Russian God

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Chapter Fourteen

It was Stephen's last shift and he was doing wonders cheering me up. I had just finished in a private booth when he waved me over.
"Number four please!" He handed me a drink. I looked down and it was vodka. Straight. No ice. My stomach dropped as I walked over, my legs like jelly. As I got closer I saw it was him. At arm's length I put the drink down and turned.
"Please," I felt him behind me and he grabbed my arm. "Please let me explain, I’m sorry I,”
"No!" I shouted at him. A few people turned around but the music was so loud not many people heard.
"We're done Dimitri. Done don't call me don't text me. Certainty don't come to my work."
"You’re lying."
"What like you? No I'm not." He grabbed my other arm and I flicked my head round. I saw him. Leon. He wasn't looking this way but I saw Stephen run towards him.
"Harper please don't do this. I need you," he was begging, his eyes were tired and bloodshot.
"Get off me Dimitri. If you needed me you would have told me. You chose not to so I'm not that fucking special."
"It's complicated."
"Oi get off her!" It was Leon and I closed my eyes in relief.
"I'm not hurting her." Leon came closer to Dimitri but still came up short against him. While he was distracted I ripped my hands from his.
"I'm going to ask you to leave," Leon said to him, getting closer to his face.
"Harper?" Dimitri asked. His dark eyes had such sadness behind them and it killed me but I knew what I had to do.
"Remove him please Leon." I turned and walked away. I tried so hard to keep it together until I got to the changing room. I sat down on a wooden stool and sobbed, sobbed my whole heart out. For the man I would never get to be with, for the loss, for the anger. I then did what I always do. I got up, wiped my face and went back out.
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