as he began to greedily suck harder, lifting himself and leaning in so that he could watch me as I fell apart.

The ecstasy that took over me was like no other. My toes curled while the top of my head and the tips of my fingers began to vibrate and hum with electricity that slowly enveloped my core and pulsed through my stomach, my chest and my thighs. The overwhelming sensation as my orgasm rippled through me erased all the tension in my body. I felt like thousands of tiny effervescent bubbles were slowly gliding across my skin when I crashed on the table, exhausted and euphoric from the most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced in my life. He promised to ruin me for all other men, and he did.

“Fuck, seeing you shatter like this is now my second favourite sight after your smile, Flame,” he roared, peppering my legs with kisses while he gently removed them from his shoulders.

I was breathless from the earth-shattering quake that my body just experienced, but I was greedy for more. I wanted more. I needed him inside me, filling me up and pushing me to this height of pleasure again.


“Oh, we are not done yet, mate.” He smirked, his lips glistening with my wetness.


Part 1 of tonight’s double-release is up and I am a nervous wreck here, hoping that I managed to deliver the mindblowing smut that these two really deserve (well, okay- there is still Part 2 to come)!

Can’t wait to hear what you all thought, even if you hated it or you expected more...but hopefully, you enjoyed it 😬

You know the drill, lovelies- click on Like (if you haven't already) and comment. Meanwhile, I will run to get Part 2 posted as quickly as I can.

Iveto xx

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