Russian God

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Chapter Thirteen

Dimitri was working in his office. The door was shut as he was in a meeting but I could hear his voice faintly in the background. I had work tonight so I was laying on the sofa in my pyjamas. Flicking through the channels on his ridiculously unnecessarily huge TV. I landed on sky news and kept it there hoping I could see the weather.
“News just in. Russian embassy workers Maxim Petrov and Dimitri Antonov’s trial has been scheduled for August the 18th.” My mind went fuzzy and I tried to shake it off. What the fuck did she just say? My hands shaking, I rewound the TV to hear her say it again. Suddenly a picture of Dimitri and another man came up on screen.
“Dimitri!” I screamed. Nothing.
“Both are charged with espionage and attempted murder after friend Alexander Chernyshevsky fell dangerously ill after dinner with the two men.”
“Dimitri!!” I screamed even louder. I was standing up but had no idea how I got there. The study door opened and he looked at me.
“What! Why the fuck are you screaming?” I pointed to the TV, my hand was shaking like crazy and I had to sit down because of the pain in my chest. Coming over he looked at the TV which now obviously had the weather. He looked down at me confused. With my shaking hand I grabbed the remote and rewound his TV for the second time and pressed play. The woman’s voice boomed out again.
“News just in. Russian embassy workers Maxim Petrov and Dimitri Antonov’s trial has been scheduled for August the 18th.” I paused the TV and turned to him. His face was pure white and he came towards me.
“No. No. What the fuck is that?” I pointed to the TV.
“A misunderstanding.” I stood up backing away as he walked towards me. Smashing into a chair I stumbled to the ground.
“Harper!” he went to grab me and I slapped his hand away.
“What the fuck was that?” I growled at him still on the floor.
“A misunderstanding. Let me explain.”
“No!” I jumped up hurting my back in the process.
“Sit down you’ve hurt yourself.” I turned and ran up the stairs. I heard him behind me and I ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Putting all my body weight on it he tried to push it against me.
“Harper move from the door. I push it, you go flying.”
“No! Go away! Leave me alone!” My mind was going crazy. Dimitri was on trial for attempted murder? Espionage? I didn’t even know that was a thing. Tears left my eyes as I pictured him on the other side of the door. Did I even know this man? How many times had he been vague with me? His job? The fact that he has a fucking Bentley? Can tip me a thousand pound? My heart was beating so fast and I needed to sit down. I knew the minute I left this door he would push it open.
“Harper please. Don’t push me away let me explain.” I put my back to the door and fell all the way to the ground. My back was fucking killing me but I was ignoring it. “Harper,” my body went forward as he pushed the door. I sat still sobbing, my body shaking with my head in my hands. “I mean it, I’ll kick the door in.”
“Fuck off!” I screamed my throat hurting as I did so. Then suddenly silence. I felt his weight on the door and sobbed even harder. What hurt me the most is I now have to give up this man. This man that lied to me. Even if it wasn’t true and he wasn’t some murdering spy why had he not told me? A massive thing in his life and he kept it a secret? All the things we had shared for what? Jack shit. Again it just proved everything he had said and did was a lie. I was just a stripper he wanted to fuck. I scanned the room, I needed to get the fuck out of here now. I needed to change and grab my purse and go.
“Can you let me get ready,” my voice was trembling.
“Then you’ll talk to me?”
“Yes,″ I lied. I felt his weight being removed from the door and pushed myself up. I stood staring at the door as I walked away. It didn’t open. I went into the closet and grabbed the closest things. My other shit can wait. I changed at the speed of light and grabbed my purse looking in. I checked everything was there. Car keys, door keys and phone. I turned back around to the door and took a deep breath. Slowly opening it I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw he wasn’t behind it. I tiptoed down the stairs and made it to the front door. I unclipped the lock and opened it. I blew out as it didn’t make a sound. I slowly walked out and unlocked my car.
“Harper.” I turned around and he was standing at the door.
“Where are you going?”
“Home. Don’t contact me.” I opened the car door and he ripped open the passenger.
“Dimitri I’m driving home. If I run you over I run you over.” I tried to step in the car and his hands were on my arms.
“You said we would talk.”
“I don’t want to talk to you. Let go of me”. I tried to wiggle out of his grip with no luck. He pushed me against my car trapping me in his arms.
“I didn’t do anything. Believe me.”
“Get the fuck off me.”
“Harper tell me you believe me.”
“Are you deaf? Get the fuck off me.”
“No! Not until you tell me that you believe me”. I took a breath in and with all my might kneed him in the groin. His arms came loose and he dropped to the floor. I didn’t even look at him as I got in my car and drove away. I couldn’t even see the road as my eyes were full. Luckily I didn’t crash and parked outside. I ran in and into my bedroom. I didn’t even fall into bed, I just stood there in utter disbelief. I looked at my phone, he had already tried to call me eight times. Suddenly my phone rang again but it was Latisha.
“Harper did you watch the news?”
“Yes,” is all I could muster.
“What the fuck! Is Dimitri okay?”
“I have no idea. I just ran from his house.”
“What did you actually expect me to stay there? The man is on trial for attempted murder and fucking spying and even if and I say if he didn’t do it he didn’t feel the need to tell me?!” I shouted, my throat hurting again.
“Babe I get it, that’s massively fucked up.”
“I told you he was a spy!” I heard Graham in the background.
“Tell Graham to shut the fuck up,” I growled out. I was in no mood.
“Graham shut the fuck up. Sorry, he’s a dick. You didn’t let Dimitri explain?”
“What is there to explain?”
“He might be innocent Harp. You can’t just run out of there!” Her voice was full of shock.
“Yes I can and I did. Another fucking idiot who takes me for a mug. Nope not happening.”
“Calm down. I think you’re overreacting.” I huffed. Overreacting? Was I the only fucker with a brain?
“No I’m not. This is massive life changing shit that he didn’t feel the need to tell me. His trial is in three weeks! He could be in prison for the rest of his life and rather than telling me the fucking truth he let me fall in love with him first!” I broke down and sat on the floor. My whole body shook as I struggled to get my breath.
“Babe. Oh my god you sound awful. Let me come over.”
“No. I want to be alone. I’ll be fine.”
“You don’t sound fine. Try to calm and talk to him.”
“Yeah,” I lied again. “I’ll call you tomorrow Tish. I have to go to work in a few hours.”
“You sure? You don’t sound like you can go into work.”
“I’ll be okay.”
“Love you”
“Love you too”. I threw my phone to the side and placed my face in my lap. I felt broken like non fixable broken. My head shot up at the sound of a bang on my door. I crawled over to the front door, slowly getting up and looking through the keyhole. Dimitri. I turned back round and sat on the sofa. Another bang. My eyes stayed at the door.
“Harper. I know you’re in there.” I looked down ignoring him. Another bang. “I will put my foot through your door.” Another bang. I stood up and put my mouth to the door.
“Go away. You’re a liar and a user like every fucking dickhead I’ve ever met. I don’t want to talk to you. Not now not ever.” Another bang.
“No! I’m not taking that! I’m sorry.”
“For what?! That you got caught out. Fuck off Dimitri,” another bang.
“Stop banging on my door or I will call the police. I’m sure you have some fucking bail conditions that you have to keep. Piss off!” I turned back around and fell onto my sofa. There was silence and I slowly got up and peeked through the keyhole. He was gone. My phone began ringing and I looked at it,
knowing who it was. I pressed the red button and quickly blocked his number. “Fuck off.” I looked at the time and it was 5pm. I had to be in work in two hours and I was a fucking wreck. I stood in the shower and knew what I had to do. I had to push it in the back of my head just like everything. It was done. It was over and maybe I would meet someone at one point in my life but now wasn’t it. I cried what I hoped would be my last tears and got ready for work.

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