Bear with Me

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26. Maybe this was a mistake


I grinned like an idiot, just like I did the night before when I carried her to the bedroom, and her sweet confession reached me through our link.

Her cheeks, on the other hand, flushed warm red right now. I could hear her rapid heartbeat, feel the warmth of the embarrassment that spread through her. All because I knew what she didn’t dare say out loud. Yet, I had no doubts about how she felt about me because our mate bond left nothing hidden between us.

“Oh god, you heard that?” Flame gasped as she covered her face with a pillow.

She was fucking adorable!

Even when I took the pillow away from her, she hid behind her hands, still trying to peek through her fingers with one eye, which made me let out a hearty, genuine chortle.

“Why are you hiding, mate?” I pulled her hands away from her face so that she could look at me. “Was it a lie?”

“What? Of course not! I just...I guess I just wanted you to hear it from me first, rather than from my thoughts.”

When I pulled her in for a kiss, she melted in my arms. Her embarrassment and worries fizzled out in no time, judging by the way that her tongue greedily explored my mouth.

If we keep kissing like this, we will never make it out of bed, I thought to myself.

“That would be such a bad thing,” my mate retorted as she pulled away, smirking devilishly at me.

Goddess, she made me forget about everything and everyone but her, so much so that I had just shared my thoughts through our mind link without even realising. This woman was my weak spot, and I fucking loved it.

“It looks like this telepathic connection will come in quite handy after all,” Flame giggled and stuck her tongue out at me, sensing what I had just done.

“You have no idea,” I breathed off an easy laugh. “You can also talk to Mahon through our link. That’s who you heard earlier, actually- the damn cockblocker! If it wasn’t for him, you would have been screaming my name by now.”

I thought my last statement would have gotten a reaction from her, but it didn’t even seem to register. Instead, she stared at me with amazement.

“Whoa, so you mean I can talk to your bear? For real?” The excitement that seeped through her voice pleased Mahon and he purred with content in my head.

“Absolutely. You are our mate, Flame, so you can talk to either or both of us whenever you want. In fact, once you officially become the Luna of our sleuth, you will be able to communicate with all the bears.”

Okay, I was actually freestyling now because I had no idea how things worked with a human Luna. In fact, I was just as surprised as Flame when she was able to hear Mahon earlier, even if I immediately figured out what was going on, as it was not a given that our bond would have worked in the same way that it did between shifters.

I assumed that just like how Riley and her mates seemed to have a normal shifter bond, the same would have gone for Flame and me, but Riley came from shifter origins and my mate didn’t. Yet, I could barely hide my satisfaction from the fact that my beautiful redhead and I were able to mate and connect in every single way possible.

“Hold on a second, Callum. Me? Luna? Isn’t that the equivalent of one of the leaders of the bears? Like a first lady or something.”

“Yes, beautiful. As my mate and equal, you will lead the bears with me, guiding them and protecting them together. My Beta Jack will be our right-hand man, as he has been up to now, and we can always also consult our advisors but everyone will look up to you and me for decisions and guidance.”

I sensed her anxiety over this revelation, but the way she chewed on her lip gave her away as well.

“But I am just human. I know nothing about this world. Not to mention that I have a bunch of deadly arseholes trying to hunt me down. I-”

When she paused to take a deep breath, I knew it was my chance to interrupt her. “Hey, Flame- you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I will be with you at every step of the way until you learn everything you need to know, but you are a natural. This, this has always been your destiny, mate, just like it’s our destiny to be together. And I will never let anyone harm you.”

“What if they don’t like me, Callum?” Her face scrunched up in worry. “What if your bears hate having a human Luna? Or worse, what if they hate you for being mated to me?”

Her distress poured through our bond, and both Mahon and I wanted to growl and tear to shreds anyone who dared to hurt our mate. I was aware that the situation was unprecedented, but I also knew that my bears were level-headed enough to see past the fact that Flame was human and to accept her for who she was. Once I got my hands on the traitor who put her life at risk, that was.

“Listen, how about this- you’ll spend the next few days here with me to meet the sleuth members and for them to get to know you, and then we will decide how we move forward.” I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the tip of her nose. “How does that sound?”

When she laughed, I felt her worries dissipate as joy replaced them.

I didn’t expect it when she managed to push us on the bed and roll us over so that she was on top of me, but I was even more surprised by the ease she did it with. I was a big guy, a shifter on top of that, so it would have taken her quite a lot of effort and strength to manage this and yet she made it look so simple.

I didn’t dwell on it because I realised that my gorgeous mate was sitting naked on top of me and she was temptingly rocking her hips while her hands rested on my chest, pinning me down. It didn’t take much for my brain to shift its attention to my already stiff cock.

Is this just your way of trying to get me to move in with you for a while so that you can fuck me senseless all day, every day? She murmured seductively through our mind link.

Blimey, she was a fast learner with the mind linking!

Although, now that she mentioned it, that was a damn good idea- even if this was about so much more than that and I knew that she understood that too.

“Can’t say that I would complain if that happens while you stay here and charm my bears until they fall madly in love with you, just like I have,” I answered her challenge as I pulled her down and grazed her nipple with my teeth, making her gasp.

Finally, we were getting around to what we should have been doing for the last half an hour already….that was until a clusterfuck realisation dawned on me.


“What’s wrong, Callum? I can feel that something is bothering you.” I hated that I was the reason for the concern written on her face, but I had been such an idiot.

“Well...I just realised that….erm,” I drew in a long breath, “...we didn’t use condoms last night.”

Her body stiffened at the recognition of what I was telling her.

“Look, it’s okay, Flame.” I rushed to reassure her. “We can pop over to the pharmacy in town to get a morning-after pill. And even if anything did happen, I would love nothing more than to have kids with my smart, beautiful, incredible mate. In fact, if it’s up to me, we can skip the pill. A family with you would be a dream come true! I just wouldn’t want you to feel tied down with a kid at home if you did end up pregnant now.”

My reassurance must have sucked, though, because it only made her tense more. She was nervous and...scared.

Fucking hell, I created an even bigger mess of this than I thought at first.

“Flame, baby, please don’t worry! It will all be fine, I promise. I will be here by your side whether there is a baby on the way or not. It’s your call how you want to go about this.”

Her gaze shifted away as she lowered her head, avoiding looking at me. “That’s just it, Callum! I am not worried about being pregnant- that’s why I didn’t even think about condoms last night.”

This was certainly not what I expected her to say.

When her eyes finally met mine, they were filled with guilt and regret. “In fact, I can’t get pregnant. I have a medical condition that means I can’t have children…so, I can’t give you the family you long for. You see, I am not good enough for you, all broken like that.” Her shoulders dropped with a regretful sigh. “Maybe this mating was a mistake.”

It was almost like I was watching in slow motion when one lonely tear escaped free from her magnificent eyes, rolled down her cheek and landed on my chest, leaving burning pain in my soul.

Without any hesitation, I rolled us over so that she was now underneath me, and I ran my thumb across her cheek before our lips meshed together.

“Scarlett, you are my mate. My world. Kids would have been great but I will love you no matter what. You are all the family I need, all the family I want. My life would be empty without you, so don’t you ever dare think that you are not enough for me or that there is anything wrong with you,” I breathed out in between kisses.

“I just wish that I could give you more, Callum.” Her sorrowful whisper felt like a knife plunged in my heart, and as I stared at her with what I hoped was nothing but love, she avoided looking at me.

My hand found its way to the four lines I had left on her thigh, stroking them, before my lips replaced my fingers. The mate bond hummed once again between us, reinforced by my touch of the mark. Our connection was so intense that setting it on fire like that left us both breathless.

“Can you feel it, Flame? Can you feel the bond that binds us?” My lips brushed against the healing scars, goosebumps clothing her bare skin.

“Yes,” she answered with a raspy voice.

I pushed along the fibres of the invisible link that anchored us to one another all the love and adoration I had for her, hoping that she understood just how much she meant to me.

“You are perfect just the way you are, mate. My Flame.”

Before I could say anything else, she pulled me back up, bringing our mouths mere inches away from each other.

“I love you, my Alpha,” she declared with sincerity and appreciation. Her fingers coiled around my hair as she pulled my face a fraction from hers and kissed me with dominating heat.


Awwww, these two are so adorable!

I love writing Scar and Callum because they are both so open and honest about their feelings, even if sometimes what they say or feel might not be the best reaction. There are no pretences with them (doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws) and that is just so much fun to work with.

It’s sad that they can’t have the family that Callum dreams about but how amazing is our bear Alpha for putting Flame above it all. She is everything he needs! ❤️

Yet, will the sleuth accept her and will Scar go ahead with becoming the Luna? Only time will tell...

Do comment if you enjoyed the chapter or leave a review if you like the book so far.

Meanwhile, I will do my best to get some more chapters out next week but bear with me😋 if it doesn’t work out until my holiday is over!

I hope you’ll all have a great weekend.

Iveto xx

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