Russian God

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Chapter Five

I was getting excited, I hadn’t had sex in ages and I knew this was going to be good. Brilliant in fact. As we got out of the taxi I looked up at the most beautiful town house. It was painted white with vines going up the left hand side. I looked over at the garage to a Bentley in the drive. Yeah he definitely didn’t work in admin. Unlocking the door he dragged me inside and started walking up the stairs, my hand still in his.
“I don’t get a house tour?” I giggled.
“Not yet,” his voice was stern and I could tell he had a massive hard on. Opening the bedroom door, he basically threw me inside, slammed the door and pushed me up against it.
“You want this?” His eyes scanning my whole body. I just nodded, my breathing was already erratic and I wasn’t going to be able to talk. His hands grabbed my hips as his mouth hit mine. I let his tongue in straight away and wrapped my arms around his neck. His tongue explored my whole mouth and I could barely breathe. Hands going up my thighs and underneath my dress didn’t help my breathing situation. With my eyes closed I found his shirt buttons and slowly undid them one by one. His mouth and tongue never left mine as he whipped his shirt off and I heard it drop to the ground. I really wanted to open my eyes and see what he had under that shirt but his kiss was too much. His right hand came to my chest and went through the material at my cleavage. I wasn’t wearing a bra and as he moaned in my mouth I knew he approved. Finally breaking our kiss his head came down, moving my dress material to the side and my nipple was in his mouth, his tongue flicked over my nipple before gently biting it. I took a deep breath in. Because of his height, even with my heels on he had to move his head far down to reach my chest. I was annoyed, I still couldn’t see him in all his glory.
“Get on the bed,” he breathed out. Moving from my chest I got to see him. It was full of artwork and ripped as hell, every muscle defined. I bit my bottom lip just at the sight of it. I don’t think I’ve ever slept with anyone so attractive. I did what I was told and kicking my shoes off I got on the ridiculously huge bed. His bedroom was huge and from the corner of my eye I saw a door. Oh ensuite as well. I pushed myself up to the pillows as he approached me. His eyes were now even darker. Undoing his belt his eyes never left mine as he dropped his trousers. His boxers were still firmly on but the outline of his massive hard on made my knickers even wetter. Half kneeling on the bed his hands gripped the bottom of my dress. Pulling up I wiggled to give him access to rip it off over my head and throw it on the ground. I just had a black thong on and his eyes went directly to it.
“Turn around,” god I loved his demanding voice. I sat on my knees and turned around. “Fuck,” he breathed out tracing the outline of my thong with his finger. Before I could say anything his arm was around my throat as he came up behind me. His hand in my thong, I felt his huge hard on grind up against my arse.
“I like it rough. Tell me if it’s too much,” he moaned in my ear. I threw my head back on his shoulder. Well lucky for you sir that’s how I like it.
“Me too,” is all I breathed out and his finger moved up and down my folds before touching my clit. My whole body shuddered and his finger went up and down on my clit, flicking it as he went. He released his hand from my clit and started to pull down my underwear. As they were at the base of my knees he reached round and his finger was inside of me, the pressure made me jump. He growled in my ear as his finger went in and out.
“Harper I don’t know how long I can keep up with this. Your pussy is begging for my dick,” and it was, I felt it clamp up every time his finger went in. I bit down on his arm still firmly around my neck.
“Harper,” he growled out, removing his finger. With ease he grabbed my hips, pulled me down and flipped me over. Taking my knickers completely off he kissed my stomach.
“Erm?” I asked, pointing to his boxers. A grin came over his face as he stood up and took his boxers off, I nearly groaned at the sight of his dick, it was huge. Going into his bedside draw he grabbed a condom. Phew. Ripping the little plastic, he pulled the condom out and pulled it down over himself. Coming back onto the bed and on top of me his mouth went to my breast. The feeling made my back arch and push my body to his. I felt his hand in between us and suddenly his tip was at my entrance.
“You okay?” He asked, eyes on mine. Rough sex and sweet as hell? I could feel myself getting addicted to this guy. I nodded, rubbing my hands along his chest. He leaned into me, his lips on my neck as he pushed his dick into me. Fuck he was massive and it had been a while. My eyes clamped shut as he stretched me, grabbing my thigh with one hand he pulled back and then rammed into me.
“Shit!” I shouted.
He was leaning on his forearm and his chest was on top of mine now. Biting on my neck every time he pulled back and kissing it when he rammed back in. One arm was around his neck and I dug my nails into him. His movement quickened and I could hear the contact sound of our hips smashing together. My pussy clamped around him as I felt my orgasm start to take over.
“You’re cuming,” he whispered in my ear before biting down on my lope.
“Dimitri fuck.” Is all I could muster as it hit my whole body, my back arched and my legs twitched like crazy as I came around his dick, my pussy grabbing him. My head went back and all I felt around us was wet. I panicked and went to put my hand in between us. He grabbed my wrist and put it above my head, still ramming in and out of me.
“You squirted.” I slammed my eyes shut in embarrassment. I had never done that before. He read my mind and moaned in my ear. “Don’t be embarrassed it’s a compliment.” He pulled all the way out and slammed into me again making me groan out. I felt his dick twitch and as he moaned in my ear I knew it was his time. He bit into my neck, definitely leaving a mark.
“Fuck!” He shouted as he sat up, still in me. Grabbing both my thighs he pushed into me, I looked up at him. Shit he was beautiful. He threw his head back as he rammed into me again then while still in me he pushed deeper, my eyes nearly rolled in the back of my head as I felt his dick spasm. He growled and then fell back. He was out of me now and he sat up slightly to pull my hand, I came up and fell on top of him.
“Fucking hell,” he whispered his hand on my face.
“Yep pretty much. Sorry about your bed.” I was still beyond embarrassed.
“Don’t be. You never squirted before?” His eyes looked puzzled. I just shook my head. “Wow even more of a compliment." He slapped my arse as I got up. I went to find my underwear as he took the condom off and threw it in the bin next to his bed. I picked up my dress and he looked over at me. In all his naked glory. I literally could go again.
“Where are you going?” He asked, face screwed up.
“Erm home?”
“Erm no you’re not. I’ll drop you off in the morning.” I dropped my dress back down.
“Can I use your shower?”
“Of course, the room there.” He pointed to the door in the corner of the room. I grabbed my purse as I walked into the bathroom. Fucking hell this guy was loaded. The ensuite was bigger than my whole living room I swear. I peaked at the free standing bath. Could definitely fit the both of us in there. I got my phone out my purse and went to text Latisha but saw she had already beaten me to it.
Latisha: ‘So is Moscow packing?’

I laughed out loud at her text.

Harper: ‘Yes definitely’

I pressed send and started to type another message as hers popped up. Jesus Latisha.

Latisha: ‘He was good wasn’t he. I know he was good.’

I stepped into the ridiculously huge shower and turned the tap on. Standing back outside, I chuckled to my phone.

Harper: ‘I squirted.’

Latisha: ‘Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Oh Harp you need to keep him ;)’

Harper: ’100%, he’s the sweetest guy as well.’

Latisha: ‘Now I’m blushing for you. Are you still there?’

Harper: ‘Yeah he won’t let me go home yet.’

Latisha: ‘God get me one of them! Lol! Go have fun. I’ll see you at work tomorrow. Love you’

Harper: ‘Love you x’

I got into the shower and let the hot water hit my body. I scrubbed my face to get rid of my make up and quickly jumped out. I looked up and he had a robe on a hook, taking it off I wrapped it around me. Still a little bit wet I walked back into the bedroom. The bed sheets were brand new and he was laying on the bed just boxers on.
“You okay?” He looked over at me, them eyes were not letting up. I nodded and came over to the bed. Grabbing my hand, he pulled me over to him, my head on his chest.
“My robe looks good on you,” he mumbled, moving it to the side and placing his hand on my stomach.
“Are you sure you don’t mind dropping me tomorrow I can get a cab?” He breathed out.
“I’m sure. You want to leave?” I felt his head go down.
“No,” and I didn’t.
“Then stay. I’ll drop you on my way to work. You’re too special to get in a cab at midnight.” He turned to me and kissed the top of my head. Bloody hell this guy was perfect.
“What’s wrong with you?” I couldn’t help myself and he sat up moving my head from his chest.
“What do you mean?” He asked, puzzlement all over his face.
“Like what’s your catch? You married?” He laughed, throwing his head back.
“No I’m not married. That’s an odd question. What’s wrong with me?” He looked so confused and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“You’re perfect, caring, funny, dynamite in the sack.” He smirked, lifting an eyebrow.
“Could say the same for you. Why are you shocked a guy isn’t a dickhead?” I shrugged, I didn’t know. Clearly my taste in men had been terrible up until that point. I don’t think I had ever met anybody like Dimitri. Beautiful, funny, caring and powerful. Yum, yum my type.
“Believe it or not Harper, not all men cheat on their girlfriends and punch them in the face. Maybe it’s my impeccable Russian upbringing. I know how to treat a woman.” I breathed out, he certainly knew how to treat a woman. “You think me demanding your number was the height of gentlemen.” I giggled at his sentence, his accent getting stronger.
“Chivalry you mean.” He looked baffled.
“Being a gentleman?”
“Yeah chivalry. I suppose your actions when we first met weren’t particularly gentlemanly no. But I couldn’t say no to you.”
“That’s what I was hoping.” We got under the covers and my head fell to his chest again. It wasn’t long before I could hear his breathing slower, I looked up at him. He was soundo. I snuggled closer and felt his arm tighten across my body. Oh yes I could stay here forever.

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