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24. Mine Pt. 2 🌶️🌶️🌶️


Callum wasted no time- he grabbed my hips and tugged me towards the edge of the table, nestling himself between my legs. His rigid cock was oozing pre-cum, and I couldn’t help but run my hand over his impressive length. It was throbbing under my touch, beckoning me to take it in my mouth. My thumb smudged the creamy drop when I cupped the head. I wondered what he tasted like, so without even thinking twice, I brought my digit up to my lips and sucked it clean, imagining that it was his dick that I had my mouth around, and he was ready to empty himself in my throat. The saltiness tickled my taste buds, fuelling my hunger for him further.

I tried to get off the table to kneel in front of him and do what I was fantasising about, but he held me in my place, clearly with other plans in mind.

“I would love to fuck that pretty mouth of yours, Flame, but I need to bury myself balls-deep inside you before I lose my fucking mind.”

“Then fuck me already,” I dared him as I grabbed his hard-on and placed it at the entrance of my pussy.

He didn’t need a second invitation. His cock rammed into me with such a force that I would have slid a bit along the table if his hands were not holding onto my hips, keeping me in place. I wrapped my legs around him as he pulled out and ploughed into me once again.

God, it felt so fucking good! Like my body had found its own personal heaven.

His thick shaft filled up my pussy every time he entered me, stretching it to the point that the slight sting I felt reminded me that I had never been with anyone as well-endowed as Callum. His plump head effortlessly hit my G-spot with every thrust, making my body quiver with pleasure. My inner muscles tightened around his dick every time he was inside me, unwilling to let him go, his throbbing becoming my own.

“Oh god,” I cried out as my rapture began to build up again. “You feel so good!”

I really needed to send a Thank You card to the goddess who paired us together. The man was a magnificent sex god, and he was mine.

All mine.

That thought alone unleashed something savage in me. I wanted to somehow make it clear that he was mine, even if it was just lovebites and scratches that were left behind.

My arms reached for his neck, circling it. There wasn’t any need for me to tell him anything, he just knew. He grabbed my butt and lifted me off the table, bringing us closer together. Our bodies clutched onto one another while we were connected as one. I buried my face in his neck, nuzzling and nibbling it as my nails raked his back.

“Mine. You are mine and nobody else’s,” I exhaled, my voice thick with emotion and desire.

Callum moved us to the closest wall in a few large steps and pressed me against it, steading us. I could almost imagine that we were still against that tree from earlier when I wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me right then and there. The dominance that he emanated while I was confined and vulnerable under his control coaxed a thousand fluttering butterflies in my tummy.

The arousal that my submission brought on surprised me, but it also reassured me just how perfect we were for each other- there was no greater feeling than to let myself willingly be vulnerable with someone and yet, at the same time, to feel like I was in the safest place in the world, in the arms of the man who brought me back to life in more than one way, and who was ready to fuck me senseless and love me for eternity.

I moaned and panted when he began to thrust again, rocking my pelvis back and forth with his hands, in tandem with his movements. My hands gripped onto his biceps and his shoulders, squeezing them in appreciation. Countless tiny goosebumps decorated my skin as he peppered my body with kisses while he continued to pound me mercilessly. My climax began to grow inside me, like a snowball that was getting bigger while it rolled in the snow, so I found myself reaching for my breasts, kneading them in anticipation of my release.

The feral way he watched me as I indulged myself with some boob play made me even wetter than I already was. But it also made me greedy for him, once again. I wanted more of him, to feel more of him on me. My wicked plan hatched in no time- I arched my back and put one hand behind his neck, pulling his face toward my tits. I purred with satisfaction when he took my hardened nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, and even more so when he flicked his tongue over it and grazed it with his teeth.

“You are so damn perfect, mate,” he exclaimed as he moved over to my other hard nub, giving it the same attention. “I can spend forever worshipping you and your gorgeous body, and I still won’t have enough of it. Fuck, I am the luckiest man ever to have found you.”

My heart fluttered listening to him talk like that, and even more at the idea of waking up next to him every day for the rest of our lives. Our gazes connected and I knew that my eyes reflected the same adoration that I could see in his eyes. He pulled me in for a deep kiss, only one word remaining in my mind as he erased all others thoughts.

I could feel it in my bones and in the fragments of my soul. Living a life without him, depriving myself of his touch, his embrace- all of that was now unfathomable for me. He was my oxygen. My heartbeat. My mate.

There was a vibration in the air, and even without being a shifter, I knew it was our mate bond. It tethered us to each other, pulling us together like two opposite magnets that were impossible to separate. I could feel our bond pulse. I could hear it hum, enticing us to finish what we had started.

When Callum talked about claiming and mating earlier, it sounded so far-fetched to me, but now I could understand the need for it because my own body was yearning for it.




I was chanting the word in my head but it almost seemed like it was his thoughts that I was also hearing.

The stronger our mating pull grew, the more intensely my orgasm began to build up. It was as if they were synchronized, one feeding off the other one. My breathing quickened, and my heart began to drum faster in my chest. Tension spread across my body with every thrust, every kiss that Callum left.

“Callum,” I moaned loudly while I closed my eyes and tugged on his hair. Even if pressed between him and the wall, I was still squirming from all the feelings and sensations that were rocking me inside and out.

The warmth of his palm on my cheek brought my attention back to his face. His expression was so soft and gentle, even if his eyes burned with lust and his dick continued tirelessly to ram into my pussy.

“Do you accept my claim, Flame? Do you choose to give yourself to me and be my mate, like I give myself to you?”

Yes, I screamed inside my head but my lips didn’t move. The words were stuck in there while tears streamed down my face. I was so overcome with emotion that I couldn’t speak. Instead, I placed my hands on his face, and I brought him closer for a kiss in which I poured everything that I couldn’t say out loud.

I loved him.

I loved him before I could even admit it to myself but I no longer wanted to run and hide. In fact, I wanted the whole world to know just how I felt about him, and this claiming was the start of it.

Gasping for air as I broke our kiss, I finally managed to find the strength to give him my answer. “I do. More than anything in the world.”

As soon as the words left my lips, they mashed with his again and he began to thrust even more ferociously than before. The buildup of the tension made me arch my back and curl my toes, my whole body clenching. And just as I was about to reach my peak, a sharp claw scratched my thigh, prompting my own nails to dig deep into Callum’s lower back, marking him as he had just marked me. Suddenly, my senses heightened while intense pleasure began to radiate from my newly-acquired scratch mark. Every fibre in my body became hypersensitive and a wave of emotions flooded my mind.

Love. Adoration. Fear. Loneliness. Pride. Hope. Passion. Lust. Everything I felt was so familiar, yet I was certain that only half of those were my own emotions. It was like I could now tap into Callum’s mind and feel everything that he was feeling. Like we had become integral parts of each other.

My mind and my body were saturated, overwhelmed by everything, and just when I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore, suddenly all that tension was released, pulsing throughout my body.

I was falling off a cliff into a pile of tingling euphoria.

When I thought that nothing could beat my earlier earth-shattering orgasm- well, I was wrong! The orgasm that ripped through me now was the most powerful release that ever rocked me. A sensual rapture that crashed into me like a tsunami. An uninhibited release of control, of self-consciousness...of everything.

The fact that Callum’s own climax came at the same time as mine made it all the more body-shaking for me, connecting us even more as I felt the threads of our mate bond weave themselves further. Roused by our mating, my pussy thirstily milked every single drop of his cum as he emptied himself in me.

Mine, his voice proclaimed in my mind, but I was too far gone even to wonder how it was possible.

The only strength I had left was to lean my head on his shoulder as I collapsed in his arms, sated but also exhausted by everything.

“I love you, mate,” he whispered in my ear.

I love you too, I thought to myself as he swept me up and carried me towards the bedroom.


Aaaand that’s Part 2 done (if you ended up reading Ch. 24 but you accidentally skipped 23, go back and read it! 😁).

Can you believe that Scar and Callum are now marked and fully mated? 😱 Quite the first time, but it was so long in the making that all bets were bound to be off!

Now off to their Happy-Ever-After, right? Erm....maybe not quite yet. Still plenty of this story to come and it won’t be all calm waters.

If I did not make myself clear in my last AN, I am dying to know what you thought of Mine Pt. 1 and Pt.2, so please do share!

🚨In other news, as I did a double-release tonight, there will be no new chapter on Friday. What’s more, I am also off for a few weeks of holiday from next weekend, so I will do my best to post in line with my schedule but don’t be surprised if my updates are less often than usual. 🚨

Sadly, I used up my whole stock of written chapters over the past weeks as I was unable to write due to health reasons (nothing serious, but I was feeling pretty tired in the evenings as a result), and I would also like to take the time during my holiday to spend more time with my family, rest properly (if that’s possible with a toddler around) and maybe even (dare I say) read. Writing will, therefore, not be at the top of my list but, let’s be honest, it will be impossible to stay away from Scar and Callum for long...

I love you all, and your support means the world to me, so fear not- even if the updates are spottier than usual over the next 2-3 weeks, I will definitely be back to the normal schedule from the last week of August.

Damn, this was a long AN! Congratulations if you made it this far. 😊

Iveto xx

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