Bear with Me

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25. Bound


I lay in bed watching her sleep. The way her chest moved up and down while she rested next to me had me mesmerized- she was alive, she was safe, and she was mine.

Her heartbeat picked up and a sudden rush of affection surged through me. I saw her smile in her slumber, which made me smile in turn. With our mate bond solidified now, I knew that it was us that she was dreaming about.

We spent the whole night mating, claiming every inch of each other’s bodies and pretty much marking the whole damn guest house. There was no way I could still leave it as a cabin for visitors by now, nor did I want to. It was the place where my Flame became my forever, so I was perfectly happy to turn it into our private getaway place where we would go to enjoy our time together, away from the sleuth and the Alpha-Luna madness.

Flame stirred in her sleep and the bed sheet rolled off her naked body, exposing the spot that I marked during our mating. Drawn to touch it, my fingertips traced the four bumpy lines on her thigh, eliciting a dreamy moan from my redhead- that was how strong the effect the mate touch was on the mark. Soon the lines were just going to resemble a dark henna tattoo, but everyone in the shifter world was going to know that she was my marked mate and my Luna. And the fact that this was now going to be the new spot to make her cry with pleasure was an added bonus.

As if her mark was calling mine, I ran my hand along my lower back and over the scratches she left there. Even if she was human, the mating instinct had evidently kicked in that possessive way that it did for all shifters when they wanted to stake their claim on their soulmate, and that was exactly what she did. The pure ecstasy that ran through me when her nails dug into my flesh was one that I was not going to forget.

Memories from our night of passion replayed in my mind. It was so much more than lust that the claiming brought forward. Ever since I was a little boy, I had heard many stories about what finding your mate and completing the bond was like, but nothing could have prepared me for the fusion of emotions, of souls, as we became two parts of the same core, bound for eternity. The moment we marked and claimed each other, the mate bond came to life, turning into a new, unbeatable force that swirled around us before it enveloped us.

Gently, I stepped out of bed and went over to the living room. The smell of new furniture lingered in the air, although I only just noticed it, given that my attention was otherwise occupied until now. But I was happy to find that the phone line had finally been installed because there was something that I needed to have done. An unenthusiastic response greeted me after I dialled Jack’s number- my Beta was many things, but a morning person was not one of them. Especially when Mara, his mate, spoiled him with a treatment fit for a king, breakfast in bed and all. Still, the favour I had to ask him was rather personal, even if mundane, so I didn’t want to entrust it to anyone else.

Once I was done, I returned to the bedroom, admiring my gorgeous other half as she slowly woke up.

“You know it’s creepy to be staring at someone while they are sleeping?” She mumbled sleepily.

Feigning a pretend shock, I played along. “It is?”

“Uh-huh. Especially when they are naked.”

A genuine laugh escaped my throat. I adored the fact that she could be sweet and vulnerable and yet feisty and banterous when she wanted to. “Well, that’s okay then because you are very much covered by the sheets.”

“I am? Hmmm, maybe you should have another look.” Her voice was full of mischief while she pulled the sheet off with one swift gesture and threw it on the floor, leaving her magnificent body fully exposed for my appreciation.

It was an invitation and a dare in one, neither of which I was going to turn down. My cock sprang to attention, ready for action, but I wanted to take my sweet time with her.

The mattress sank a little when I kneeled on the bed. Like an adventurer discovering a new land, I started my own exploration from her ankles, my hands gliding along her smooth skin while I moved further. As I made my way up her legs and past her stomach, my lips left a trail of kisses, and my tongue licked all the spots that- by now- I knew made her knees go weak. Her skin warmed under my touch, tiny bumps covering her whole body. But it was the desperate moans that I was drawing out from her that spurred on my arousal and my lust. Our hunger for each other was becoming greater with every second, even more so now that we could clearly feel each other’s emotions and needs.

Her back arched, and her hips bucked forward when I took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it vigorously until it hardened so that I could graze it with my teeth. My fingers, meanwhile, found her core and teased it, spreading her slick wetness along her pussy and sweeping over her clit.

The connection between us was so consuming and powerful that I didn’t even realise when Mahon pushed to the surface.

Mate, he roared with excitement through our mind-link.

And as he did so, Flame’s body stiffened before she tried to hide underneath me. The lust, the desire- they fizzled out in the snap of a finger. All I could sense was her sudden anxiousness, and I was puzzled about what brought the change in mood.

“Shit! Callum, did you hear that? I think there is someone in the cabin,” she shrieked while she tried to grab a pillow to cover herself with.

“What are you talking about, Flame? There is no one here but me and you.”

“I swear, I heard someone roar and say mate. It was crystal clear, almost like the person spoke inside my mind.”

Ah, I was such an idiot. With all the elation from the mating, I had completely forgotten to explain what it all meant. All I wanted was to make her mine- nothing else was a priority. But now that I had claimed and marked her, I had to take the time to share everything, even if I preferred to be balls-deep inside her instead.

With a reluctant sigh, I rolled us over so that I could drag us both to the top of the bed. I propped two pillows against the headboard for more comfort and grabbed the sheet of the floor so that my mate could wrap it around herself. It wasn’t really necessary for her to hide because I knew for a fact that there was no one else there, but if it put her more at ease, that was what mattered.

When I tried to pull her in for a hug, she sat up defiantly and glared at me.

“How can you be so cool with someone being in the guest house? What if they see us?”

I knew it was not a good idea for me to laugh- especially when it earned me a swat with the back of her hand- but I couldn’t help it. She was so delightful and incredibly sexy when she got all fired up like that- the complete opposite of what she was probably going for.

“Flame, there is no one here. I promise you that. Do you trust me?”

Her eyes softened as our gazes met and she leaned back in my arms, snuggling up to my chest. “I do! But I did hear something and, I promise you, I am not going crazy.”

My mate didn’t even let me respond before she spoke again. “Okay, maybe yesterday I went a bit crazy. I have to admit that seeing that s-,” she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Smouldering jealousy burnt bright and hot inside her, I sensed it through our connection, and I knew immediately who she was referring to. But just as quickly as the green-eyed monster had appeared, it was gone by the time her gaze met mine again, serenity and calmness shining in her beautiful eyes again.

“Jade. When I saw Jade there with you, I lost it a bit. I… I came because I wanted to see you but also because I noticed that the mating text on my arm was gone. I thought- I guess I was more worried, really- that something had happened to our bond. So when I found the two of you like that... Let’s just say that it was definitely safer for everyone, and most of all Jade, not to meet my crazy alter ego.”

My lips tingled, purring with content at the contact when I placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“You had nothing to worry about, Flame- the text disappears once it has served its purpose. But even if you are crazy, you are my kind of crazy.” I chuckled but it was quickly replaced by a yelp when she pinched and pulled one of my nipples in revenge for my statement. “Ouch! Okay, okay. You are perfectly sane.”

Just crazy about me, I mind linked her after I decided that the best way to get to the topic was to take the bull by the horns.

My startled mate practically jumped in her spot before she pushed herself off my chest and turned towards me, her eyes wide like saucers and her mouth gaped open. I didn’t need our bond to figure out that a million questions were going through her mind right now.

“How did you just do that?”

“Do what?”

“Talk in my head. And don’t tell me it’s not true, Callum Andrews.” She gave me a scolding look. “I know what I just heard.”

“It’s called mind-linking, Flame. Now that we are marked and mated, it’s not just the emotions of the other one that we can feel but we can also talk to each other telepathically.”

“We can what?” An incredulous stare accompanied her dismay. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I am. You just heard me now when I mind-linked you,” I replied with a satisfied smirk at the thought of the proof that I had in my favour. “Just like I heard you last night when you said you loved me.”


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