Russian God

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Chapter Tweleve

“Do I look alright?” Dimitri came into the living room, worry on his face.
“Yes,″ he looked more than alright. A blue polo shirt and jeans that I wanted to rip off there and then.
“I’m worrying.”
“Why? It’s only dinner with Latisha and Graham.” I scoffed.
“What if they don’t like me?” I stood up smiling, it still baffled me he had insecurities.
“They will love you.” I put my hands on his shoulders. “Come on. We’re going to be late, do you want me to drive? Latisha bought you vodka”. He chuckled, handing me his keys.
“I am not driving your Bentley,” his face was screwed up as he tried to guide me out the door.
“Just drive it. It’s just a car”.

I drove 10 miles an hour to Latisha’s house and knew we should have just walked. Knocking on the door I felt him shuffle behind me.
“Will you relax.”
“Hey!” Latisha shouted as she opened the door. Grabbing me into a cuddle as I stepped into her house.
“Hello Mr Dimitri nice to see you again,” her cheeks must have been hurting how big her smile was.
“Hi Latisha nice to meet you properly.” She kissed both his cheeks and we walked into her living room. Graham was opening up a bag of some snacks and looked up as we walked in.
“Ahhh Harper!” He gave me a cuddle.
“This is Dimitri,” I put my hand towards him.
“Wow you’re a massive guy,” Graham chuckled. To be fair Graham was hardly much taller than me and Dimitri towered over me. Graham was a lovely guy, a soft face with short hair and a long beard.
“Nice to meet you man,” he put his hand out to Dimitri who shook it.
“You too. And congratulations on the baby”. Dimitri smiled.
“Aww thank you. Did Harp tell you about the scan?” Latisha said, handing Dimitri a drink. “Vodka right?” He nodded, taking a sip.
“She did. I think she was more excited than you.”
“That sounds about right. Sit please.” Graham said as we sat down.
“Do you want a drink babes?” Latisha said but she was talking to me.
“I’ll just have a coke please.”
“Graham get Harp a coke please.” Dimitri laughed, nearly snorting his drink.
“I’ll get it,” I went to stand up.
“No Harper I will.” Graham went to walk out the door.
“Dish up for me please,” Latisha winked at him and sat in his chair.
“How was work?” She asked. Dimitri sat back putting his arm around my shoulder.
“Good. It’s so boring there now though.”
“Why?” Latisha asked. Graham walked in and handed me a coke. “Thanks. Because Stephen is leaving now.”
“No way!”
“Who?” Graham asked as he put our dinner on the table. “The gay bartender?”
“Yeah that’s him. Where is he going?” Latisha took a sip of her drink.
“Graham do you need any help?” Dimitri asked half standing.
“Yeah please mate and get you away from strip club talk.” Dimitri chuckled as he stood up and went into the kitchen with Graham. Latisha raised her eyes and mouthed ‘that’s good’ I nodded.
“A proper job he told me. Something in fashion.”
“Oh that’s so shit. Me and him were the two best people there!”
“I know! That’s my problem!” I chuckled. The boys came in with plates and sat down.
“Come on,” Graham said and we made our way to the table.
“Latisha, this looks amazing,” Dimitri said looking at his dinner. Latisha had made the only thing she could lasagne.
“Thank you. Help yourself to salad.” As we sat and began eating Graham looked up at me.
“So when you leaving that shit hole Harper?”
“Soon. I will, I’ll get out of there soon.” Dimitri grabbed my leg and squeezed it as if to say don’t do that.
“Well if you and Dimitri get serious you’ll have to leave.”
“Graham,” Latisha growled across the table.
“Why?” Dimitri asked. Oh fuck Graham shut the fuck up.
“Because it’s a strip club mate,” he chuckled and I regret thinking Graham was a nice guy. “Who wants their girlfriend to be a stripper?” Latisha looked at me, she looked devastated.
“Graham stop,” she said firmly.
“No, it’s fine. I don’t mind.” Dimitri looked at me smiling. “I honestly couldn’t care less if Harper was a stripper.” He put some food in his mouth.
“Really?” Graham said shocked.
“Yeah she’s good. Couldn’t care less.” I smiled and caught Latisha’s eye and she grinned at me.
“You’re a better man than me! I’d rather my rent wasn’t paid with thong money but hey,” he shrugged.
“Graham, that’s enough!” Latisha shouted.
“It’s alright. That’s your opinion. Harper doesn’t have to get her thong money out with me so it doesn’t bother me.” Dimitri smirked. I looked up at him baffled. He clearly was trying to be on his best behaviour, the Dimitri I knew wouldn’t accept that off Graham normally.
“What do you do?” Latisha asked, changing the subject.
“I work at the Russian embassy.”
“Oh like a spy?” Graham laughed, shovelling some food in his mouth. Jesus Graham shut the fuck up.
“Nah, not as interesting as that unfortunately. Just admin shit.”
“Graham can you get the vinegar please?” Latisha asked, looking at me. Graham sighed and went into the kitchen.
“I’m,” she started
“Latisha stop it’s fine.” Dimitri looked at her and smiled. “I’m used to the spy shit seriously. It’s his opinion about the job I didn’t come here to debate strippers with him.”
“Thanks. Oh god my pregnancy hormones,” she said wiping under her eyes. “Harper please don’t ever let this one go. Promise me.” I chuckled and grabbed his hand under the table.
“I won’t I promise.”

We drove back in silence. Looking over at him I could tell the cogs were moving in his head. After dinner the atmosphere got better and we even played a few games and Dimitri and Graham had a laugh. We got into the bedroom and Dimitri ripped his top off from the back and turned to me. From his face he was over the pretend to be friends with Graham game.
“What is with that guy?” His face looked like stone as I sat on the bed.
“I don’t know. He loves her though.”
“Does he? Always talking shit about her ex profession she met him doing that job right?” He asked, his voice strained.
“Like us?” He asked, sitting next to me.
“No they met through friends but Latisha never hid her job. He knew the night he met her she was a stripper.”
“I don’t get it.” He stood up taking his jeans off. “Thong money? Like is he five?” I cracked up and started to take my jewellery off.
“Don’t let him bother you. That’s between them.”
“Rent money, like look after your woman and then she wouldn’t need to put her hand in her thong,” he was shaking his head.
“Stop seriously. Why are you letting it bother you so much?”
“Because he’s a dick. When you’re with someone you’re meant to support them in everything. Sounds like he just made her feel like shit everyday. If he says that stuff to us, to me, a stranger, imagine what he said to her, just the two of them.” I nodded, he had a good point.
“Yeah but I suppose Latisha wanted to get out by herself and he just pushed her. Like before she found out she was pregnant she told him three months and she was gone.”
“Hmm maybe. Don’t get me started on the spy shit.”
“No Dimitri” I giggled “we ain’t going there again.” I went to walk away and he grabbed my hand, pulling me back towards him.
“Let me fuck you please,” he kissed my neck making my knees feel weak.
“Of course Mr Antonov. You don’t have to ask.” I wiggled out of my pencil skirt and he undid my shirt buttons for me. I threw my shirt on the floor and he picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist and my head went down to his. Pushing me onto the back of the door his tongue opened my mouth and he explored. God this man could kiss. I held his face in my hands pushing my body onto him.
“Milaya,” he whispered, tightening his grip around my backside. “Question,” he said, pulling away from my face.
“What?” I could feel my face scrunch up.
“Don’t freak.”
“What Dimitri that’s making me freak.” He kissed my chest lightly, ignoring the panic in my voice.
“Can I fuck you in the arse?” I threw my head back in shock and put my hand on my chest.
“I said don’t freak.”
“What kind of question is that?“. I screeched out.
“You can say no.”
“Why did you ask me that?”
“Because I want to fuck you in the arse. I thought that was obvious”. He laughed.
“I’ve never done anal before.” I swear my hands were shaking, from panic and excitement.
“Oh even better.” He growled, biting my chest.
“Okay,” I breathed out.
“No not okay milaya I want you to want it.”
“I do. You’re just fucking massive.” He chuckled looking up at me.
“I won’t hurt you.” He carried me to the bed and dropped me down. I looked up at him, he was so beautiful but my body was panicking. I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again.
“Relax.” He whispered as he came above me and kissed my neck. I just nodded. “That’s not relaxing.” I chuckled, rubbing my hands on his shoulders. He laid down next to me and using my thigh pushed me onto my side.
“Tell me to stop if you want,” his voice was in my ear and it made my back arch. I heard his side draw open and shut. I clamped my eyes shut and then opened them quickly again. Relax Harper what was so hard about that.
I felt his hand on my back and then his dick in between my cheeks. I took a deep breath in. One hand came around me and I felt him kiss my shoulder.
“You ready?” I just nodded. “Talk to me. I’m not doing this with a nod.”
“I’m ready. I’m scared but I’m ready.” I felt his other hand pull my knickers down and grab my arse and pull me up. His hand was in between us now and as his dick touched me again I could feel it was wet. Thank fuck he had loads of lube on. I breathed out feeling a little better, hugging the arm wrapped around me. My eyes shut when his dick came to my back entrance and I concentrated on my breathing. I grabbed his arm as his tip went in. Oh my, I’m not sure I like this feeling. Kissing my shoulder, he got closer to me and deeper inside. I suddenly let out a moan. Oh wow this wasn’t so bad.
“I want all of you Harper. ” his words nearly made me cum as he got quicker. I could feel his dick wasn’t all the way in but the feeling was nice. His pace quickened inside of me as his hand came to my clit and he started moving his finger up and down.
“You like it?”
“Yeah,” I was barely audible. Putting his other arm under my neck it wrapped around my chest and I was happy to have it there. Some support because I couldn’t see his face. I groaned as his dick got deeper inside of me and his finger was still on my clit. His breathing suddenly became very laboured and his arm around my chest tightened. I kissed it as he whispered to me.
“I’m going to cum soon, do you want my fingers inside you?” I nearly passed out with the question.
“Yes,” I said firmly and he did what he was told. Putting two fingers into my pussy making me groan and throw my head back. His pace of his dick started to get quicker and he started grunting. His fingers matched his pace and he suddenly moaned in my ear.
“Harper fuck. I’m done.” I felt his whole groin spasm and his cum inside of me. Great. How I was going to clean that fuck knows. Arms coming loose he slowly came out of me. I laid back down on my back staring in his face.
“You didn’t cum,” I shook my head. “Why?” I laughed out loud.
“Was why the first English word you learnt or something?” Confusion was all over his face. I was being mean. “You say why a lot. Ignore me.”
“Do I? Oh I never realised. You’re the only person I talk to in English though.” He stopped, his brow still crinkled. “Why didn’t you cum?” He was standing over me dick in his hand and I really needed to have a shower. I could feel his cum coming out of me. “You didn’t enjoy it? You should have stopped me.”
“Dimitri, I enjoyed it. Can you please get in the shower and I’ll meet you in there?” I chuckled to him. Doing what I actually asked he went into the bathroom, leaving the door wide open, I heard the shower start. I looked down, fuck how was I going to get to the bathroom without cum everywhere? I swung my legs over the bed and got up, looking down. I saw most of the cum was on the bed. This poor man’s bed. I peeked my head around the bathroom and Dimitri was standing by the sink texting on his phone.
“Are you okay?” I asked. Looking up he threw his phone on the side.
“I’m good milaya. I’ve had a shower.” He grabbed my face with both of his hands and lightly kissed my lips. “Thank you for trusting me,” his lips were barely off mine and it sent good shivers down my spine. I smiled, putting my hands around his waist. He went to talk but closed his mouth.
“Nothing. I’ll meet you in bed,” he kissed my lips again and walked out of the bathroom. I took a hot shower and in a towel came back to the bed. Dimitri was laying down, eyes open staring at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong?” I got into bed with him.
“Nothing,” he didn’t even look at me and I could tell something was most definitely wrong.
“Was it your phone?” He turned his head to look at me.
“It’s nothing I can’t sort. Sorry I’m not being nice to you.”
“What’s happened?”
“It was my brother. My mother isn’t well.” I sat up and put my hand on his chest.
“Oh? What’s wrong?”
“They don’t know. She’s in hospital.” His eyes looked glazed over and I kissed his cheek.
“I’m going to have to go back”
“To Russia?” My stomach dropped.
“Yeah but I don’t know when I can”. I looked at him puzzled.
“Work will give you time off no?”
“Yeah maybe. I’ll talk to them.” He grabbed me with both hands and dropped me down. Leaning on his elbow he hovered over me.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be”. Kissing my lips gently he ran his hand through my hair.
“If you need to go, go.” I said softly.
“I don’t want to leave you ”
“You’ll come back” I chuckled. “Right?”
“Of course. But I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.” I rubbed my hand on his cheek.
“We’ll deal with it.” He kissed my forehead.
“What did I do to deserve you?” He kissed me again. Laying down he pulled me closer to him and fell asleep with his head in my hair.

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