Russian God

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Chapter Eighteen

***This chapter has descriptions of sexual assault. Please skip this chapter if you need to***

Dimitri dropped me off at work and I waved at a few of the girls as I got into the changing room. I undressed quickly, I had my work ‘clothes’ on underneath and as we walked out into the night club the music started. It was just another night for me, my show at ten thirty and just after midnight a customer beckoned me towards him. He was young, younger than me. Blonde messy hair and build like a house.
“Can I get a dance?”
“Of course come,” I purred at him walking towards the private booths. Nothing had changed for me work wise while with Dimitri if anything I found it a little boring. To mix it up I did like to close my eyes as I gave a dance and picture him. Mouth slightly open them eyes staring into my soul. The man sat down as I closed the door. His own eyes were strong and I could tell he was massively turned on. The music cut in and I did my thing. Getting lower and closer to him as I undid my bra. He murmured something I didn’t hear and grabbed my knickers. I immediately stopped.
“No touching,” I said firmly. It was really uncommon for men to touch you. Everybody knew the unwritten rules.
“I don’t count,” he said. My stomach dropped and the feeling was completely different to when Dimitri said it to me which felt like forever ago. This was said with anger and spat out of his mouth.
“You do count. No touching.” I went to stand back but he grabbed me by my thighs pushing me onto his lap. I tried to wiggle out but his grip got harder one hand on my thigh the other my arm.
“Come on I know you girls fuck your customers all the time.” His voice was rough but in a way that made me shiver in fear.
“I don’t. Get off me please.” I tried to sit up and he pushed me down. I felt his erection on my leg and it made me sick. I was shitting it now. What if this guy was going to rape me? Standing up he threw me onto the chair. It smashed my back and I called out in pain.
“Let me go!” I shouted. I tried to sit up and he put his foot on my chest. My head threw back with the pain but I was still trying to wiggle out.
“Hmm how should I fuck you?” His voice had evil to it and my hands were shaking.
“Please let me go,” fuck fuck fuck. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this. With his foot still on my chest he undid his trousers. I closed my eyes, tears streaming down my face. I didn’t even have my phone on me and the emergency button was underneath the chair so I couldn’t reach it. I kept wiggling and trying to stand but each time I did his foot got tighter. My eyes were still closed and I felt his foot come off of me. My head was thrown forward and I felt his dick at my lips. I nearly threw up then and there.
“Go on,” the hand on the back of my head hurt and I swear he took some hair off my head into his hand. I couldn’t talk as I thought if I opened my mouth he’s going to put his dick in it.
“Come on be a good girl.” I felt myself gag as I tried to get up again. Pulling my head all the way back with my hair made my scalp burn. This was it Harper, the time I now had my life together it was going to be ruined. By this prick. Tears came down my cheeks even though my eyes were closed and I knew what I had to do. Fear turned into anger and I opened my mouth slightly. He took the opportunity and my head threw back even further smashing on the chair as his dick came into my mouth. I closed my eyes even tighter and bit down. Hard.
“Fuck!” He pulled out and as I opened my eyes he was on the floor. Blood was in my mouth and down my chin and I spat it at him as I jumped off the chair. I got on my knees and pressed the panic button. The alarm screamed out. He was screaming holding his dick in his hand, I had really done a number on it. Leon and three other guys ran in. One, Simon grabbed me in a fireman’s carry and ran along the corridor, he kicked open Lucy’s office. It was empty. She was never here.
“Harper what the fuck happened are you okay. You’re bleeding?” I shook my head. Tears were back and they wouldn’t stop.
“Call my fiancé please,” I could only manage out. Simon ran to the tall draws, ripped open one and rummaged through. Obviously finding my file he flipped it open and using the phone on Lucy’s desk dialled. My chest was racing and I felt like I was having a panic attack.
“Hello. It’s Simon from the club Harper needs you.” Simon looked at the receiver and then put it down.
“He’s coming.” Simon was an angel from above generally but he definitely proved his worth. He sat back from me, never touching me and watched me cry. The door swung open and Leon came in.
“The police are here. They want to talk to you Harper what happened? Wait are you bleeding?” I shook my head.
“He forced his dick in my mouth so I bit it.” I could barely hear myself and they both started laughing hysterically.
“Harper. I fucking love you,” Simon said wiping his eyes.
“Let me get something to clean you up.” I nodded, tears still dropping into my lap.
“Milaya!” I stood up at Dimitri’s voice. Leon walked out and waved him over. I couldn’t see him just yet but my heart was beating out of my chest. The minute I saw his face I broke down even more, my whole body shaking. Before I could hit the floor he was there.
“What’s happened?” he bent down to look in my face, his arms wrapped around me. “What the fuck your covered in blood?”
“There you go bruv,” Simon handed Dimitri a wet cloth and he nodded as a thank you. “Look at me. Where are you cut?” He lifted my head by my chin and I stared into his eyes. He gently cleaned the blood of my mouth and chin. I was scared now for a different reason. What if Dimitri didn’t want me anymore. Another man had been around me and it was my fault. I couldn’t talk as I was trying to catch my breath while tears splashed on the floor.
“It’s not hers,” Simon helped me out. He huffed sitting on the desk crossing his arms.
“Can someone tell me what the fuck happened?” Dimitri was getting pissed now.
“Attacked me.” I pushed out.
“What? Who? Harper what the fuck is going on?”
“She was doing a private dance, a guy attacked her, tried to stick his dick in her mouth and she bit it. Basics Harper?” Simon asked. I nodded sobbing harder. Dimitri grabbed my head and pulled it to his chest.
“I’m here now. I’m proud of you.” My back shook as I cried into his chest. Taking off his jumper he pushed it over my head and it went straight back to my chest.
“Can I let the police in Harper?” I nodded.
“Where’s the guy?” Dimitri suddenly had a realisation.
“In the ambulance outside,” Leon answered. Dimitri stood up nearly dropping me to the ground.
“Dimitri don’t.” I whispered he walked towards the door and Leon stood in front of it. Even at least two inches shorter than Dimitri, Leon stood his ground.
“Not worth it mate I promise. She needs you, you don’t need to kill him.”
“Yet,” Simon replied.
“Babe please.” He looked over to me and sat on the floor next to me, pulling my head onto his chest arms wrapped around me.
“Hi, is it okay if we ask a few questions please?” I looked up and saw two women police officers. I nodded.
“Gents if you don’t mind leaving as we need to talk to you as well.” The blonde police officer said to Leon and Simon. They both nodded walking out.
“I’ll call Lucy, Harper,” Simon said.
“Thank you Simon. You’re amazing.” Both police women sat on the ground with me and Dimitri. I chuckled looking up at their friendly faces.
“It’s Harper isn’t it?” The darker haired police woman said. I just nodded.
“Can you tell me what happened?” She asked, her colleague got a notepad out. I shook my head, tears rolling still. Dimitri grabbed me tighter.
“Of course you can. Milaya you can do this,” he whispered into my hair kissing it.
“Take your time Harper. Sorry is this your husband?”
“Yes Dimitri,” he answered for me.
“You got here quicker than us Dimitri,” the blonde lady laughed. He chuckled.
“Yeah I might have gone through a couple of red lights.”
“You’re forgiven.” She laughed again. “Let’s start at the beginning, Harper. He was a customer?” I nodded.
“He wanted a dance.” I took a deep breath in and swallowed. “I took him into the private booths and pretty much straight away he was grabbing me.” I felt Dimitri tighten up underneath me. Shit.
“I told him not to touch me.” My voice broke as my head went down. I let out a sob before continuing. “He said he didn’t count.” I felt Dimitri’s lips on my temple.
“I’m proud of you,” he whispered.
“He then put his foot on my chest.” I felt Dimitri move underneath me. “You can go outside,” I looked up at him.
“What fuck no, you want me to?” I shook my head.
“No but I can feel you getting angrier.”
“Yeah hearing this story is definitely doing that. I’ll stop sorry”. The two policewomen were patient and when I looked up they both smiled.
“Then it kind of happened fast he grabbed my head.” I felt the back of my head, I wondered if I had any hair there. “He got his dick out and asked how he was going to fuck me” I sobbed out again, my back shaking.
“Harper. We can take a break, you’re doing amazing.” I shook my head.
“It’s okay,” I could barely hear myself. “So his dick was at my mouth and he kind of wasn’t giving up. I really didn’t want to be raped so I let him put his dick in my mouth and I bit down.”
“Hard?” They asked me.
“Yeah he was bleeding.”
“He let go?” Dimitri asked me now.
“Yeah he fell to the floor screaming. I pressed the panic button and Simon pulled me out.” I started crying again thinking of how amazing Simon was.
“Thank you Harper. I just need to get a colleague to take a DNA test from you if you don’t mind? We have to take him to the hospital before he goes to the police station.”
“Why? Let him bleed out.” I looked up at Dimitri and he rubbed my hair with his hand.
“Yeah that’s fine.”
“Can we go home after?” Dimitri asked.
“Yes of course.”
“What’s going to happen now Harper is our colleague from sex crimes will be in touch. She’s a victim support so to speak. It is likely if this matter goes to court you will have to testify.” The dark haired policeman said. I stared at her, not really knowing how to feel. I just nodded.
“Let me get Trisha,” they both stood up and left the room. Dimitri kept rubbing my head and we sat in silence for a few moments.
“Harper,” I looked up, another different woman was in front of me now. I smiled at her.
“I’m going to need to take a DNA sample. Also the security men said you have a cloth with blood on it?” She looked at us both. Dimitri nodded.
“It’s on the desk.”
“Fab. I’m just going to put this earbud type stick across your cheek inside your mouth is that okay?” I nodded. My eyes were dropping and I’d never felt so tired in my life. I opened my mouth and she did what she needed to do.
“Thank you. My colleagues said you’re able to go home now we just need your phone details.” She handed me a piece of paper and a pen. My hand was shaking so Dimitri took over and wrote my number down. Handing it back to her she stood up, put a glove on and picked up the bloody cloth.
“Is there a back entrance?” She asked. I nodded.
“I need to pull my car around. Can you wait with her?” Dimitri asked the woman. She nodded, a warm smile over her face.
“Of course”. He stood up and I pointed to the escape route outside Lucy’s office to him .
“How are you doing Harper?” The lady asked me.
“I’m okay. Can I ask you a question, woman to woman?”
“Yes. My name’s Trish by the way,” I smiled at her.
“Do you think he’ll leave me?” her head went back and her brown puzzled.
“Your husband?” I nodded. “Why would you think that?”
“I don’t know.” I started crying again, my eyes red raw.
“I doubt that very much. You know you have nothing to feel guilty for right?”
“I do. If I wasn’t a stripper this wouldn’t have happened to me.” My voice was quiet as a mouse.
“That’s not true. Do you know how many women these things happen to on a daily basis? Because I do. You’re the fifth sex violence call today alone. How long have you worked here?”
“Nearly six years.”
“First time?” I nodded. “Says everything. Your husband clearly loves you. Will everything be the same tomorrow between you? Probably not. But that will be you dealing with it not him.”
“Ready?” I looked up and Dimitri was at the door. His face was full of concern. Shit I bet he heard that.
“Harper, my colleague will give you a call tomorrow to see how you are, is that okay?” I nodded as Dimitri helped me up. My legs were like jelly and I leaned on him to help me walk. After getting out the back entrance I saw his car. Bending down he picked me up and walked me to the car, he managed to still hold me up as he opened the passenger door for me. Carefully dropping me into the seat. He ran round and got in the drivers side. We drove home in silence, only my sobbing to fill the noise. He didn’t put his hand on my thigh like normally and that made me cry even more. We got home and he picked me up out of the car, somehow carrying me all the way up the stairs and placing me in bed. Sorting out the covers he covered me. Sitting down on the edge of the bed next to me he finally spoke.

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