Russian God

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Chapter Ninteen

“Harper.” Is all he said.
“Yes?” I whispered.
“I don’t know what to say. I don’t think anything I’m going to say is going to help.”
“Try,” I whispered.
“I’m proud of you. Beyond proud of you. For everything tonight. You need some rest,” he stood up and kissed my forehead. I swallowed hard, he wasn’t coming to bed with me. Walking out he smiled as he closed the door. My eyes began watering again and I needed him here. But he didn’t want to be here. I was tainted. I stared at the ceiling for which felt like hours, my head moving up as he walked back in.
“I’ve spoken to Latisha,” his voice was gentle, something I’ve never heard before.
“Did you wake her?”
“No. I texted her and she called me, feeding the baby.” I nodded. “She’s coming first thing, I have to go into work but will be home by lunch time. I’ll make sure of it. I won’t leave until she gets here.”
“Are you coming to bed?”
“Do you want me to?” The question made me sob adding to my already wet face.
“Of course I do!” I shouted, my voice breaking. “I need you here!”
“Harper. I’m here.”
“You’re not. You left me in here on my own. You’re going to work tomorrow.”
“Not for long and I’m making sure someone is with you.”
“I don’t want someone, I want you.” I turned my body but suddenly sat up. “Have you got vodka?”
“Yes. Why?”
“I want some please,” he looked puzzled but went out, a few moments later he came back with the bottle. Handing it to me I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I opened the bottle, my hands shaking.
“Harper what are you doing?” His voice was at the door but I ignored it. I took a massive gulp and gargled it around my mouth, spitting into the sink. I then took a gulp but swallowed. It made me want to gag instantly.
“What are you doing?” He asked again.
“Getting that prick off me. Maybe then you’ll lay next to me.” My eyes never left the sink and I felt him next to me.
“Don’t do that. That’s not true and not what I’m thinking. You were assaulted. What do you want me to do? Fuck you?” I looked up at him.
“That would be nice.”
“Harper you’re not thinking straight. You don’t want that at all.” I pushed him out the way and got back into bed. In the fetal position I felt him get in behind me. My eyes closed as I heard his breathing behind me, no spooning, no cuddling. I laid with my eyes closed for most of the night. Unable to drift off to sleep. My body jumped at the sound of his alarm. I felt him get up and heard the shower running.
“Latisha’s in the living room.” I turned to him, dressed for work. I nodded, closing my eyes.
“Harper. I’m not the enemy here.”
“Fuck off Dimitri,” I felt his face close to mine and as I opened my eyes his were baring down at me.
“You don’t mean that. I’ll be back at lunch time.” I sat up, making him move his head.
“Whatever.” I got up and walked out down the stairs to the living room. I heard baby Mitchell as I went down. Latisha stood up from the sofa and ran over to me. She hugged me tight.
“Are you okay?”
“No,” I replied, coming out of her embrace.
“I’ll be back at one Harper. Thanks Latisha,” he picked up his keys. I didn’t look around and instead looked at Latisha’s puzzled face.
“Harper,” he said my name again.
“What!” I turned to him, tears in my eyes.
“I’ll be back at one.”
“So you say.”
“Stop. Stop this now milaya.” His face was full of frustration and it was killing me. “Your mind is going to a place it doesn’t need to. Latisha is here and I’ll be back, I promise. Don’t make me feel more like a prick than I already do.” I just stared at him.
“I’m not having this conversation with Mitchell here.” I said. He continued walking towards the front door.
“Harper.” He called out again.
“Dimitri,” I replied.
“I love you.” I heard the door open and slowly shut.
“What the fuck was that?” Latisha asked as I sat down.
“I don’t know”. She picked up the baby and sat on the sofa next to me
“What’s going on between you two?”
“He doesn’t want me anymore Tish.”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.”
“It’s not. He put me to bed last night and then left, he wasn’t even going to sleep in the same bed as me. He’s going to work.”
“Not for long! He’s coming back. You need to take a step back and just think. You’ve been through a dramatic experience. Maybe he doesn’t know how to act. Pushing him away isn’t going to do you any favours. Hold the baby, I’ll make you a coffee.” She handed me Mitchell and him in my arms automatically calming me. I looked down at him, he was beautiful. Coming back she put the coffees on the table.
“You’re doing what you always do. Something shitty happens to you and you blame yourself. You push everyone away and assume the worst.” Taking a sip of coffee her eyebrows raised at me. “Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.”
“But what if he doesn’t want me because somebody else touched me.”
“Oh fuck off Harper. This is Dimitri, there’s no way he’s thinking like that. Come on! What have the police said?”
“They haven’t called me yet but they took the guy to the police station after the hospital.”
“Yeah Dimitri told me what you did to him,” she chuckled, picking up Mitchell from my arms. “Drink your coffee”. I did what I was told and took a sip.
“When are they due to call you?” She asked.
“Erm today I think. I’m not sure my head is in a muddle.”
“Have you thought about anything else? What if it goes to court.”
“I don’t know. The lady last night said I would likely have to give evidence.”
“Would you?” I shrugged.
“Don’t have a choice.” I put my head back.
“I don’t think you should be even thinking about stuff like that, I’m sorry I even brought it up. How are you feeling where you hurt?”
“My back and shit!” I just had a realisation. “Can you look at the back of my head?” Putting Mitchell back in his buggy she came behind me, pushing my head forward and moving some hair.
“Harp,” my stomach dropped. Oh fuck what has she seen. “You’re missing some hair babe and it looks sore as fuck. Does it hurt?”
“I have a headache.” Latisha came back round and started texting. I didn’t want to ask and as she put her phone back down she told me. “I just texted Dimitri to see if he can buy you one of them cold compress sticky things. That should help.”
“Thanks.” I took another sip of my coffee.
“Did you want to watch a film or talk?” Her face was full of concern and my heart hurt. I loved this woman so much.
“No, I don’t want to talk. We can watch a film.”
“Come then,” she picked Mitchell back up, he was soundo. Tapping the space on the sofa next to her I mooched over grabbing the remote control.

“Harper,” I opened my eyes and Latisha was in front of me. “Dimitri’s back so I’m going to go.” She lent down and kissed my cheek. “Talk to him. Tell him how you’re feeling,” she whispered in my ear.
“Where’s Mitchell?”
“He’s here.” I got up and gave him a kiss in his buggy. Latisha hugged me.
“Where’s Dimitri?”
“Running you a bath.” I waved to her at the door and started to walk up the stairs. I met him just before his bedroom door.
“I’ve run you a bath in the ensuite.”
“Thanks” I moved past him and got to the bathroom. Opening the door my tears came. I slowly stripped and got into the bath. I hadn’t washed anything other than my mouth and it felt nice. Sitting up I scrubbed my skin everywhere. I looked round by the door and he wasn’t there.
“Dimitri,” I spoke softly and I knew he couldn’t hear me if he wasn’t in the bedroom. Silence. My sadness turned to anger and I got out of the bath. I don’t play games and I refuse to be ignored. Throwing a robe on I went downstairs and saw him in the kitchen.
“I’m making you some food.” He spoke firmly
“You didn’t want to come in the bath with me?” He turned to me and stared at my face.
“Erm I don’t know. I didn’t think. I bought them things Latisha asked for. Sit down.” I sat on a kitchen stool and he came behind me. “Shit Harper this looks bad.” I just shrugged. The coolness of the sticker made me feel nice and instantly helped my headache.
“I think you should go to the doctors tomorrow.”
“It’s fine.” My anger has dissolved and now I just felt empty. I laid on the sofa and felt my tears come. I felt him standing over me and I looked up.
“Is a sandwich okay?” I nodded. Suddenly his phone rang. “Hello,” he paused, listening. “Okay that’s great thanks. I’ll let her know. Bye” he walked over to the sofa and got on his knees so his eyes were directly at mine.
“That was the police. The victim support women will be here tomorrow at two, is that okay?” I nodded.
“Where will you be?” I said it in a smirky way and had no regrets.
“Here. I’ve got tomorrow off. Monday as well” he started to run his hands through my hair and then pulled away. I rolled my eyes and turned around my back facing him.
“Harper, talk to me.”
“Why should I? Can’t even stomach touching my hair.” I suddenly felt him pick me up and sit down on the sofa. Letting me go slightly, my legs were over his, bottom on the sofa.
“Talk to me.” I shook my head, tears coming again.
“Harper, that wasn’t a request. Talk to me.” His eyes were on mine and I could feel my bottom lip trembling.
“Are you going to leave me?” my voice broke.
“What? Why the fuck would I leave you?” His face was full of anger and confusion.
“Because I’m tainted.” His eyes travelled the whole of my face as he grabbed it with both hands.
“Are you fucking mental? Are you smoking crack? You’re not fucking tainted? Don’t ever. Ever say that again!” He shouted at the end of the sentence.
“But you’re being funny with me,” I looked up and the tears had pooled in my eyes.
“I don’t know what to do Harper! I don’t want to overstep a line and touch you when you don’t want to be touched. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable,” his thumb rubbed my cheek. “Harper I don’t know what I’m doing here. I love you more than I’ve loved anyone and something horrendous has happened to you. What I really want to do is find the guy and put a bullet through his head but I can’t do that. I’m not the greatest at words and the only way I really know to show you I love you is by having sex but I’m not doing that to you now”. Moving forward his lips came to my ear. Dimitri whispered something in Russian to me, his voice made my heart melt and I grabbed onto his arm.
“English please,” I chuckled.
“I can’t live without you.”
“Kiss me,” putting a strand of hair behind my ear he gently kissed my lips. The relief just fell out of my body as he moved closer and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Exploring my mouth his other hand went to my thigh and squeezed it. I nearly moaned in his mouth, the kiss was perfect. Different, one we both knew wouldn’t lead to sex. Instead it was intimate and special. Pulling away he stared into my eyes.
“I know you want to think you’re ready to pretend like nothing happened but you can’t. You’re allowed to grieve you’re allowed to heal,” his words were so gentle and soft it made my tears come again.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. Never be sorry. This is my job, to take care of you and take some shit when you need to give it out. You’re angry.”
“Not at you. When I was sitting there with his foot in my chest all I could think about was how perfect my life is now and it wasn’t going to be ruined.”
“It won’t. Don’t ever think like that.” His voice was reassuring.
“And really he didn’t even assault me, I wasn’t raped.”
“So you don’t deserve to be hurt?” He spat out the sentence. I shrugged.
“Stop it. You hundred percent deserve to be hurt. He assaulted you. Because you’re a bad bitch and ended it before it began doesn’t mean shit.” My head went down and I chuckled.
“I’m scared. What if you look at me differently.”
“Why would I look at you differently?” Puzzlement had washed over his beautiful face.
“Because another man touched me.” I started sobbing my hands over my face. “He said,” I stopped catching my breath. Dimitri moved closer to me rubbing my cheek. “He said he didn’t count.” I looked up and he was nodding.
“Like me.”
“That prick ruined your words. I’m so fucking angry, ever time I picture meeting you for the first time it will be ruined by him.”
“Harper no. It’s just words, remember my eyes, my smile.”
“Your massive hard on?” I cut his words. Laughing he put his hand down.
“Yeah that too. Remember how I made you feel not what I said.” He has since moved his legs and was facing me. My whole body in between his legs. I had a massive smile on my face.
“You say your rubbish at talking but it’s bullshit. You’ve made me feel much better.”
“Really? Are you ready for the police tomorrow?” I shrugged. “Sorry I had to go into work this morning. I felt awful but I had a meeting I had to go to.”
“What was it about?” My curiosity got the better of me.
“I was talking to erm,” he stopped. My eyes were directly on his.
“Dimitri?” My stomach plummeted.
“It was with your brother.” I pushed his legs away from me and marched up the stairs. “Harper,” he was following me.
“You know what,” I turned around my face inches from his. “Every time I think you’re amazing you do something like this. I met you, think you’re great and then you grab me by the throat and scream in my face. I fall in love with you and then you’re on trial for attempted murder. I agree to marry you and then you speak to that prick. I don’t need someone to look after me Dimitri. I need us to be partners. Did I ask you to talk to my brother?” His face dropped and he was silent. “Answer me!” I screamed in his face.
“No,” I growled in anger and my hand went back and slapped him in the face. It barely moved and he took it like a pro. He just looked at me.
“I’m leaving,” I turned to walk away.
“No you’re not.” Grabbing my wrist, he pulled me back. “Harper nothing is going on. Your brother wrote a letter to me before he was released. Wanted to meet me, size me up I suppose.”
“How did he get your details?”
“He wrote to me at the embassy. Our photos were in a lot of papers after my trial.”
“What does he want?”
“He wants to make it right with you. He only wrote once and I ignored it to be honest. Then when he was released he sent my secretary an email. Made some bullshit story about information he held affecting Moscow. It was absolute bullshit but my dumb fuck secretary bought it and booked a telephone meeting.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” We were still standing in the hall and my whole body felt numb.
“The first letter I didn’t tell you because I just thought you wouldn’t want to know. You don’t talk about him, I know you don’t want to see him so I just threw it in the bin and thought nothing of it. The meeting I literally found out about the day before.” His eyes were low.
“What did he say?” I made a pact with myself that I would never talk to my brother again. He hurt my mum, couldn’t be there for her when she was dying and never could go to her funeral.
“He said he was sorry. That he wants to meet you and feels I’m the only person who can get through to you. I don’t know, he seemed apologetic at first,” he shrugged.
“And what do you want me to do? What did you say to him?”
“I told him it’s up to you. That the way he went about it was sneaky and you wouldn’t appreciate it. Then he told me some bullshit that he knows you better then me,” his eyes had glazed over. He was tired.
“That’s bullshit. He doesn’t know me.” He shrugged.
“He got massively defensive when I told him he was talking shit. He asked me about your ex? Asked why you wasn’t with him anymore and why you decided to get with a fucking murderer and a terrorist.”
“What?” My eyes were filled with tears and I just wanted this all to end.
“Yeah apparently I’m a terrorist. What a joke, I basically told him that I would tell you he called and hung up. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at all, all I wanted to do was hang up on him and come running back to you. I was pissed, I had to leave you for a meeting and this was the bullshit meeting? Before I hung up he told me he got in touch with your ex first. They were friends of something,” he shrugged. “Who told him to read the papers, you weren’t together and instead you’re with some Russian prick. His words. I have his number.”
“Give it to me.”
“Give me his number.” Searching in his pocket he got his phone out, after pressing a few buttons he gave it to me. There on the screen was my brother’s number. I pressed the green button and put it to my ear. My hand was shaking but I needed this to end now.
“What are you doing?” He asked me.
“Ending this.” I listened to it ring for a few moments and then my stomach dropped.
“Hello,” his voice sounded exactly the same it had all those years ago. Rough, with a hint of sarcasm. Even in just the word hello.
“Harper! Thank fuck you called. Your boyfriend told you then” he chuckled and it sent shivers down my spine.
“My fiancé? Yes, he told me. You know the murderer, the terrorist, the Russian prick? That guy”. I looked up at Dimitri’ face, he didn’t even look angry, just defeated.
“Harper, come on. You can do better,” my blood was boiling.
“You know what Richard. I can’t, I actually cannot do better then Dimitri and I’m calling you to tell you to fuck off. Don’t ever contact me or him again.” I was pacing the hallway with Dimitri’s eyes on me.
“You don’t mean that. You’re going to get married to him without me there?” I actually burst out laughing.
“We’re not family. You fucked that up when I was on my own with mum. When I was nineteen, twenty years old watching her die. When I had to organise her own funeral and when I had to start stripping to pay off the debts. Where were you? Where were you when Adrian beat the shit out of me? Where were you when I was homeless on my own trying to keep down a job? Huh?” Silence. “Where were you when I was attacked at said stripping job? No where. So go and fuck yourself. You’re a fucking loser and I don’t have any family now.” I stopped and looked up at Dimitri. “I actually do sorry but it’s not you. It will be my husband”.
“Harper. Your fucking crazy,” he let out a breath. I don’t know if my rant even affected him, knowing Richard probably not.
“Yeah I actually am. But that’s on you. Have a nice life Richard.”
“Harper, don’t do this. I’m sorry.”
“Your apology is not accepted. Maybe you could go to mum’s grave and try to say sorry to her.” I pressed the red button and walked into the bedroom. Dimitri grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his gorgeous abs against my back.
“I’m tired. I’m so tired Dimitri,” my head hung low.
“I know. I know. Let’s go to bed.” I turned to him, his beautiful face.
“No, I mean I’m tired of this. We’ve not even been together a year and had so much shit thrown at us. Maybe we are cursed.” I put my forehead on his chest.
“Even if we are, I’d rather live a cursed life with you. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about your brother.”
“It’s fine. You told me as soon as you could. I’m sorry I slapped you”.
“I don’t care. Please don’t leave me. I know I’ve been a fucking idiot loads of times as you just reminded me but I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Shit your sandwich. You must be starving.” He looked back down the stairs.
“Can we order in? Chinese?” I looked up at him and he nodded.
“I’ll order,” I handed him his phone as I sat on the bed.
“At least my brother took my mind off of everything else.” He was fixed on his phone ordering food.
“I didn’t know you were homeless?” He threw his phone on the side and sat next to me in the bed.
“Yeah not for long. Basically until I got the job in the club. When my mum died the council took her house back. I stayed at Adrian’s a few times but then he started to get aggressive. I left once just before he hit me and was basically living on the streets for like six months. I didn’t know Latisha then so she couldn’t help me. I went to a homeless shelter just before I met her and they found my flat. It was odd I had money to live on. I just couldn’t get anywhere and I had debts from my mum’s funeral and stuff.” I was staring at my hands in my lap.
“Your debt free now?” His hand was back on my thigh. Yes, I missed that.
“Yes I am, thanks to stripping,” I chuckled. “It nearly cost me my life last night but it saved me at one point.” I sighed keeping my eyes on my hands.
“Do you know what you’re going to do about work?” His voice was soft.
“I can’t go back. Not to that club anyway. Maybe a different one but it’s made me realise it’s not for me anymore. It’s funny,” I laughed. “I’m jealous of you, like a normal nine to five job, Monday to Friday. Meetings, chatting at the printer. Your own office.”
“Work for me then,” I looked up in his face and he was serious.
“I don’t speak Russian.” I was shaking my head.
“That’s the best place to learn no? I need a new secretary anyway,” he sniffed.
“What? You’re firing yours?”
“Yeah I had to. She breached security. Did not once check who your brother was. I hate to admit it as well” he scratched his head. “But colleagues who are on the KGB list as we call it. Anyone who comes into contact with them needs extra screening. If your brother was telling the truth the meeting never should have come through me in the first place. I’m too high up.” His grip on my thigh got tighter. “Come and work with me, be my secretary. You’ll be perfect.”
“No I won’t! I’ve been a stripper for five years.” I was laughing slightly. Me in a normal job? Making coffees, reading emails? It couldn’t be further than my current life. I don’t even know if I could use a desktop computer properly. I didn’t need to.
“It’s just diaries and meetings and boring shit Harper you can do it with your eyes closed.”
“Don’t you need to advertise it?” I was biting my bottom lip.
“Nah, I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow but I can’t see it being an issue. See we Russians like to keep shit close. Who better to protect me then my soon to be wife?” He smirked. “Think about it.” I was grinning like a mad woman at the thought. A proper job. In an embassy. Working with Dimitri everyday would be heaven, going to work together, having lunch together!
“Do you think we would be able to have lunch together?” I said way too excitedly.
“At work?” I nodded. “Yeah of course. Fuck I could even eat your pussy in my office.” I laughed and felt a twinge in between my legs. “Think about it. Come we need to eat, food will be here soon and maybe we can make today a normal one.” He stood up grabbing my hand. “How’s your head?”
“It’s okay now I need to take this thing off.” I pulled the sticky strip off and threw it into the kitchen bin as we entered. “My chest is hurting though,” I said, putting my hand to it.
“Oh yeah I keep meaning to look at your chest and your back you said?”
“My back’s fine, it’s just my chest.” I hadn’t even looked at my own body. My eyes firmly shut when I washed in the bath. I still had a robe on and Dimitri slowly untied it and opened it at the chest. His eyes turned black and not in a good way. I saw his nostrils flaring. “It’s bad, isn’t it.” I closed my eyes.
“It’s bad milaya’ . We went into the ground floor toilet and he faced me towards the mirror. Standing behind me he whispered in my ear. “You ready?” I nodded. As he turned on the light I opened my eyes. I threw my hand over my mouth and let out a sob. My chest looked awful. In bright blue and purple you could see a whole outline of a boot.
“I need to take a picture for the police tomorrow. Are you okay here?” I nodded as he left to get his phone. I just stared at my chest, tears dropping into the sink. Fuck it looked awful. I peaked forward. There were no cuts so no scarring.
“Here,” I turned around to his voice and he took a picture of my chest. “Milaya no wonder it hurts.” He growled in anger “I can’t believe he fucking did that to you! I know his foot was on your chest but fuck I didn’t know it was that hard.”
“Yeah the guy was huge too.” A tear dropped onto the floor as he pulled me close.
“It will heal. Like you.” He said whispering in my ear. Suddenly the doorbell ringing threw us both.
“Food,” I said a little too excitedly. Dimitri chuckled as he went to open the door. I walked back into the living room as he brought the food in. It smelt amazing and I hadn’t eaten anything all day.
“I’m going to go and get dressed.”
“Okay, I’ll dish up. You want some vodka?”
“With coke please,” I chuckled.
“Milaya if you’re going to work in the embassy you need to drink straight vodka.” I laughed out loud as I got into our bedroom. I put on some pyjamas and picked up my phone. Latisha had texted me to check in and I quickly replied.

Harper: ‘Hey Tish. We’re good, thank you for being amazing today and your great advice as always. My head is feeling better but my chest is terrible. I’ll call you tomorrow give Mitchell a kiss from me x’

I came back downstairs and Dimitri was on the sofa with a plate of food. As I got closer he handed me mine.
“Thank you,” I said as I sat down. My mouth was watering. I was so hungry. His eyes never left the TV as he handed me a fork. I dug in. I looked up at the TV and he was watching some news programme. In Russian.
“Sorry,” he looked over at me and clicked it onto BBC news. Laying back his head came to the side to look at me.
“You look nice.”
“No, I don’t.” I chuckled. “Why is it for us when it rains it pours.”
“I don’t get the expression,” he put a prawn cracker in his mouth.
“Like when it’s shit it’s really shit.” I was shovelling the food into my mouth, eyes on him. His hand went to his ridiculous jaw line.
“Maybe. But when it’s good it’s really good right?” He winked and I smirked. “I’m sorry about your brother. I really didn’t think you would call him then and there.”
“It’s okay I’m glad actually. I think I was just so pissed off I was over it. He hasn’t called me back so he obviously doesn’t care. I feel happy”.
“You do?” I chuckled as his face looked so confused.
“Yeah that was hanging over me. It’s done now. I also know I’m going to get a different job, whatever that is,” I eyed him.
“Are you sad about leaving there?” He handed me my drink and I took a sip. Jesus, this man did not know how to make vodka and coke.
“Dimitri, this is so strong,” I coughed, smiling at him. “I am sad. Like five years of my life gone. I knew I obviously wasn’t going to work there the rest of my life but it’s sad I am forced to leave. Does that make sense?” I closed my eyes going in for another sip.
“It does. You don’t have to work, you know. I can afford us both.” He put his plate on the coffee table and his feet up next to it.
“I want to work.”
“I know,” his hand was on my knee as he flicked through the channels. “Well if you say yes to working with me you can until we have a baby.”
“When will that be?” Today has been an absolute rollercoaster. I felt calmer just sitting with him.
“Whenever you want. I’m always ready,” he said cheekily. “When you’re ready.” His voice was firmer. “I’m not going to rush you into us being intimate again.” The way he said the words intimate made me shiver in excitement. Me and Dimitri were never ‘intimate’, we ‘fucked’ and that’s how we liked it. Although the thought of being made love to by him was making me cross my legs.
“Bed?” He turned to me, his eyes looked as tired as I felt. I just nodded. Dragging me up by my hand he walked me up the stairs.
“The plates” I said half facing the living room.
“I’ll do it tomorrow.” I laid under the covers snuggled in. I watched him as he took off his clothes, in just his boxers slipping into bed next to me. My eyes started to close as his hand came onto my stomach.

“I love you,” he whispered in my hair. “I’m sorry I’m a dick.” I moved closer to him, smelling him. The warmth from his hand made me smile. Dimitri constantly tried so hard to make me happy and it brought a tear to my eye. I chuckled to myself as I heard his light snores. I wiggled down the bed a little until my hand came to his crotch. I looked up and smiled as I still heard his light snores. Placing my hand into his boxers I felt his soft dick. Even in his sleep state it was impressive. I grabbed it at the base gently and slowly moved my hand up and down. My movement made his leg move. Grabbing his tip, I squeezed gently, running my hand up and down it. My head was still out of the covers and his head slightly above mine. I felt him kiss my head and then speak. “Harper what are you doing?” His voice was raspy.
“You want me to stop?” I purred. He was silent for the longest time as I heard his breathing getting deeper, my hand still moving over his tip.
“No.” His hand came down and he placed it over mine, following my movements. I switched it up and stroked him all the way to the base and back up. It was rock hard now and I felt his leg twitch. Looking up his eyes were still closed but his mouth slightly open.
“Oh my god,” he whispered as I quickened my pace caressing him all the way up and squeezing as I went down. My arm started to ache as I continued the movements, he pulled me closer and moved his head down to try and kiss me. He failed and threw his head back down.
“I’m going to cum,” his back arched and the one arm was now around the back of my neck tightened.
“Good,” I smiled, still tugging him. I felt his dick tighten and push forward as his cum shot out. “Fuck,” he grumbled grabbing me tighter. I let my hand go and went into the bathroom to get some tissue.
“Why did you do that?” His eyes were practically closed and he looked exhausted. I chuckled, cleaning him.
“Because I wanted to.” I kissed his lips gently as I put the tissue in the bin. I slipped back into bed with him and he pulled me close.
“You’re naughty milaya,” he was practically asleep already and moments later I heard him snoring again.

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