Russian God

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Chapter Ten

We were back at Dimitri’s a little before seven in the evening. I grabbed some stuff, clothes, underwear etc from mine and found a screwdriver. Yes, he was adamant and took my pole down in about five minutes. God knows what my neighbours thought as he walked past them with a stripper pole.

“I’ve made some space for you. On the right hand side of the wardrobe.”

“Oh knew I was going to say yes? Wait where is your wardrobe?” I had never got my tour of his house and knew where nothing was.

“In there,” he pointed to a door closest to his bedroom door. I opened it and peaked in. Shit this man had a walk in closet. The left side was full of suits, one in every colour. I run my fingers over the material. They were fancy. In the middle where he’s slumming it clothes, jeans, tracksuit bottoms and the like. Above the wardrobe were shoes which travelled the whole square like wardrobe. I turned to my right and saw emptiness. That was for me then.
I poked my head out and he was sitting on the bed fiddling with my pole screws.
“Seriously, how much is Putin paying you?” I moved my thumb towards the wardrobe. He looked up confused for a second and then it hit him.
“Oh ha! I do alright. Here, how do I put this thing up?”
“You’re putting it in here?” I asked as I grabbed my small suitcase to return to the wardrobe.
“Yeah I want to lay on my bed while you do that upside down thing.”
“Oh a fan of my work yeah?” I giggled.
“Harper I nearly came in my boxers when I saw you do that.” I chuckled to myself as I started to put my things away. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that wouldn’t go away. Was I doing the right thing? I had known this man for a week. I felt like I was doing a Disney Princess vibe. No. I was doing the right thing. I had pushed every man away since Adrian and Latisha was right. How am I going to let something six years ago affect my life now? I’m sure he was happy with wife or kids or whatever so why couldn’t I? Why should I let that affect my life now? Maybe I should have spoken to that counsellor. It’s a bit late now. It fucked me up so much and looking back I know it was because my mum had just died. Like great timing Adrian.
“You okay? You’ve been in here ages,” his voice made me jump.
“I’m fine thanks. Sorry I’m coming out now.”
“It’s okay, take your time. I need to get my drill,” he winked and left the closet. I finished putting my stuff away and entered the bedroom to the noise of drilling. Dimitri was on a step ladder drilling the pole to the ceiling. I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed. Stepping down he started drilling the floor.
“I think that’s it,” he tried to wobble the pole.
“Let me try.” I twirled around it a few times, getting memento until I lifted my legs up around it. Leaving one leg out I twirled around the pole a few more times and jumped back down. “Yeah it’s fine.” I looked up at him and his jaw was nearly on the floor.

“Oh my god.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him.
“I could watch you do that forever,” his hand cupped my face and he kissed my cheek.
“I haven’t kissed you all day do you realise?” He asked.
“I have,” he smirked and his lips grazed mine.
“You want your treat now?”
“Yes. Let me call my boss first. See if I can work from home tomorrow.” I nodded and he got out his phone. Sitting on the bed he pressed a few buttons and put his phone to his ear. The person on the other end must have answered straight away as he started talking immediately. Can’t tell you what he was saying, it wasn’t in English. I twirled around the pole a few times waiting for him. I know Russian isn’t known as the sexiest language but him speaking in his mother tongue did things to me. Luckily I was wearing a bra because my nipples were rock hard. He came off the phone and threw it on his night stand.
“He gave me tomorrow off. I have to go into the office Tuesday but can work from home the rest of the week.” I jumped off the pole and came in between his legs.
“What did you say?”
“I said I had a visitor,” his hands came to my legs and rubbed up and down, pressing his forehead on my stomach I rubbed the back of his head.
“I could listen to you talk in Russian forever,” I purred out. His hands continued to rub up and down my legs.
“You’re in for a treat this week then. I don’t speak English at work.”
“Jesus,” I breathed out. “Am I able to give you head while you’re at your desk?” I heard him take a deep breath in.
“If I ever say no to that question take me outside and end it all,” he looked up at me smirking. His eyes holding onto mine. My knickers were getting wetter and I was proud of myself I held on all day. I moved from him and pushed him down on the bed.
“Your show Mr. Antonov.” He bit his bottom lip as he got comfortable. I grabbed my phone and it played my practice music out loud. Turning on his bedside lamp I went and turned off the main light.
“Fuck Harper.”
“I’ve not even started yet.” I laughed.
“I know this is going to be good.” I turned to him as I put my hand on the pole, he was adjusting his tracksuit bottoms. Wow Harper fully dressed only one hand on the pole and he already has a hard on. I undid my jeans and slowly wiggled out of them. Not the sexiest clothing to take off but by the look of his face and I think I managed it. I threw them to the side and jumped up on the pole. I climbed to the top and with one hand on the pole I spun around a few times. I removed one leg and held on with my right knee and right hand. I looked at him and his eyes were pitch black. Yep this was definitely working. Sitting up he came closer to the edge of the bed and therefore closer to me. I slid down to the bottom of the pole. Both my legs were wrapped around holding me up as I threw my jumper off. I was wearing the black underwear set he liked.
“You wore my favourite,” his voice was deep and sexy as fuck. I nodded jumping back up to the top. I wrapped my legs around it and went upside down. It took me fucking ages to learn this and for some reason it drove men crazy. I placed my hands above my head still upside down. Letting go of my legs I did a flip and was the right way up again. As I spun all the way down I unclipped my bra with my free hand. I jumped off and walked towards him, both bra straps down I pulled it off in one swoop.
His hands automatically went to my breasts and it made my head go back.
“Your body is beautiful Milaya.” Both his thumbs were rubbing over my ridiculously hard nipples as he kissed my stomach and my whole body shook. Harper get it together! He was distracting me from my lapdance. I bent down and danced back up, my hands on his knees and I was inches from his neck. I came back down to a squat and slowly pulled my knickers down. His eyes followed my hands as I stepped out of my knickers. Rolling my body towards him, both his hands grabbed my thighs and he pulled me on top of him.
“Really?” I faked an angry face.
“My dick would be worthless to you if I let you finish. Fuck,” he bit into my neck making my body tremble.
“Dimitri”. He started to get up and flipped me on the bed.
“Oh I get a lap dance as well?” My eyebrows raised.
“Ha! I’ll keep it to the professional thanks.” He pulled his t-shirt off from the back and pulled his trousers down.
“I didn’t know you had that?” I looked at his left thigh and saw a deep scar going from side to side. I looked up at him and his face was different.
“I’ve always had it,” is all he said. His hands were by his side and I kicked myself. Well done Harper. But I have started now so better finish.
“How did you get it?”
“I can’t remember,” my head moved back. Yeah bullshit. I went to talk but thought better of it. I grabbed the top of his boxers and pulled him closer to me.
“Sorry,” I spoke, giving him my best puppy dog eyes.
“It’s fine.” Voice rough again but it clearly wasn’t fine. I looked up at him as I pulled his boxers down. Thank fuck his dick was still hard as a rock. I grabbed it with my hand and stroked up.
“Harper,” he breathed out. Bending down he grabbed the back of my thighs and threw me back. He was pissed but my eyebrow raised, might be a good thing for me. Pushing his hips towards mine his dick sat at the front of me. Finally, his lips smashed into mine, one hand on my thigh and the other on my cheek, my mouth opened for him. The kiss itself nearly made me cum right there and then. Kissing me like it was his last, his tongue travelled the whole of my mouth. Pulling back I could barely breathe.
“Fuck Dimitri.”
“I told you I missed you.” He went in for another kiss making my back arch. He pulled away quicker this time and pulled my left leg.
“Turn around. On your knees,” fuck. Fuck this man. I did what I was told. I got on my hands and knees and sucked in a breath as he grabbed me at my stomach and pulled me backwards to sit on his lap. My chest was rising and falling at speed, he was driving me crazy as he bit my neck and kissed up to my ear.
“I’m putting my dick in your tight pussy now.” I moaned out, my god! Pushing me back onto my hands and knees he pushed his dick into me. “Are you on the pill?” His voice was much stronger and I had to stop myself from laughing. “Yes,” that’s all he needed and grabbed my hips with both hands pulling out and slamming into me.
“Dimitri!” I called out as he hit my gspot. My legs started shaking and every time he slammed back into me and onto my gspot I had to catch my breath. As our bodies slammed together I could hear his hips smashing into my backside. His breathing was getting quicker and deeper and I wished I could turn around and see his beautiful face. My hips were starting to hurt as his grip was so strong, he put his foot up next to my knee and my eyes nearly rolled back in my head. I don’t think he could be any deeper. He growled before speaking.
“Your pussy is tight as fuck. You drive me crazy Harper.” I moaned out, I loved when he talked during sex. I felt his dick twitch as he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. “Are you going to cum with me?” He growled out.
“Yeah” is all I could muster. Slamming into me even harder made my pussy clamp shut as I screamed out. One hand on my head he pushed me down, my body was now flat on the bed. I felt his hands move to the base of my back. Using my back to leverage himself his dick thrusted into me, his pace quickened and his breath sounded like he had just run a marathon. I moaned into the pillow, my orgasm smashing into me. It was so powerful it made me want to stand up. My clit was tingling like crazy and I felt water down my leg. Shit. Again.
“Harper, you’ve got my bed wet again. You naughty girl.” I nearly came again as he pulled all the way out and back in, filling me. He moaned out and put the majority of his weight onto my back. I felt his dick pulsate and his cum shoot inside me. Dimitri came out of me and put his hand on my back. I looked up at him.
“Come in the shower with me,” it wasn’t really a question and he helped me get up, my legs were like jelly. We got into the shower and he turned it on, the water made me jump and he wrapped his arms around me.
“For what? Making me squirt all over your bed?” I rolled my eyes.
“Twice,” he threw his head back laughing. I playfully slapped his chest as he kissed my neck. The water ran over us and he pushed me further into the stream.
“Sorry for being aloof. Is that the right word? I obviously know how I got a massive scar on my leg.” He reached up and grabbed his shower gel, putting some on his hand he reached down in between my legs and cleaned me.
“Dimitri,” I squirmed. That felt nicer than I expected. “It’s okay you don’t want to talk about it.” Those damn eyes met mine again as his hand trailed over my clit, it made me squirm again and my knees buckled a little. I grabbed his forearm as he got quicker. Without any warning he pushed a finger inside of me and I called out. “Dimitri! Was.. we...not...talking?” I could barely get my sentence out as he rubbed my clit with his thumb, finger still inside of me.
“Squirt for me first.” I placed both hands on either side of the shower as I started panting. Fuck I had never been fingered like this in my whole life.
“Come in me,” I whispered.
“No. I want to watch you properly.” His fingers quickened and he moved them slightly to hit my gspot. From the rough doggy we had just done I was over sensitive and could feel myself coming.
“Dimitri, it’s too much,” I gripped his arm.
“You want me to stop milaya?” I shook my head as his eyes stared at me. My head went down as I groaned out my voice echoing in the shower. Dimitri’s face was looking at my crotch and I suddenly felt a rush to my clit. “Fuck!” I threw my head back and felt a splash. This bastard. Slowly moving his hand, it trailed up my stomach.
“Three for three.” He winked.
“Do you enjoy terrorising me with something you know embarrasses me?” I was slightly pissed off.
“Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a proper ego boost for me. You’ve never squirted in your life and you meet me and every time my dick or my hand is in your pussy you squirt fucking everywhere,” he kissed my neck. I moaned in annoyance and put my hand on his chest.
“You were saying? Your scar?”
“I was stabbed. Years ago,” his mouth was still on my neck.
“It looks bad.”
“It was”, he washed his own chest now. “I nearly died.”
“How old were you?”
“12,” my mouth fell open in shock.
“In Russia?”
“Yeah my dad upset someone and they came for me.” I suddenly kissed his lips. It felt like the right thing to do and I was loving this opening up Dimitri. Responding he grabbed my hips and slipped his tongue in my mouth, massaging my own, his grip tightened and I bit down on his bottom lip.
“See how much you drive me crazy,” he murmured in my mouth. I put my head back and giggled.
“What do you want to do now?”
“I’m hungry,” he replied, getting out of the shower. I followed him and he handed me a towel.
“What do you want?”
“Let me cook something for you.” He walked out the bathroom.


I sat at Dimitri’s table, I could see the kitchen and he had no shirt on. His back had muscles I didn’t even know existed, I noticed his large piece of art on his back and it was sexy as hell. Coming over to the table he put a plate down. I chuckled, looking up at him.
“Kind of. We call them blini. They’re nicer than your pancakes.” I laughed.
“They look really nice.”
“Thanks, I can make other food,” he chuckled, putting down some honey on the table.
“Oh you have them with honey?” Sitting down he nodded.
“Loads of stuff really whatever you want. Most people put caviar on them but that’s not for everyone,” he winked grabbing my hand.
“You look tired.” He spoke before starting to eat.
“I am, you do that to me.”
“Ha! We’ll go to bed after this.”
“Yeah. I don’t like that voice.” I rolled my eyes at him.
“What are we doing?”
“We are eating”, he tried to be serious but he broke into a smile. “Coming from the woman who constantly tries to push me away. That’s funny milaya.”
“No I don’t! Sorry I’m half living in your house, you’re fucking me stupid without a condom,” his eyebrow rose.
“I just wondered if we’re exclusive?”
“Exclusive?” He looked confused at the word.
“Like only seeing each other.” He picked up his fork and let it hang in his hand.
“Of course. I’ve been with just you since I first met you.” I smiled at him, my heart fluttering out of my chest. “Also that feisty shit you do makes my dick hard so if you want to sleep tonight I’d shut up”. I finished my food and got up to the sink.
“I’m going to bed.” I tried to make my voice angry but he wasn’t buying it.
“You can’t. I have to change the sheets,” he laughed bringing the rest of the plates to the sink. My shoulders dropped in annoyance.
“Chill,” he kissed my nose as we walked up the stairs. Dimitri wouldn’t let me help him so I stood awkwardly in the corner while he changed the sheets. So fucking embarrassing.
“I’m running out of sheets milaya, I’ll need to fuck you in the bath soon.”
“Fine by me,” my words came out as they entered my head.
“That’s tomorrow sorted then. Go on get in.” I sunk into his amazing bed. Yep I definitely could get used to staying here. Getting in next to me he leaned on his elbow looking directly at me.
“You want to be my girlfriend?” The bluntness of the question threw me and I moved my head back.
“What?” Is all I could muster.
“You asked me if we were exclusive?” He stopped to make sure he was saying the word correctly.
“And I said I was. Are you?”
“Of course,” and I was. Quite frankly I hadn’t been around a man in months before I met Dimitri.
“So you asked me if we were exclusive, I’m only seeing you. You’re only seeing me, does that not just make us partners?” His face looked generally baffled and it was so sweet. My stomach had dropped and I was starting to panic.
“We’ve know each other for five minutes.”
“So what? You do that with men all the time?” It was a genuine question and I had to bite back from being feisty.
“No never.”
“Me neither. So does that not reflect on how we feel about each other?” He made a fair point and I smiled at it. “We’ve not done anything slow. We did sleep together on our first date.” He said.
“You regret it?” I asked, my eyebrows scrunched.
“What are you crazy no,” he cupped my face in his hand. “Maybe I’m not understanding the word but you asking it made me realise that I would lose my shit if you were near another man.”
“Ermm,” I said laughing
“You know what I mean.” Kissing my nose again his hand came down to my waist. “Up to you. Think about it,” he turned on his back and closed his eyes. I knew what he was doing and it was working. I ignored him, got up, swiping my phone off the side and went into the bathroom. I needed my best friend to help me asap.

Harper: ‘You up? Need text advice.’

Latisha: ‘Course. You okay?’

She texted back immediately and clearly had her phone in her hand.

Harper: ‘Dimitri just asked me to be his girlfriend.’

I sat on the closed toilet and had a shiver. It was freezing in here.

Latisha: ‘What’s the problem? Lol! Say yes, you know you want to. You’re crazy about him.’

Harper: ‘I’ve not know him long?’

Latisha: ‘So what? Couldn’t be any worse than any other dickhead you’ve been with. Works out great, doesn’t you move on.’

I looked at my phone and smiled. She was right and I knew she wanted me to be happy. Especially as her and Graham were moving onto bigger and better things. Nobody wanted me to be left on the side alone and this amazing man was opening up to me. I’d have to be a fucking idiot to push him away. Again.

Latisha: ‘Go back outside, because I know you’re hiding in the toilet. Lol! Tell him yes and live happily ever after. The guy is perfect for you. Your type, good job, massive dick and cares.’

I let a tear slip from my eye and smiled.

Harper: ‘You’re right as always. Thank you so much. I’m sorry to wake you.’

Latisha: ‘You didn’t, my back is killing me.’
Harper: ‘You okay?’

Latisha: ‘I’m fine. It’s normal. I’m going to get in the bath, see you at 1:30 at mine Tuesday?’

Harper: ‘Yes. Can’t wait.’

I took a deep breath and put my phone on the window sill. Opening the door, I peeked out. Dimitri was laying under the covers, one arm behind his head, he looked like he was in a deep sleep and I carefully got in next to him. I laid my head down and closed my eyes.
“What did Latisha say?” I turned my head round to him, his eyes were shut but he had a smirk on his face.
“You’re good. Want to know exactly what she said?” Nodding his hand fell into mine, stroking my palm.
“She said your perfect for me for multiple reasons”
“What were the reasons?”
“You have a good job, a massive dick and you care about me”
“Wow Latisha got me spot on” I slapped his chest as he opened his eyes laughing.
“I’m not putting pressure on you, milaya you know that. If you say no,” he shrugged, “nothing will change”.
“And if I say yes?” My heart was in my throat at this point and as he looked at me I swallowed. I had a feeling in my chest that I’ve never had before and it made me want to throw up. Putting my hands over my face I realised what it was. I was falling in love with Dimitri.
“I treat you like my princess,” his accent got ridiculously strong as he said that sentence and my insides ached.
“You already do,” I whispered.
“A queen then.” I lent down and kissed his lips, his arm came around me and pulling me closer his tongue entered my mouth. His other hand grabbed my face and his tongue went deeper in my mouth. Pulling away he closed his eyes.
“Good.” Pulling me in closer my head rested on his chest.

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