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When fiery Alexandra has amazing sex with a random at a bar, she hopes to see him again. What she doesn’t expect however, is to see him at university. The one person standing in between her and her well deserved degree. Kash somehow manages to break down the guard Alexandra has put up, but not without trouble for them both. **Please note this story has references to mental illness and suicide**

Erotica / Drama
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My eyes rolled back into my head as he pushed his dick into me, filing me completely and making me bite down on his neck.
"Alexandra fuck" he breathed out slamming into me again. One of my legs was over his shoulder and his face in my hair. My back arched as he hit my gspot and I screamed.
"Kash don't fucking stop" he laughed biting my ear lobe.
"As if I would stop fucking this pussy" his voice was dark and rough and I fucking loved it. I let out a mixture of a groan and a scream as my pussy grabbed him like a vice, my whole body shuddering, my orgsam punching me in the gut. Kash grabbed my thigh pushing ridiculously deep into me and holding himself there moaning out, I felt his dick throb inside of me as I moved my head to look at him.
"Fuck" he said smiling at me. It was infectious and I smiled back.

I sighed as I pushed open the door to the social studies block. I only had one term left and I could finally get my degree. I was irritated as I had to take a term of social policy to complete my sociology degree and I honestly couldn't think of anything more fucking boring. It was even worse the class started at eight thirty and my hangover certainly wasn't helping. My boots made a clunking noise and it wasn't until I heard the noise I realised the corridor was empty. I looked at my watch, arghh I was fucking late as well. I prayed as I opened the door that there was a chair at the back I could fall into. I closed the door quietly not looking up as I tried to get to the closest seat possible.
"Good morning! Class actually started ten minutes ago" I slammed my eyes shut as I felt the whole hall look at me. I looked up and when I did my stomach completely fell out of me. Fuck, fuck this could not be happening.
"Sorry" I mumbled looking back down. I was at the back, maybe he didn't notice. I got my notepad out and stared at it. I wasn't even listening to what was being said. I just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. My eyes were down until I realised I couldn't do this. I shoved my notepad in my bag and stood up, he looked up at me and I could see it in his face, he knew. I ran for the door slamming it shut. I was practically running as I got my phone out of my pocket. I called my best friend.
"You alright Queen?"
"Noah this is fucking bad!" I was out of breath and needed to sit down. I ran outside and sat on the bench outside the University building.
"Babe what's happened?" Noah’s voice was as panicky as mine.
"You know that guy I took home last night?"
"Yeah the gorgeous dark skinned one I remember, Kash was his name?" Noah said and I knew he was smirking.
"He is my fucking social policy teacher Noah. What the fuck am I going to do?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
"What? Shut up Alex where are you now?"
"I'm outside because I was late to the class"
"Obviously" Noah chuckled, my lateness was the thing he hated most about me.
"Fuck off Noah I'm freaking here" I was biting half off my hand off, my leg shaking.
"Babe you can't un fuck him and you need policy to complete your degree no?" I nodded even though he couldn't see me. "So you don't really have a choice here. You need to go back in"
"How can I go back in now?" I asked through gritted teeth.
"They don't have breaks? Just mull around and then go in. Keep your head down and leave" I stood up running my hands down my jeans.
"You have no sympathy for me do you?" I asked breathing in.
"Not in the slightest I wonder how old he is? Did you ask?"
"I barely got his name" I mumbled trying not to laugh. Noah cracked up the sound making me smile.
"Go back call me later"
"Okay" I breathed putting my phone in my pocket and walking back. My stomach was hurting and my anxiety was through the roof. How did this happen? Why was I this unlucky that a random one night stand happened to be my policy teacher? Like who did I piss on in a previous life for this to happen? I think it was even worse that Kash was literally the sexiest man alive and we exchanged numbers last night. I actually wanted to see him again but now? Not happening. I stood outside the classroom, pacing and waiting for some form of break. I looked at the time, they had been in there for ages and as I was about to give up the door opened. A few people came out and I poked my head in. Kash was standing at the front looking at his laptop. I saw my same seat I had exited was still free and as I went to sit down my phone beeped. I rolled my eyes getting comfortable in the chair knowing Noah was texting me giving me shit. My heart dropped as I saw the text wasn't from Noah at all, it was from Kash. I swallowed, my mouth bone dry as I opened it.

K: 'When class is finished stay where you are'

I looked up at him and he wasn't giving anything away, typing on his laptop and ignoring the rest of the room.
"Alexandra what's happening?!" I moved my head to Liam who was in the front row. I waved. "Come sit with me" Liam said and I shook my head. "Come seriously, I saw you and Noah at bar one last night. Was it good?!" Oh my god Liam shut the fuck up. Liam was in my sociology degree class and he generally was a nice guy. Noah was adamant he fancied me but he couldn't be further from my type. The same height as me, dirty blonde hair and he was only what I would describe as a lad. Made jokes about women in the kitchen that sort of shit. I nodded.
"Did Noah get lucky?" He asked. I stood up.
"Oh my god Liam if I sit next to you will you shut the fuck up?! Why are you talking like we're the only ones here?!" I shouted, grabbing my bag, all the faces left in the room were looking at me and as I came down the stairs I looked at Kash whose face was on the laptop but I swear I saw a small smirk. I sat next to Liam who was grinning.
"Bar one was it good?" He asked as I pulled my notepad out of my bag.
"Yeah it was alright. Regretting it now" I chuckled. I froze quickly as I looked up at Kash. He clearly heard me but I didn't mean what it sounded like.
"I mean my hang over shit" I said to Liam who laughed.
"I was going to say you don't look great"
"Fuck you Liam." I growled giving him the finger.
"Did Noah get lucky?" Liam asked again, flicking his blonde hair out of his face. My eyes squinted.
"Why do you care?" I raised my eyebrow.
"Just wondered," he shrugged.
"He didn't, no" I lied. Why was Liam so interested I wondered. "Why don't you ask him why?" Liam looked over at me and shook his head.
"Whatever Alex". I laughed looking down at my notepad.
"Right guys let's go please!" Kash shouted and I kept my eyes down. I was barely listening, my eyes on my note pad the whole time. I would really have to get a copy of the notes from Liam. There would be no point in me having to sit here with Kash if I didn't actually learn anything.
"Okay read chapter six for me please see your Wednesday'' Kash said and the hall stood up. I went to stand and Kash glanced over at me.
"You coming to lunch?" Liam asked standing on the stairs.
"Yeah meet you there" I said weakly, pushing my dark hair out of my face. Liam nodded and walked out, I slowly packed my bag as I looked up at Kash, he was eyeing the door waiting for everybody to leave.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" He growled his dark eyes staring into my own hazel ones.
"I go here" I replied, my eyes automatically scanning his body. Last night Kash certainly didn't seem like the man who was a University lecturer. I remember his dark skin glistening above me, his plump lips hovering over mine as I ran my hands over his short shaved black hair, his beard was beautiful as well, black and short but suited him perfectly. I tried to ignore my wetness just remembering it.
"Fuck" he said turning around. "Can you change this class?" His reaction hurt my chest and I frowned at him.
"No, I need it to get my degree" I was standing with my handbag over my shoulder.
"You need to change this class" he spoke again, more firmly.
"No I fucking don't. You don't have to talk to me" I said, starting to walk up the stairs. "Alexandra stop" he whispered and I turned around.
"What? You think I like this? The guy who gave me multiple orgsams last night teaches me fucking boring as fuck social policy? If I could change the class I would" my voice was like ice and I tried to ignore the thumping in between my legs.
"How old are you?" He asked, completely ignoring everything I just said.
"Twenty four" I whispered.
"Thank fuck" he replied running his hand over his face. I nearly burst out laughing but managed to cough it down. I was older than my fellow students but I was a late bloomer, not really knowing what I wanted to do until I was way out of school. Kash stared at me before he spoke.
"Multiple?" He smirked.
"Whatever," I said, turning and walking up the stairs.
"Alexandra don't say anything please" I replied to him not even turning round.
"I won't. Ignore me and I'll ignore you". I pulled the door open and let it slam behind me. Fuck fuck. I stopped as my phone was ringing in my bag, I grabbed it out and saw it was Noah.
"You went back in?" Noah asked as I answered.
"Went that well hey?" He chuckled.
"Guys a dick, told me to change the class" I was walking to my car, I had a class in about forty five minutes and I planned to sleep in my car until then.
"Ouch. What are you going to do?"
"I can’t do anything I have to take this boring as fuck class staring at him three times a week" I sighed as I got into my car, my head on my steering wheel.
"Yeah he is sexy as fuck isn't he"
"Noah, I could have jumped him again. Oh by the way Liam wants to fuck you" I laughed and Noah scoffed.
"His straight babe."
"Not for you." I laughed, cheering myself up. Noah groaned.
"Why did you even introduce me to that guy?"
"Because he's the only person who talks to me in this shit hole", I mumbled.
"That's what happens when you're a bitch. Give Liam my number" Noah said and hung up on me. I laughed looking at my phone. He was such a dick. I put my hands on my wheel staring at my tattooed hand, the colours bright against my pale skin. I had a love heart tattoo next to my thumb and I traced it trying to calm down. I had a whole six months of this class and I didn't even know if I was going to be able to handle staring at Kash three times a week for that long. I picked up my phone and stared at his number. I jumped when my phone buzzed a text from none other than Kash.

K: 'I handled that really badly sorry'

I looked at the text and scoffed. Throwing my phone to the side I closed my eyes trying to get rid of this raging hangover and my own anxiety.


I found my seat at the back of the hall, staring at Kash. He looked fucking delicious today, a white shirt which I knew hid a beautiful six pack and navy trousers. I crossed my legs, I needed to fuck this guy again. I caught his eye as he finished his presentation.
"Thanks everyone. Alexandra can I have two minutes of your time please" he said without looking at me. Oh god. I watched everyone leave the hall as I stood up. I brought my leather jacket closer to my chest as I walked down the stairs.
"Yeah" I asked annoyed.
"You didn't text me back" he said looking into my eyes. I shrugged.
"What did you expect me to say? You didn't handle it well no". He groaned and put his face in his hands.
"If I never saw you on Monday I would have called you and asked you to dinner" he chuckled. I smiled looking down, kicking some carpet.
"I would have said yes," I whispered, still looking down.
"I wish you didn't say that" he groaned.
"Is that it or?" I asked moving my head to the door.
"Wow you can be a bitch you know" I laughed.
"Yeah I know. You made it clear on Monday so" I shrugged. Kash stared at me and said nothing. "Great talk" I said as I walked back up the stairs and out of the hall. I audibly groaned as I walked towards the lunch hall.
"Alexandra" I turned around to my name as Kash walked up to me, "my office please" he said with authority turning around. This bastard, I hate to admit his attitude turned me on. I was still tempted to walk in the other direction but my interest was piqued enough to follow him into his office. I closed the door behind me and went to speak, my mouth was full, opening for Kash's tongue as he smashed me against the door. He bit my bottom lip as he pulled away.
"Fuck" he groaned before smashing his lips into mine again, forcing my mouth open with his tongue as I wrapped my arms around his neck pushing myself onto him. One of Kash's hands was up my top, half in my bra while the other was tangled in my hair. Our kiss was urgent and I felt my knickers get soaked as he sucked my tongue. I ran my hands down his chest, pulling at his shirt so I could trace my fingers along his six pack. I felt him smile against my mouth and I went for his belt, pulling away suddenly he spoke.
"No not here" his voice was low and turned me on even more.
"Fuck me please" I whispered and he put his lips on mine teasing my nipple with his fingertip.
"I will just not here. I'll be at yours tomorrow at six" he said standing away from me. I nodded and walked out of his office, trying to hide the biggest grin on my face.

Noah managed to leave work for lunch and we were sitting in my car eating McDonald's.
"So your going to fuck him again?" He asked, tying up his dreadlocks.
"Yeah" I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Be careful Alex I mean it" Noah replied staring at me. I had been friends with Noah for years, we went to the same school and after I punched a guy in the face because he called Noah a homo we've been inseparable. Noah was beautiful, even I thought it was a shame he was gay. His skin was gorgeous, light brown and deep dark eyes, he was so striking to look at and he had men and women lining up for him.
"I will but come on!" I chuckled while eating a chip.
"Yeah, he's divine. I can't even lie but your teacher?" His face was shocked.
"You say teacher like I'm fifteen" I scoffed.
"Did you get his age?"
"Not yet," Noah laughed, taking a gulp of his drink.
"Can you find something out about him tonight please. Also" Noah put his eyebrow up and I gasped. That always meant A plus gossip. "Liam texted me" Noah's face was coy and I squealed.
"Called it. What did he say?"
"Oh let me show you" Noah chuckled, showing me his phone after he tapped on it a few times.
"Fuck off!" I shouted as I stared at a picture of a dick, bamb in the face, fully erect dick. "He sent you a dick pic"
"He did indeed. So now I'm meeting him Friday" I squealed laughing.
"Told you he was gay for you." I threw my empty packet in the food bag and looked at him.
"But that begs the question: will he be the bottom for me? If he's straight he won't want to right?" I burst out laughing, me and Noah's conversations were absolutely filthy.
"But his not straight if his sending a known gay man a picture of his erect penis" I giggled.
"No but his going to pretend he is and I need to fuck him not the other way around" I smiled.
"You think he's nice?"
"Yeah, he's nice," Noah said seriously. I nodded, he did nothing for me but thinking of Noah's exes I could see how he found Liam attractive.
"You never know he could be having sex with men for years. Have we even asked him if he's straight" I asked, cocking my eyebrow.
"True true. Good point sis" Noah looked at his watch. "I got to go back"
"Yeah I'll drop you". I said as I started my car.


I stared at myself in my mirror looking at the lingerie I would happen to be wearing under my normal clothes for Kash. I nodded approvingly. It was a deep purple bra that was done up in the middle and a matching thong. I was glad I wouldn't be wearing it for very long as it was so uncomfortable. I stared at the rest of my body, my tattoos coming from my left hand up to my collar bone and my big piece on my chest. I was young to be tattooed this heavily but when your brothers a tattoo artist you don't have a choice, well I didn't. I threw back on my top and black jeans, spraying some perfume as the door knocked. Oh yes let's go I thought to myself as I ran down the stairs and opened the door. Kash was wearing grey trousers and another perfectly white shirt and I was reminded of how fucking good he looked. He came in and we didn't say a word, as I closed the door he was behind me, pushing into me as my back hit his chest. Kash moved my hair from my neck and kissed it, moving up to my earlobe.
"I've been thinking of this all day" he moaned in my ear as both his hands traveled up my top, I put my hand on his thigh and as he bit my neck I squealed. I grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs into my bedroom. We were clawing at each other, exactly the same as Sunday night but we were sober. Kash pulled my top off over my head and was pulling at my jeans, freeing them and pushing them to the ground. I stepped out of them as I undid his belt, dropping his own trousers.
"Fuck look at you" he said pulling at his own shirt. I undid the buttons for him and he threw it off, putting an arm around my back and dropping me to the bed. His lips were on mine, exploring my mouth and lightly biting my bottom lip. He pulled away and I sat up to watch him pull his boxers down, my mouth watering at his fucking huge dick. I couldn't help myself and before he could put his mouth to mine again I plunged my mouth over his erection.
"Alexandra fuck!" He shouted, grabbing my hair. I sucked his tip, my hand on his shaft stroking him gently. I swirled my tongue over the length of him. Kash was groaning the noise filling the room and making me work through my stiff jaw.
"Right there fuck" he said and as I looked up his head was back, mouth slightly open. He kept his hand on my hair and his other hand went to my chin, staring at me as I attempted to fit his whole dick in my mouth. It wasn't working and I gagged, which seemed to turn him on even more as he groaned out, his hand in my hair getting painfully tight.
"Let me get inside you" he murmured and I let go off his dick with a pop, moving back to the head board. Kash came over to me kissing my chest, my hand on the back of his head. His hand went to my back and he groaned.
"How do I get this off?” I laughed throwing my head back, I unclipped my bra from the front and threw it to the side. Kash's hands came to my breasts, rubbing my nipples with his thumb.
"Hmmm' I hummed, biting my bottom lip. Kash smashed his lips into mine and I opened my mouth wide for him as I felt his erection on my thigh. Suddenly he pulled away and I hated it, feeling a void. I looked down as he pulled my thong down with one hand, pressing the tip of his dick on my clit. I grabbed his chest as I let out a little moan, being embarrassingly wet and just wanting him to fuck me hard. Kash's dick went to my entrance but he didn't move, just stared at me with one of his hands on my breast. I wiggled slightly and pushed myself closer to him, his dick slowly entering me.
"Alexandra you're so bad" he chuckled as he grabbed my thighs and pulled me closer, his dick completely filling me and making me gasp.
"Fuck your dick is too much!" I shouted, slamming my eyes shut.
"Ride it then". Kash said, his voice rough as he grabbed my thighs and moved onto his back, making me straddle him. His dick moved out slightly and I plunged back down onto him making him groan. My hands were on his chest as I bounced onto him, making my pussy clench.
"Fuck your so tight" he whispered as his eyes closed. I smirked, bouncing faster making his mouth open slightly and his hands grab my backside stretching me.
"Kash fuck!" I called out as I felt my orgsam creep up on me, making me dig my fingers into his chest. He smashed his hips into mine and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me down into his kiss. My orgsam hit me and I moaned into his mouth, my whole body shaking.
"Fucking hell Alexandra" he whispered on my lips smashing up into me again.
"I'm going to cum" he said, his face tightening. I had a sudden realisation that he wasn't wearing a condom and I jumped off of him, stroking him with my hand instead as his dick throbbed, pulsing at every squirt of cum on his stomach.
"Fuck" he breathed out putting his head back. I got some wipes and cleaned him up along with my hand. I came back into the bedroom from the bathroom and Kash was in the same position, eyes open.
"How old are you?" I asked putting my top back on.
"Thirty two" he spoke softly and I gulped, fuck he was a lot older then me. We stared at each other for the longest time until Kash finally sat up, putting his boxers on.
"We probably shouldn't have done that," he said looking over at me. I shrugged.
"I disagree"
"You do?" He asked with his eyes scanning my face.
"Yeah I like you, you’re sexy as hell and you can fuck so what's the issue?" Kash laughed laying back down on the bed with me.
"I'm your teacher"
"No, don't say it like that you're my lecturer" I waved my hands over my face.
"Still if someone finds out about it I've lost my job" he looked sad and I put my hand on his chest.
"Okay then we stop" I said without believing it for a second. Kash nodded. "You're young to be a lecturer no?" I asked him, Noah was right, let's actually attempt to get to know him.
"Erm, kind of I got my degree at twenty then did a masters pretty much straight away" he shrugged.
"Wow, you're crazy smart," I laughed.
"On social policy which I believe you said was boring as fuck" he laughed and it made me smile.
"You haven't taught me enough yet" I said flirty. He suddenly groaned and I raised my eyebrow to him.
"Why have you got to be in my fucking class" I couldn't help but laugh lightly.
"So you don't want to stop?"
"No I dont even want to just fuck you either I would like to get to know you" his voice was low and it made my heart race.
"Then get to know me. We have tonight" Kash laughed rubbing my back with the palm of his hand.
"What's your degree?" He asked, staring at my face.
"Sociology, I literally just have to take your class before I get it." I looked down, running my hand over the duvet cover.
"What's the plan when you finish?" I looked up, honestly I had no fucking idea. I shrugged.
"Who knows I want to get into social research" Kash’s hand was still rubbing my back and it made me smile.
"Hmm what about policy?" he laughed as I shook my head. "What took you so long to get your degree?" He asked and I pulled my head back, so long? I was twenty four not forty four.
"I'm not that old to be a student"
"No I know sorry" he put his hand to his face and groaned.
"I wasn't the greatest in school I left and fucked about so I had to do a access course" I whispered now thinking Kash thought I was a fucking idiot. "I'm on track to get a first by the way I'm not an idiot I know people think because I'm older, but there's lots of older people in my classes and they look at me and my tattoos and my piercings in my ears and nose and just assume" I was rambling and Kash sat up and cut me off. "Alexandra woah I don't think that, stop" he held my face in his hands and gently kissed my lips. "I love your tattoos'' he said on my lips.
"You need some more" I chuckled and he did, Kash had some pretty amazing art work going half way down his left arm but he was still a blank canvas in my eyes.
"Do you have kids?" I asked him suddenly. He pulled away from my face slightly. "Yeah I have a son, his four" his face lit up and it made me smile.
"What's his name?' I looked up at him.
"That's cute, what's your set up? Do you see him often because you're not with her right?" I started panicking. Kash scoffed.
“No of course not. I see him Thursday to Sunday morning".
"Oh that's nice" I said and got into the covers. Kash joined me and I smirked up to him.
"You want me to go?" I shook my head.
"No" he laughed and dragged me over to him, his arm around me and hand rubbing my thigh.
"What are you thinking?" He asked me kissing my shoulder. It made me shiver in a good way and I moved closer to him.
"If we're really going to stop this" I spoke low and put my head back. Kash moaned and it made me laugh.
"Yes,” he replied, kissing my arm.
"Looks like it," I laughed.
"Now doesn't count come on"
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