Russian God

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Chapter Twenty

I opened my eyes, my headache had completely gone but my chest was still killing me. I sat up and realised Dimitri wasn’t there.
“Dimitri!” I called out suddenly panicking he wasn’t there.
“I’m downstairs milaya,” his voice was full of reassurance. “How are you feeling?” He asked as he met me at the stairs.
“My headache is gone but my chest is still hurting”. Holding my hand he helped me down the rest of the stairs. I went into the living room and sighed in relief. It was spotless. I must have been out cold as he clearly had hovered as well.
“Toast for you ” he sang, dropping a plate on the kitchen counter. I looked up at him, already dressed and he looked amazing. Plain t-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. I sat at the counter and looked down. I also had a cup of coffee.
“Thank you.” He sat next to me with his own food.
“The police woman is coming at two. Did you want to do anything this morning?” He took a bite and stared at me. I shrugged.
“What’s the time?”
“Ten,” he answered.
“Wow I slept for ages,” I chuckled. “I’m just going to get in the shower and go back to bed I think,” he just nodded at me.

I got out of the shower and threw on a long sleeve t-shirt and leggings. I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes. I had called Latisha before my shower and filled her in on my brother and last night. She said she supported me and my decision, which made me feel so much better. Between her and Dimitri they were both so supportive. I felt a presence above me and I opened my eyes and Dimitri was standing above me. I looked down and he had a massive hard on.
“Hello,” my eyes darted back to his crotch.
“Did you want some tea?”
“No. I want that though.” I pointed to his crotch. He looked down like he didn’t even know he had a huge erection.
“Sorry, I don’t know where that came from,” he said, a little embarrassed, amending his trousers.
“Can I have it then?”
“Harper. Don’t rush into anything you will regret.” I moved my head back.
“How on earth would I regret sleeping with my fiancé?” My voice was aggravated. Sitting on the bed he held my hand.
“Okay yeah I get that but,”
“I wasn’t raped Dimitri” I cut him off.
“I know that Harper. Stop what you’re trying to imply.”
“You don’t want me?” I felt a tear in my eye.
“You know I do. Like all the fucking time. I think my hard on can tell you that. Why do you want to have sex so much?”
“Because I love you. I want to feel close to you. I want you to take ownership of me again.” Tears were down my cheeks and he wiped them away.
“Harper I don’t fucking own you. You know that. I know what you mean though but that prick can touch you but it doesn’t mean shit to me. You’re still mine. I just don’t want you to think we need to have sex straight away.” Coming down, he gently kissed my lips.
“Please,” I whispered, I sounded desperate but didn’t even care. Standing up he stripped to his boxers and came next to me, his hand traveling up my top and to my nipple. I wasn’t wearing a bra and he kissed my neck when he realised. My hand went to his boxers and I gently stroked his dick through the fabric. Teasing my nipple with his thumb he moaned into my neck. His hand came away from my chest and he rubbed in between my legs, my leggings still on. The feeling made me squirm and as his lips came to mine I moaned out. “Hmm Dimitri.”
My hand was still rubbing his crotch as his hand went into my leggings, slowly tickling my thigh teasing me. My head dropped back on my pillow, Jesus this was sexy. His head came to my lips and gently kissed them, after biting my jaw he went back to my mouth and I let his tongue in. I groaned into his mouth and felt one hand lift my t-shirt up. I pulled from his mouth.
“No,” I said in fear. I did not want him to see my chest again, let alone now.
“Okay”, he said simply coming back onto my lips. His finger went up and down my pussy teasing me again. I couldn’t help it and my back arched, pushing my body towards him. Our kiss hadn’t broken as he gently entered a finger inside of me. I moaned into his mouth the minute he did it. My hand was still stroking him and I gently went into his boxers holding his massive dick.
“You’re wet as hell,” he whispered against my lips. I just moaned at his voice as his finger fastened. Moving my hand up and down his dick I felt it tense.
“Harper fuck that feels good.” Taking a finger out of me he sat up slightly, making my hand come loose. He pulled my leggings down and took them off his eyes on mine the whole time. As he gently opened my legs I relaxed and closed my eyes. I felt his dick on my clit and the pressure made me moan out.
“You ready?” He asked me. I opened my eyes as I nodded. He was kneeling in between my legs and he looked the sexiest I had ever seen him. I traced a tattoo on his arm.
“Words milaya,” he bit his bottom lip and I swear I came.
“Yes, I need you Dimitri,” as soon as I finished my sentence he pushed inside of me. I groaned out at the pressure and he gently laid on top of me, his lips on mine. Stroking his tongue on mine he pulled his hips back and forward into me slowly. We had never had sex like this and my whole body was loving it. His pace got deeper and more rhythmic but never faster. Kissing me the whole time I felt him moan in my mouth. Suddenly he dropped one hand which was by my face to my clit. Rubbing it with his thumb made me arch towards him and I knew I was close.
“Dimitri I’m coming,” I whispered into his mouth.
“I know. Me too.” His voice was strong, accent full on but somehow reassuring too. I gripped into his back, my legs wrapped around his waist as I rode my orgasm.
“Oh my god,” I breathed out our lips coming apart and my head back.
“Milaya,” he groaned into my hair. I felt his whole body tighten and I knew he was coming as he moaned right in my ear. Stopping, he laid on me for a few moments. Slowly he got up and still on his knees pulled out of me. His eyes were staring at me, dick in his hand.
“Fucking hell milaya, we got to do that more often.” I chuckled
“We definitely do.” He came back down and gently kissed my lips before getting off the bed. I watched him go into the bathroom, that peach arse staring at me. I could feel his cum coming out of me but I didn’t care. I stayed in my position, eyes closed. I heard the shower and slowly got up and headed into the bathroom. His eyes met mine as he saw me and he gave me a beautiful smile.
“Are you okay?” I just nodded. Sitting on the closed toilet watching him wash.
“Come,” he beckoned me with his head and I stepped into the shower with him.
His arms were around me in seconds and pulling me close he whispered in my ear.
“I love you.”

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