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Part 4 : Demon Queens : Chapter 1

Silvia’s POV

“Let’s make a pact, Silvia,” Wynter sits with me in the sunshine of the balcony overlooking a ski resort on Mount Wilder, as we have the morning alone, “To be our eyes and ears this week, in blood… we girls only have each other… until we get this done. First I’ll share my plans with you. To absolve doom from this world.”

“I wish we weren’t doing this at 7am in the morning,” I whisper, looking at the glorious sunrise, “The Luna Witches had us up all night with their scary stories – and then I had a horrendous nightmare. And now we’re talking about doom.”

“Their scary stories didn’t scare me,” Cleo slams open the door and walks out onto the balcony to join Wynter and I, holding cocktails, “Drink,” Cleo winks, “While we still can.”

“As I just said. It’s 7am in the morning, are you both immune to the rules of mornings or what? I guess you’re not human like me. Fairy. Angel. That explains it,” I complain to Cleo too, these women were more insane than me. However, I take the offered cocktail anyway, and take a swig. Argh. So much straight liquor, how many shots did Cleo poison us with? Wynter’s wings flutter as she takes a sip of her poison cocktail too. Cleo takes a seat on another lounge under the gas heater.

“This rare eclipse happens once in a century, we need to be prepared next week,” Wynter warns us, “All our demons will lose control, Lucifer will rise, and that night may be our last. We will no longer be their favoured ones… we will be nothing but food.”

“Pssht, doubt,” Cleo takes a small sip of her cocktail, “They all love this fae pussy best – even when enraged. Anubis at his worst is really something else, girls. You wouldn’t know, Wynter –”

“I’m telling you this eclipse is different, it’s celestial,” Wynter argues, “Listen to me. This is serious. This is why I was talking to Silvia alone, because you’re so flippant about doom, Cleo.”

“I really wish we weren’t having this conversation at 7..03am in the morning,” I sigh and slouch in the chair, “If all fails. We’ll put ourselves in the vault, it’ll be fine. Onyx said it’d be fine.”

“I don’t think it’ll work,” Wynter counters, taking another sip of her poison, “We need a better plan. The Silver-Wynter was never reconciled. Lucifer’s threat is still real.”

“I forgot about this Silver-Wynter, I’m not worried,” I tell her, “And Lucifer loves you. The Angels returned. You were tasked with pleasing his sin, to keep him happy and content with not burning the world, sending it all into madness. Why can’t you continue to do that through Darc and his brothers?”

“This kind of celestial eclipse is a test never the less, when greatest good vs greatest evil,” Wynter looks frustrated making us try to understand, “You don’t understand.”

“You convinced our demons and yours to plan this holiday, just to plot against them?” I ask, “That’s kind of… evil… Wynter.”

“Tell us your plan, angel,” Cleo rushes to the point, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to sacrifice the world,” Wynter says boldly, “Hear me out.”

“Ah…” I open my mouth, and shut it.

“On the night of the eclipse, I’m going to open a portal, with all our magic, we’ll be very weak, we might even die, but not if we do it right. We’ll dump the power of the eclipse through this portal into a parallel universe. One where doom is certain. But that means, doom will never encompass us. Like, increasing our luck. Killing another earth, to ensure our survival in this world.”

“You want to kill the world in a parallel universe,” I state, “…how do you even know there is a parallel universe…”

“I’m going to make one,” Wynter shrugs.

“How?” Cleo asks carefully, “I learned about this stuff in my fairy schooling, I’m not liking the sound of this. This is risky magic, Wynter. You need an anchor to this world. You’ll need…” Cleo trails off, paling… if she’s worried, this is bad. Wynter nods, and takes over, explaining to me.

“I’m going to birth some new demons, full bloodied Lycans, like Onyx’s father Obsidian used to be.”

“Okay. No. Lycans like Obsidian are pure evil,” I instantly shake my head, “No way.”

Hear me out. I’m going to spawn them and force them into the parallel universe, evil will go rampart,” Wynter begs me to understand, “I’m doing it so Lucifer’s lust for total demon domination is satisfied, just not here. In another world. You won’t even know it’s happening.”

“The other people in the other world, they’ll experience pain,” I complain, “Horrific deaths – torture, all manner of evil. You can’t sentence someone to that. We’re here to balance it.”

“I won’t leave them helpless,” Wynter promises, “Extreme evil needs light to exist.”

“You’re going to ensure, these hyper evil Lycans have extremely angelic soulmates, aren’t you,” I murmur, “You’re wicked, Wynter –”

“Who said we have to win this war, with love, I mean, you did, but I’m saying let’s outsmart them this time,” Wynter reasons, “When we do this, the celestial eclipse will drain it’s evil energy into the parallel universe, keeping it alive.”

“Yeah. A planet running on pure evil –” I snap.

“With pure brides,” Cleo smiles.

Wynter relaxes her shoulders, turning to Cleo, after finding her support beacon, “You understand.”

“I do, I approve,” Cleo nods, “Let’s save our world.”

“By burning another,” I hold out my hand, like that should make it anymore obvious, “I thought you were an Angel – a good one?!”

“I’m plagued with committing sin and staying a virgin, okay, I can get away with this, the very fact I have that power means there will be some protection in the other world. They’ll be doomed but light will never die. Promise,” Wynter is too keen.

“Is that why you invited Gerry, Juny and Selene?” I whisper, “They’re fucking crazy.”

“We need all the power we can get, they channel Satan, I channel God, Cleo channels the ether world.”

“What do I do?” I ask, feeling slightly offended, “I’m a Queen of Lycans, which is basically a Queen of Demons, you know…? Oh, fuck,” I lose my smile, as I see Wynter’s slightly sadistic smirk, and Cleo’s pursed lips and dancing brows, “I’m the distraction,” I guess, monotone, “I’m the prostitute, aren’t I.”

“Don’t say that,” Wynter wags her finger at me, trying not to laugh, “You’re a great distraction though.”

“Why me? You should have asked Carmen,” I say, “Carmen and me.”

“…I already did…” Wynter murmurs, “I thought you’d do better as a team.”

“Oh, great,” I slouch in the lounge, and I drink half the cocktail in one gulp, “…where is Carmen anyway…?”

“Pretty sure she fell asleep with all the Luna Witches last night,” Cleo says.

“Go figure,” I feel the alcohol start to worm its way into my system.

“Just to clarify,” Wynter murmurs, “When you fuck all the pack…”

Yes, I become ridiculously powerful,” I growl, “But it’s still a pain. I fucking hate this plan.”

“I don’t,” Cleo teases me.

“How long do we have to plan?” I ask.

“Six days, six hours and six minutes,” Wynter jokes… I think.

Did someone summon us?!

I hear Juny call out from inside the apartment.

The door slides open and the Luna Witches pile out, wrapped in fluffy warm robes, Selene walks to a lounge and lays down, while Gerry and Juny lay either side of her, squishing each other to fit.

“It’s so fucking cold,” Selene burrs, “Someone turn up the heat!”

Gerry turns and waves her fingers at the branch of the tree overhanging the balcony. Snow explodes off the leaves as the branch bursts into fire and Juny hysterically laughs, while Selene chuckles.

Great, now we’re a god damn unholy fire hazard and we’ll probably get kicked out after our first night on this really cool holiday. I just hope the cold extinguishes the fire before the owners see it. The Luna Witches are quite content about it though, watching it intensely as it burns.

Carmen walks out onto the balcony last of all, dressed in a night gown and nothing more, she comes over to my lounge and lies down next to me, squishing me into the other side, she steals my cocktail and drinks the rest, “Did someone say my name before?” Carmen asks us all, “What’s up, bitches?”

“I’m sure Silvia will fill you in,” Wynter smiles at me.

“We have a job to prepare for,” I tell Carmen, closing my eyes and trying to sink into the lounge while the sun is out.

“How many demons we fucking?” Carmen jokes.

“The Lycans and your ancient vampires too, right?” Cleo asks Wynter.

“Unfortunately… yes,” Wynter murmurs.

“Oh, so we are having an orgy, I knew it,” Carmen smiles sweetly, “About time we all –”

“No, it’s not an orgy and please don’t give Onyx the idea that we’d willingly do that for them, their ego is already stroked enough,” I whisper, “And they might already be back from their morning walk, I don’t want them overhearing this. So please keep your voice down.”

“It’s not really an orgy,” Wynter explains quietly to Carmen, and to the Luna Witches, “We’re going to open a portal, duplicate the earth, and doom it to hell. To win the war. To give us an edge. Some luck.”

What are we doing?” Selene asks for the explanation again, dumbfounded.

“You’ll be creating some really, really, bad Lycans,” Wynter explains, “You have a week to collect the bones for this to work. We meet on the Eclipse. We don’t go into the vault.”

“How do we stay out of the vault, it was Darc’s plan, Onyx, Sardonix, Anubis, Oni, even Lucifer agreed it was safest for us, how do we evade their plan? They think they rule us,” I state the obvious, just worried for the answer.

“That’s where you and Carmen, do your thing,” Cleo explains, looking to the pretty angel for approval, “Right, Wynter?”

“Yes, do your thing,” Wynter nods at Cleo and me.

“Do our thing,” I tell Carmen, rolling my eyes, “What does that even mean?”

“That’s for you to work out, just roll with your instincts,” Wynter shrugs, “It can’t be that hard?”

“It’s too easy,” Carmen whispers and smiles at Wynter, “We don’t have to try and do that, it’s not hard.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Wynter asks me, “If it’s easy, just do it.”

That side of me still scared me.

That was the problem.

She was asking me to go full insane for the demons of our world, to attract them to me.

“If it makes you feel any better, Silvia,” Selene speaks up, “I think we’d do a much better job at fucking your pack than you,” she means it, and Gerry and Juny all smirk at me.

I clasp the cocktail glass so hard, the stem snaps and the glass cuts my hand, causing an instant bloody wound across my palm.

“Ah, fuck you!” I cry out and push Carmen aside to stand up. I glare at the Luna Witches, who look at the blood like they could use it.

When I turn around to face the inside of the apartment, the door slams open, and Onyx walks in – leading the rest of them.

Onyx, our son Sardonix, Cleo’s sons, Oni, Arma, Amon… and Wynter’s vampires, Darc, Ash, Fane, Horace and Solomon. They’re all in warm coats, human forms. Onyx is dressed as Priest Oswald, he even has the priest’s collar on and everything.

The first thing Priest Oswald notices, is my bloody palm. I smile and try to hide it behind my back, but he’s already coming this way.

I glare at the Luna Witches, who are all looking back at Oswald, my husband, my Lycan King, with hunger and lust in their eyes. I don’t blame them, but they have no shame, at all. God, they’d become so cocky.

Carmen helps to clean up the glass, grabbing a broom to cause a distraction, while Wynter smiles and tells us all through grit teeth before Onyx opens the door.

“Don’t act suspicious. Shut up and smile.”

Onyx Lycan Nightclub is BACK bishes :) I couldn’t help myself! I suggest you read Dark Academy, which is now complete and free to read, to get Wynter’s full story :) but it’s not entirely necessary if you don’t feel like it.

Demon Queens will be like a prequel to LYCAN DYSTOPIA: LLYRIAN.

I’ve also updated my website cswallownovels.com and I am super proud of it, check it out for info about all my series :)

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