Russian God

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Chapter Eleven

Me and Latisha sat in the hospital waiting room. I was flicking through a magazine and she was biting half her hand off.
"Relax, it will be fine," I turned to her.
"I know, I know. Come on, tell me about Mr Dimitri, take my mind off it. What did he say when you said yes?"
"Good" She threw her head back in laughter.
"He said good?"
"Yep. Then went to sleep," I rolled my eyes.
"Do you see a future with him?" I thought about the question for a minute then turned back to her. "Yes hundred percent. I'm still trying to find out what's wrong with him."
"Nothing. I can tell you now. Nothing."
"Ms. Green?" A woman in scrubs called out. Latisha stood up at lightning speed and I followed closely behind.
"Hi Latisha I'm going to do your scan today please pop on the bed, roll your trousers down." Latisha did just that and the radiographer looked over at me.
"I'm her friend. Can I stay?" I asked.
"Of course. Take a seat. Right I'm going to put some cold jelly on your stomach and then find that baby." Latisha looked over at me and grinned. I grabbed her hand as I watched the screen in front of us.
"Right, ah! Can you see that lighter mark there?" Both me and Latisha squinted towards the screen.
"Yeah," she nodded.
"Well that's your baby! And that dark patch there?" We both nodded.
"That's your baby's heart. Beating very nicely. You can't make out any limbs or anything just yet but that's a strong heart." I looked over at Latisha and she had tears in her eyes.
"Babe it's brilliant." I gave her a side hug.
"Let me take a picture for Graham. Can I do that?" I asked the radiographer.
"Of course, I can print some photos as well."
"Oh yes please," Latisha said. I snapped a picture with my phone and grabbed her hand again.
"I'm just going to take some measurements". Latisha turned to me, tears rolling down her face now. "What happened to us?"
"What do you mean?" I chuckled.
"I'm pregnant and you're actually in a relationship with a Russian god."
"You know I was thinking the same thing the other day." I laughed.
"When are you at work?"
"Thursday". She just nodded.
"I think you should get out."
"Right that's all done ladies. Take your time getting up Latisha, I'll put your maternity notes at the front desk and they'll book your next scan, your photos are in there too."
"Thank you," we both said. Latisha got up and sorted her trousers.
"Because you don't need it babe. You can do so much better than that place."
"But you got me the job". I stated, confused where this was coming from.
"I know. I don't know what I'm saying. But," she paused putting her jacket on.
"I'm fucking proud of you. Letting a man into your life like this after your mum and Adrian is a massive achievement. I think for you to properly heal you need to leave that place." I got what she was saying but I didn't agree.
"Thanks. I know you're right. I'm not ready to leave yet but I'm cutting my shifts. Only doing the weekends really," I mumbled.
"That's good! I know you hate it when people tell you to leave and I'm not telling you I just know you would be happier out of there. Trust me I know." We were near the reception desk now arms linked in each other’s.
"Did you want to have some lunch?" Latisha asked me.
"Oh yes please! Let's feed that baby of yours!" I drove to the hospital so we jumped in my car and went to a local deli we both loved. Sitting by the window Latisha ordered everything on the menu.
"We should all go out, the boys too." I nodded in agreement. "I would like to meet Dimitri not in a bra and thong," Latisha laughed, I burst out laughing.
"Yeah I would love for him to meet you properly and Graham."
"Shall we have dinner Sunday? My place?" Latisha asked, a huge smile on her face. I had excitement in my stomach. This was big Latisha never met anybody I was talking to.
"Yep perfect 6ish?"
"Plan my dear!" My phone caught me off guard ringing next to me. I looked down and it was Dimitri.
"Hey milaya I've got two minutes. Did Latisha get on okay?"
"She did. We heard the baby's heartbeat " she grinned at me across the table.
"That's brilliant. I'll be home at about six is that okay?"
"Yeah that's fine. I'll make dinner."
"Okay bye."
"Bye." I put my phone back down and looked up at Latisha. She had the biggest grin on her face.
"Swear down your waiting up for your man to finish work and then make him dinner? Who are you?" I chuckled as our food arrived.
"I know right. Proper out of body experience."
"I'm so happy for you babes. Like seriously."
"Thank you."
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