Russian God

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Dimitri POV

My eyes opened to silence. Looking around to the other side of the bed I saw it was empty. I peeked up and saw the cot which was attached to our bed was also empty. Puzzled, I got up and walked downstairs.
“You’re a pretty girl hey?” I heard Harper say as I entered the living room. My heart felt like it was going to burst with happiness as I saw her, sitting on the couch.
“Morning,” I said and realised how rough my voice was. Looking up she grinned at me.
“Look baby daddy’s up!”
“Why did you let me sleep in? it should be you sleeping in.” She shrugged.
“You have had no sleep as well, you don’t have to wake up with me every time I feed her you know,” she chuckled, a beautiful sound. I smiled at her and lent around.
“Dobroye utro printsessa,” I picked her up to say good morning to my princess. I stared into my baby’s face. She was a perfect mix of me and Harper. Harper’s soft face and beautiful lips but she had my dark eyes and much to my mum’s delight she definitely looked Russian.
“Have you fed her?” I asked Harper as she went to the kitchen area and turned the kettle on. She nodded. “Go back to bed then milaya.”
“No I want to stay up with you both ” she laughed as she said it. She came over to me and put two cups on the coffee table. “Mariya, Mariya, you come to mummy.” I turned around my back to Harper.
“No, you’ve had her all morning,” I chuckled as Harper grabbed the hem of my boxers. I quickly turned back to her and gently kissed her lips. I sat on the sofa and laid Mariya on my chest, she was asleep and her small breaths made me want to go back to sleep. Harper sat next to me, one hand on her coffee cup. The other on my knee, she lent back and we turned our faces to each other.
“How are you feeling?” I asked her. Mariya was born three weeks ago and Harper was the boss bitch she always is. We managed to stay at home for as long as possible while she was in labour and she was in and out of the hospital within hours, with our baby. Thank god Latisha had Mitchell because we both didn’t have a clue at first.
“I’m good.” I smiled at her, hair a mess, pyjamas on but she still was the most beautiful woman to me. I was constantly in awe of her, what she had achieved, what she had been through. I don’t think I know anybody that had such a shitty life and as I rubbed Mariya’s back I knew there wasn’t anywhere else I would rather be. I smirked as a dirty thought went into my head, well there was one place I would like to be.
“What?” She chuckled.
“Nothing. I’m being disgusting,” she turned to me laughing,
“Dimitri what!” I could tell by her face she knew I was being cheeky.
“When do you think you’ll be ready for you know?” I winked at her.
“Dimitri you’re funny, a baby ripped through my vagina like three weeks ago.” She handed me my coffee.
“Thanks for the visual,” I scoffed.
“Visual? you were there! How could you even possibly want to have sex with me right now?” She generally looked shocked.
“Because you’re my sexy as fuck wife? Harper man come on, we could have twenty kids, be eighty years old and I would want to throw you up against the wall” my mouth nearly opened in shock when I saw her eyes get dark at my words. Oh really Harper?
“The doctor said four weeks and I’m not rushing anything” I nodded, she was right and I was being a selfish prick.
“You’re right. I’m being a prick.” I told her what I was thinking, “you know I wouldn’t rush you into anything.” She nodded finishing her coffee.
“Of course. Shall we go to the shops today? I want to buy her something.”
“Ha! Course, then we need to pack.” Her eyes lit up and it made my heart melt.
“Yes! I can’t wait to see mum,” a tear pricked my eye as I knew she was talking about my mum. We were due to go to Russia for three weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. Harper stood up and I grabbed her hand.
“I love you milaya. So much and I’m proud of you.” A tear slipped down her cheek as she smiled.
“Stop my emotions are everywhere!” She chuckled, wiping her cheek. I smiled back at her. “I love you, are you okay with her while I get in the shower?” I nodded, rubbing Mariya’s back as she made a gurgling noise. “Of course take your time I’ll get her ready.” I kissed the top of Mariya’s head and smelt her. As Harper walked away I sighed in content. Thank fuck I went to that arseholes stag do.

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