Russian God

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Chapter Twenty one

“Don’t forget you have a meeting tomorrow at two,” I said to Dimitri, my head in my notes. Looking up from his computer he spoke.
“Thanks but did you not want to reschedule it? It clashes with the sentencing.”
“No I’m not going to go.” I sat opposite Dimitri, him behind his desk. Looking up at me his eyes burned into my soul.
“Are you sure?” He wrote some notes on a pad next to his computer.
“Yeah I don’t care.” I crossed my legs and his eyes flicked down.
“Okay. Did they say what they’re expecting?”
“Four years,” I spoke softly, keeping his eyes on mine. Shutting down his computer he threw his suit jacket on. I stood up with him, notepad still in hand. My desk was stationed outside Dimitri’s office and as we walked out I threw it on my desk. The man who assaulted me pleaded guilty at the first opportunity which was a blessing for me. I didn’t have to give evidence in court which I was dreading. Dimitri grabbed my hand and our fingers entwined.
“Okay, they have your victim statement though yeah?”
“Yeah I spoke with the prosecution yesterday they have it.”
“Did you want to go to dinner?” He asked as we walked towards the exit of the embassy.
“Bye guys!” Anastasia, Maxim’s PA shouted, waving. I waved back.
“Have a good night,” Dimitri responded to her as we walked out and into the car park. I had been working with Dimitri in the embassy for three months and I loved it. It was really a dream job, I felt I was quite good at it as well. I had made some great friends, Anastasia included. I was even getting a lot better at understanding Russian and a few of the girls there loved talking to me in English. It improved their language too. We got in the car and Dimitri started driving. I didn’t know what restaurant we were going to but I looked out the window as he drove. We pulled up near one of our favourite Italian places and his hand went on the base of my back as we walked in.
“Ahh the soon to be Mr and Mrs! Anywhere you want guys,” Tony the owner said to us as we walked towards our favourite booth. Sitting down we quickly glanced at the menu but we both knew what we were having. Dimitri moved round the booth to sit close to me, his hand in mine. Tony came over and we ordered, as he walked away Dimitri grabbed my hand, rubbing his thumb against my palm.
“You look amazing today. I didn’t get much work done,” he chuckled. I smiled back at him.
“Yeah you and me both”. I had to stop myself daily from letting him bend me over his desk.
“Everything set for next week?” Tony had since put some drinks down, One vodka straight no ice and a lemonade.
“Yep. I’ve packed my dress and Latisha’s. You’re picking up your suits in Moscow.” I sat back in my chair thinking. “Your mum’s picking the cake and oh did I tell you?” Taking a sip of his drink he looked up at me.
“I upgraded us, Maxim, Latisha and all the kids to first class, Anya and Graham as well.” It was the thing I spent my first pay check on. Dimitri never let me pay for anything and I wanted to do something nice for him. He chuckled, putting his own body back.
“Amazing. You used my card?”
“No. I paid.” He shook his head, taking another sip.
“Naughty milaya. Rings?”
“Oh you’re picking them up tomorrow. Ten o'clock.”
“Am I? Am I not at work?” He chuckled and the sound made my heart burst.
“It’s in your schedule,” I winked at him. We definitely had fun in the office and at times moved the secretary and boss situation to our bedroom at home. I stared at my husband to be, pride and love filled my heart. We were flying out to be married in three days and I couldn’t be more excited.
“That’s it no?”
“I think so. Everything else is there. Need to pack for our honeymoon though.”
His eyes lit up, we were going to Croatia for our honeymoon and we both needed it urgently. Tony dropped our food in front of us and I grabbed my fork.
“Are you excited?” I asked him.
“Fuck yes. I need you,” I laughed.
“You have me Dimitri.”
“No, I need to be inside you urgently.” I saw him re-arranging his trousers.
“Can we eat dinner first?” I laughed at him.
“I suppose.”
“I think we shouldn’t have sex until we’re married,” I said it in a cheeky way and he burst out laughing.
“Yeah that’s not going to happen.”
“It’s like a week Dimitri!” I shouted laughing.
“Nope, not happening. So hurry up and eat your food.” He stared at me, his face getting serious. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to court tomorrow?”
“I’m sure. The victim support woman said she would call me. I don’t want to see him, Dimitri. Look at how well everything is going now. Why would I want to look at that prick a week before my wedding?” I shook my head.
“To see him go to fucking prison milaya?” He made it seem like a question but it wasn’t.
“Dimitri drop it please.” I was serious. Dimitri had helped me so much to move on after I was attacked. I called Lucy once I had the courage and told her I quit. She understood obviously and informed me the club had set up cameras in the private booths. Apologises to the girls who did extra for extra tips but it was about time. Dimitri let me take some time out before going to work for him. I started earlier then I had planned to only because I saw how much he was struggling without a secretary. I never spoke to my brother again, he didn’t attempt to contact me or Dimitri which was another thing off my mind. Finally, Dimitri went to my mum’s grave with me and met her. It was beautiful and I was gutted I didn’t take him before.
“I’m proud of you. What you’ve achieved.”
“You’ve helped me,” I replied, feeling a tear in my eye.
“I didn’t do shit and you know it.”
“Of course you did. I think every single day how lucky I am to have you.”
“Ha! It’s very much the other way round milaya. I even said to that dickhead the other week,” that dickhead was Dimitri’s sister’s husband. My soon to be brother in law. I had met them both and didn’t really understand Dimitri’s hate for him. I thought he was lovely. “I had to thank him. If I didn’t go to his stag do which my sister forced me to by the way, I would never have met you.” My hand was still in his and he kissed it, making my knees weak.
“So hurry up. I didn’t get to fuck you in the office today and as I said need to do that as soon as possible.”

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