Russian God

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Chapter Three

As I laid in bed my mind was with Dimitri. Latisha was right; there was no harm in giving him my number. I had failed after failed relationships in my twenties so maybe a change of track would be good. I could definitely let him fuck me silly. I tried to drift off to sleep ignoring the sound of London going to work, I was in tonight but Latisha wasn’t. It would be pretty boring so I had my fingers crossed Dimitri would show his face.


It was close to midnight and I hadn’t seen Dimitri yet. It was a Sunday so not our busiest day but I had managed over £600 in tips. The barman Stephen waved over to me and I came over.
“Hey babes, this is for table six. Asked for you specifically,” he winked at me. “He’s sexy as fuck as well.” Stephen had worked bar here for as long as I’ve been here. He was a hoot and always made a shift better. Dirty blonde hair always got in his face and he looked way younger than his 34.
“Come and get me when you’re on break. I need a fag,” he said handing me a glass of vodka. I nodded and started to walk over to table six. I knew who it was before I even got there. None of our customers were sexy as fuck. Apart from one.
“Dimitri your drink.” I placed it down in front of him. Looking up at me his eyes burned into my soul. I had actually forgotten how ridiculously attractive he was.
“Can you sit?” That rough voice again. I nodded sitting down.
“Yes, believe it or not socialising with the customers is okay.”
“Just no touching?”
“No touching” I chuckled, moving my head down. I was trying not to be flirtatious but was failing miserably as I took a deep breath in, smelling him. Dimitri smelt sweet and manly at the same time, it was making my nipples rock hard.
“I still don’t count though right?” He leaned over to me, his lips dangerously close to my neck. I put my hand on his chest.
“Still not giving up?” I asked, crossing my legs. His eyes went directly to them and he groaned, eyes coming back to mine.
“No.” He took a sip of his drink. “Just a kiss Harper.” It didn’t sound like a question more a demand and as his lips hovered over mine I stood up.
“Not here”. I grabbed his hand and his free hand grabbed his vodka. I walked him to one of the private dance booths. Opening the door, he sat down. The booths had no cameras and I had heard many tales of girls going down on their customers for them sweet, sweet tips. It wasn’t my style but we did have a panic button underneath the seat for emergencies. The music cut in and I started my thing.
“No sit with me,” he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap. Taking a sip of his drink his other hand grabbed my thigh.
“Harper I’ve not been able to stop thinking about you,” he licked his lips and I nearly creamed in my knickers.
“Yeah and honestly tell me you haven’t thought about me” my heart raced, I was used to flirting with customers but this was different. This was real.
“I may have,” I replied coyly.
“When? When you were in bed with your fingers in your pussy?” His accent got stronger and I suddenly ached for his fingers there. I giggled instead, putting my hand on his chest.
“When are we going to stop this? Give me your number.” It was a demand.
“Why? For you to tell your boys you fucked a stripper?” He shook his head.
“You’re more than a stripper Harper, you just happen to be a stripper. A good one too.” His mouth came to my neck and I threw my head back. Fuck fuck.
“I want to take Harper out to dinner. Not Princess.” His words filled the room and made my heart flutter.
“You really don’t give up do you?”
“No.” He bit my neck and it made me groan out loud.
“Fine. Dinner. One dinner.”
“Ha!” He looked at me now, “it’s not going to be one dinner. Don’t you understand, I get what I want and I want you.”
“You don’t know me.”
“Well let me know you, tomorrow dinner at Roka in Canary Wharf.” I took a breath in. The place was fancy as hell.
“How do you know I’m not working tomorrow?” I raised my eyebrow.
“Are you?”
“No”. He laughed, tightening the grip on my thigh.
“Well then it’s a date. Eight?” I just nodded. Don’t panic Harper, it’s just dinner. With the sexiest Russian man I had ever seen.
“I want to take you right now. But I’m going to wait,” he was more telling himself. I too wanted him to take me right then and there and was a little disappointed he wasn’t.
“Do you want a dance?” I asked unsure what else to do.
“Hmmm,” he looked up at me in thought. “No, but I’ll reimburse you for your time.” He started going into his pocket.
“No?” He asked, confused.
“I don’t want your money. It’s dangerously getting close to you paying for me to go to dinner with you. I’m a stripper not a prostitute,” I said firmly and I meant it. If we did have dinner and ridiculously mind blowing sex, I couldn’t take a penny off him.

“Harper come on, you’re missing out on money being with me in here.”
“I don’t mind.” His face lit up as he took another sip.
“You don’t mind? Oh Harper your making it very hard for me not to fuck you stupid right this second.” I took a deep breath in. This man was making me beyond horny.
“Then let’s hope tomorrow comes quickly.”
“The way you look it won’t be the only thing to come quickly.” He moved a strand of hair behind my ear and rubbed my bottom lip with his thumb. I opened my mouth slightly, I was embarrassed to admit I wanted his thumb to go all the way in. Pulling back, he got his phone out of his pocket and handed it to me. I typed my number in and gave it back to him. I then stood up to try and get this man’s spell off me. He rose straight after and kissed my cheek.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“No kiss?” I was taken back by my own words but this man’s spell was too much. Turning round he had the sexiest smirk on his face.
“If I kiss you though you have to promise you won’t climb me.” I swallowed audibly as he moved closer to me. Hand on my face he gently brushed his lips on mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth for seconds before pulling away. Really? I stood staring at him, my pussy was hurting and I had only just met the man.
“Tomorrow.” I stood watching as he walked out the room. I blew up making my fringe move. My heart thumped in my chest tomorrow couldn’t come quick enough.

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