Russian God

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Chapter Seventeen

6 months later.

My face was hurting from smiling so much. Looking down at this beautiful human made my heart ache.
“He’s beautiful Latisha. I’m so proud of you.” She sat opposite me, looking fantastic for someone who had just had a baby.
“Thank you. He is a cutie isn’t he.”
“Looks like me,” Graham said standing behind her.
“No he doesn’t.” Dimitri came back. He was sitting on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. Latisha burst out laughing, her tea nearly spilling everywhere.
“Dimitri, you want a hold?”
“Yes please.” I stood up so he could sit down and passed the baby to him. I thought he might be uncomfortable but he had clearly held a baby before. Baby Mitchell looked tiny in his arms.
“So guys wedding plans? I’m not pregnant anymore so you’re allowed to get married now.” I laughed as I sat where Dimitri had just left.
“We don’t know. Ninety percent of Dimitri’s family is in Russia other than his sister so it would make sense to do it there but I don’t want people travelling there. Like who wants to be the douchebag who gets married abroad?”
Graham chuckled while drinking his tea.
“That’s different though, Dimitri’s from there. Who’s going to be travelling to Russia? Count the numbers,” Graham said.
“Hmm good point. His sister and her husband,” Dimitri tutted. “Stop.” I looked at him. “And you guys.”
“What about your brother wasn’t he released?” Latisha asked.
“I don’t want him there”. I said matter of factly. Latisha just nodded; she knew not to push it.
“That’s fine then. We could go to Russia right?” Graham looked at Latisha.
“We’ll be paying anyway,” Dimitri spoke for the first time, taking his eyes off the baby.
“No Dimitri you can’t,” Latisha said, finishing her tea.
“I’d have to pay for my mum to come to the UK so it isn’t any different to me,” he shrugged. Dimitri spoke to an immigration lawyer not long after his trial and they confirmed as he was acquitted from any crime in the UK he could pass freely.
“Did you like it there when you went?” Latisha asked, taking a hob nob off the table and taking a bite .
“Tish it was beautiful, we saw a venue like in the forest we were looking at aren’t we?” I turned to Dimitri who nodded.
“Yeah it’s beautiful there, not too far from Moscow either.”
“Okay well what about meeting Mrs Dimitri for the first time?” I knew she was begging to ask me and would have preferred the boys to be in another room but it wasn’t going to happen. Meeting Dimitri’s mum and going to Russia was terrifying for a better word but it was an amazing experience. The country is so beautiful and his mum was amazing. It was hard to believe such a big, tough, tattooed man came from the sweetest old lady.
“She loved her.” Dimitri said, stroking baby Mitchell’s face.
“She liked you?” Latisha asked, baby Mitchell had started moaning and she took him off Dimitri.
“She loved her Latisha.”
“What was it she said? You must be special to tame my idiot son,” I chuckled.
“I think it’s the other way round!”
“Hey! Really Tish?” Dimitri chuckled. Latisha in typical fashion got her right breast out and fed baby Mitchell like she was alone. Nobody even flinched.
“Send me the pictures of the venue. Have you thought of a date?” Latisha asked.
“Hurry up come on! You two did everything so quick and then you want a year-long engagement.” She rolled her eyes.
“You’ve just had a baby Tish, you’re kind of busy”, I laughed.
“No! I’d prefer to take Mitchell on a plane now then when he’s a toddler at least I can shut him up with a tit.”
“True,” Graham said. Great contribution Graham.
“So me maid of honour obviously any groom’s men Dimitri?”
“My friend Maxim probably.”
“Sorted. Set a date and we’ll book our flights.” Latisha laughed. “Then you can hurry up and get pregnant and have beautiful babies. Mitchell needs a playmate,” she continued.


We gave baby Mitchell more kisses and in the car home Dimitri looked at me.
“Do you need to sleep before you go to work?” I only had two hours before work anyway.
“No, I should be okay. It’s my last night tonight anyway.” He drove home his hand on my thigh. The last six months had been amazing, I moved out of my flat and had been living permanently at Dimitri’s since he proposed. Once he spoke to his immigration lawyer we got on the first flight to Moscow and knew why he loved it so much. We got home and he flopped on the sofa. I made tea and turned to him.
“When we get married do you want me to quit work?”
“No,” was all he responded.
“You won’t mind your wife being a stripper?” I handed him a cup of tea.
“I didn’t care that my girlfriend was a stripper, I don’t care that my fiancé is a stripper. Why would I care when you’re my wife?” His face was screwed up. I shrugged.
“I don’t know it’s different isn’t it.” I sat next to him and his free hand grabbed my thigh.
“Don’t care. You know this. Mrs Antonov can be a boss bitch as much as Miss Rose.” I smiled, I had literally hit the jackpot with this man.
“What about if I was pregnant?” Looking into my eyes I could tell his brain was working overtime.
“Are you?”
“No,” I was still on the pill but seeing baby Mitchell made me ridiculously broody.
“I don’t know. I suppose that changes some stuff. Couldn’t work if you were showing right? Some men might be into that though” he chuckled drinking his tea. “Are you still on the pill?”
“Yes. Don’t tell me baby Mitchell made you broody as well.”
“Yeah like make you want a baby.”
“Milaya I wanted you to be the mother of my children the minute I met you.” My heart skipped. Leaning over to him I gently kissed his lips.
“Shall we practice making a baby?” I nodded. Standing up he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I giggled like crazy as he walked up the stairs and threw me on the bed.
“Strip,” he told me, eyes dark. Perfect. I knew how to do that.
“It needs to be a quickie I have work.”
“It’s always a quickie with you. Your pussy makes me come too quick.” I slowly took off my t-shirt, letting my bra straps fall. While laying down I wiggled out of my leggings wiggling extra hard. Dimitri stared at me the whole time. Pulling down his tracksuit bottoms he stepped out of them coming towards me. I undid my bra from the front and peeled it off. I helped him take his t-shirt off, his hands were all over me.
“Play with yourself.” My head went back. I absolutely loved him being dominant. I did what I was told as usual and my hand went to my clit. His arm came around me and he lifted me up slightly off the bed at my arse.
Slowly he took off his boxers. Pressing his dick at my entrance. Rather than going in he left it there, the feeling including my finger going up and down my clit made me go wild and my legs shake. His hands were on my chest cupping my breasts.
“Dimitri!” I called out as he suddenly plunged into me. On his knees his hands were now on my thighs and he used them as leverage to pull nearly all the way out and then back into me as deep as he could go. I was soaking wet and I could hear it as his dick plunged into me.
“Fuck Milaya,” throwing his head back the grip on my thighs tightened. My whole body was being pushed upwards due to his power and my breasts bouncing started to hurt. I couldn’t reach him with my hands and instead I put them over his own on my thighs. His dick was getting deeper and I felt pressure on my cervix.
“Dimitri fuck your so deep,” my words made him even wilder, his head low and one hand on my thigh. His other hand came underneath me and a finger went into my back entrance. It made me jump and looking at him he smirked.
“You like it?”
“I fucking love it.”
“I’m going to cum in your pussy soon. Cum for me milaya,” his words made my toes curl and as he pushed into me again I screamed out.
“Fuck!” I felt my pussy tighten around his dick and my orgasm travel from my clit to my chest.
“Oh my god” I breathed out.
“Hmm your pussy is perfect. I can’t wait to fuck you when your Mrs Antonov.” The way he said his surname made my back arch. His finger was out now and gripping my thighs tighter. Arching over he put his hand around my neck and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. I was going to fucking cum again. The minute his other hand touched my clit I moaned out and felt a gush between my legs.
“I can cum now,” he groaned, slamming into me hand still on my throat. It got tighter as he started to come and I swear I could feel orgasm number three. “Harper fuck! Your pussy is begging for it.” It was still twitching and throwing his head back I felt him cum inside of me. We stayed in the position for a few moments before he looked down at me.
“Fucking hell you drive me wild.” Slowly pulling out of me he slapped my thigh. I started to get up.
“I got to take a shower before work.”
“No,” I was standing now and looked over at him. Walking towards me he put one hand on my arse.
“Go to work with my cum inside you, then everyone can smell me on you.” Nope, that was orgasm number three.
“You’re filth,” I said half laughing.

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