Bear with Me

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4. Dinner?


I was dumbstruck by the beautiful sight in front of me. It was like my recent dreams had turned into reality but this time she was here for real.

The smell of rose oil permeated my lungs as she opened the door- I could practically taste her scent and my bear was not indifferent to it either. She stood there looking glorious in her mismatched underwear. This was probably my favourite sight because it just underlined her natural beauty and sexiness. My cock stirred in my jeans but, luckily, not enough to draw her attention. But the throbbing under my clothes was a true testament to how little effort this magnificent woman had to make to blow a man’s mind. She didn’t need fancy lingerie or even make-up. Her true sex appeal was just being herself- genuine, warm, beautiful. My mind wanted nothing more than to rip the little fabric covering her and show her exactly how wild she was driving me.

Still, my fantasies aside, I was shocked to see her there. I came to Aiden’s place to ask questions about the shifters we rescued from Markolf’s mansion, especially the she-bears that could potentially be my mate. Instead, I had this ravishing human greet me.

Her charming smile quickly turned into confusion before she coyly hid her scantily-clad body behind the massive wooden door.

“I definitely did not expect to see you here, Scarlett, but it’s always a pleasure to be in your company,” I said politely but I could feel my eyes burn with desire.

“I….I thought you were Riley.” The subtle tremble in her voice amused me because it was so different from her confident, flirty attitude that I came across during our first encounter. My bear growled inside my mind, appreciating that we made her feel a little nervous- she was clearly not indifferent to us, just like we were not indifferent to her.

I didn’t know what drew me to this girl but I sure as hell planned to find out.

“If this is how you greet all of your friends, I certainly think we should become even closer.” My teasing made her blush slightly and, yet, she still stood there, looking confidently at me as if she was trying to defy the response of her own body.

Like a magician, she blinked and the mood in the air changed at an instant as she chuckled, regain her confidence. Yet, I was surprised at how accomplished I felt for amusing her.

“You’ll need to try harder than that, Callum. Has that line actually ever worked on anyone?”

“I wouldn’t know.” I focused on her, feeling her squirm gently under the intensity of my look. “I’ve only ever used it with you, Scarlett.“ My admission made her cheeks redden once again, a much deeper shade this time.

“A smooth talker, I see.” She rolled her eyes as we continued our subtle fight for dominance. “Well, this girl can’t be won over with words.”

“How about a dinner then?” The question rolled off my tongue before I could stop myself and wonder if it was a bit too much. But even as the realisation of what I was doing hit me, nothing really mattered- I wanted to spend time with the captivating human in front of me. “Tonight?”

She pondered my questions until her luscious lips turned up into a gorgeous smile that she tried to hide. “I guess I don’t have any plans, and Riley seems to be busy.”

“Great. So it’s a date.”


I didn’t mean to put it like that. I had a mate out there, so I was not planning to seduce Scarlett, and we were definitely not going to be seeing each other...not in that way, at least.

What the hell was I thinking? Maybe I needed to cancel the whole thing….

And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. If anything, I felt the need, the urge to go ahead. She is a nice girl, and I am just trying to welcome her, that’s all.

“I mean it as a figure of speech. It’s just dinner, I promise,” I muttered hastily.

The confusion on her face gave way to amusement as she watched me squirm thanks to the giant hole that I was digging myself into. She was probably regretting calling me a smooth talker by now.

I didn’t realise how tense I had become until she finally spoke up and relief washed over me.. “Dinner it is then. But seeing as it’s not a date, I meet you straight at the place. How about that?”

The gentleman in me was not particularly happy with this suggestion, but I was also the one who needed to make sure that no boundaries were crossed.

“Deal. Here,” I said and passed my mobile to her. “Give me your number and I will send you the details later.”

Our fingers touched as she grabbed the phone and my whole body was suddenly set on fire, tingles spreading across the parts of my skin that touched hers. Scarlett sucked in her breath and I wondered if she also felt it or if her reaction was just because of the intimacy of the moment.

The spell broke when she quickly pulled her hand and my phone away before she put her number in and passed it back to me.

“See you later then,” she mumbled with a smirk and closed the door, disappearing into Aiden’s castle.

I was unable to move though. My body was still reeling from our touch seconds earlier. No matter what I tried to tell myself, I had never felt anything similar with someone else before and my bear was pacing in my mind, going through the same reflection.

Goddess, I could only imagine how our mate would make us feel then. I needed to find her and I was going to get to soon as this evening was over.

I turned to head back to my bike, which was parked in the driveway, but before I took even a step, the tightness in my crotch drew my attention to the considerable bulge under my jeans.

Fuck. I readjusted myself to relieve the tightness, yet the frustrated groan that escaped my throat was more due to something obvious to me now- tonight was going to be difficult!


With ten minutes to go until our agreed meeting time, I found myself pacing up and down in front of the nicest fish restaurant in the area.

The place was nothing fancy- it was a small place run by an elderly human couple for the last decade but it had the best fish specialities for hundreds of miles, making it one of my favourite places to eat. A significant plus was also the very cosy, homely feel to it, which appealed to my bear nature.

Would you stop pacing, Mahon? I look like some nervous teenager before his first date. I growled at my bear, which was going round in circles in my mind.

Hey, you are the one who said it’s not a date but I can’t help but feel anxious at the idea of seeing Flame again; my bear answered through our mind link.

Flame? You nicknamed her Flame?

Would you have preferred Red? I find that rather overused. And anyway, that beautiful redhead is all fire inside, so I find it an appropriate nickname.

What the hell are you doing, Mahon? Our mate is out there and you are coming up with cute nicknames for a girl that we have no relation with. What is wrong with you?

To my surprise, Mahon snarled at me. Watch your tongue, Callum. I don’t know what it is yet but that girl is special. I feel drawn to her and I know you feel it too. So don’t do anything stupid until we figure it out.

I wanted to respond but my attention was drawn by the dirty noise of a motorbike speeding down the road. Soon enough, the bike came into sight and I was intrigued to see it turn towards the restaurant. As it pulled up, the slender figure gave away that a woman was riding it, even if her face was hidden underneath the black helmet. Her tight black jeans with black ankle boots and fitted black leather jacket left no doubts on the banging body that was hiding beneath but I was more intrigued to find out who the rider was.

My jaw dropped to the floor when she removed her helmet and her beautiful strawberry blonde hair spilled along her shoulders. The bright smile that greeted me had me dazzled, so much that I couldn’t come up with a single word.

Mahon placed his paw across in his eyes in disbelief and let a very clear sigh through our link. Say something, you idiot.

Ha, easier said than done because I couldn’t come up with anything. I was too taken aback by the beauty that had just arrived and the fact that she was into bikes had me even more amazed.

Fuck it, here goes nothing...

“I’m happy you made it, Flame. Shall we?”


Awww, look at these two. 😊 I absolutely love their dynamic, even if there is so much more still to come. 😈

Who else is excited about their date? Sorry, I meant about their dinner...😂

I really hope that you are enjoying these initial chapters but if you are not, just hang in there- drama will be coming their way soon enough.

Let me know what you think and don’t forget to like the book if you enjoyed it so far.

Iveto xx

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