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Filthy Encounters

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(MATURE CONTENT) A book of One-Shot, Short Stories. From the supernatural to group action, with a splash of friend on friend and forbidden hookups. A bit of something for everyone. Each story is filled with filthy, toe-curling tales and plenty of heat to start a fire in the sheets. Be prepared with a clean pair of panties, make sure that back massager has extra batteries, and don’t forget the wine!

Erotica / Romance
M.C. Tiers
Age Rating:


Hello, Babes!

Welcome to my story, and thank you for giving me a chance to entertain you. I appreciate all the support and look forward to hearing what y’all think.

With that said, there are some important things that need to be discussed before I let you move ahead. Please read and respect what is listed below:


This is a story that might not be suitable for all readers. I highly recommend that you be of legal, adult age, 18+. All of my stories contain Mature Content that some may find triggering or offensive. I ask that you do not continue reading past this point if you can not handle Adult Themes of the following:

•Sexual Intercourse in DETAIL

•Strong Language/Sensitive Topics

•Alcohol and or Drug Use

•Illegal Activity


•Religious Themes

•Explanation of Traumatic Encounters

Please keep in mind that the characters in this story are a work of fiction and their actions may not be those with which you agree.

•All of my stories, including Names, Titles, and Content are protected under Copyright Laws. Plagiarism is not acceptable and I will seek legal action against the party or parties responsible for stealing my work.

•My stories are not to be Translated, Transferred, Copied, or Quoted without my prior consent.

•Any comparisons to real-life Names, People, Places, and Events past, and or present, are for fictional description or representation and are coincidental. Remember: this is a work of fiction.

•Media of any kind, with the exception of the aesthetic boards, do not belong to me. Credit goes to original owners or sites. The following are the sources the media is from: Pexels, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, & Google.


I want to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read my work. May my words bring you to that happy place or help you through whatever struggles you may be facing. I love and appreciate all of you so much for giving me this opportunity to do something I enjoy, with your support I get to keep writing and entertaining y’all. Thank you immensely.

Feel free to leave any feedback you’d like, post here in the comments section, on my profile, or find me on my social media accounts. Please remain respectful and patient with my personal time. I am only human after all. Also, do take note that I am an adult woman and I won’t tolerate childish behavior. I will not hesitate to mute, delete, or report any and all inappropriate behavior. Let’s all remain decent to each other and play nice.

Lots of love,


M.C. Tiers

© Copyright: All Rights Reserved 2021

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