Russian God

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Chapter Seven

Me and Latisha stood in our usual smoking area before we opened.
“So you’re telling me, he took you to a super fancy restaurant, paid then fucked you so hard you squirted, let you stay, licked your pussy and dropped you home. And you were a bitch?” She had half a cigarette in her mouth with her arms crossed. She wasn’t happy.
“Tish I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Why are you scared?”
“Oh my god he said the exact same thing!” I threw my finished cigarette on the floor in annoyance.
“Wow my man can pick up feelings as well, Jesus what’s the catch?”
“There is no fucking catch!”
“I’m so confused.” She threw her cigarette in the ashtray and moved my face to look up to her.
“If you’re letting that fuck wad who you left six years ago effect the sex on legs that is Dimitri then you don’t even deserve him.” Ouch. Her face was like fire.
“Why are you being horrible to me?” I had actual tears in my eyes but I knew she was right.
“Because you’re being stubborn and stupid. You’re amazing and any dude would be so lucky to have you. I’m begging you please don’t waste this man” she came and gave me a cuddle. “Sorry but you need tough love.”
“You’re right. Like 100 percent right.” She squeezed my hand.
“Come on let’s go to work.”


I opened my eyes to the burning sun and turned and grabbed my phone. “Fuck,” I said out loud. I had four missed calls from Dimitri and a text from Latisha. It was 3pm and I had super overslept. I opened Latisha’s text first.

Latisha: ‘I’ve cut my shift tonight babe, Graham is taking me out. Sorry and call Dimitri’

Harper: ‘Okay no worries. And I will promise.’

I had loads of stuff to do before going into work so I told myself I would call him before I went in.

I was already halfway through my shift and I hadn’t called Dimitri. He hadn’t tried to contact me again but I knew Latisha would be pissed. Harper stop fucking this up. I walked out of a private dance booth after getting a two hundred pound tip when I saw him.
“You didn’t call me back.” Them dark eyes were staring directly at me. I walked back into the booth and breathed a sigh of relief when he followed me in, sitting down he ran his hands through his hair.
“What’s going on? I’m confused,” he asked.
“I was busy, I must have k’oed when I got home and then before I knew it I had to go into work. I’m sorry. Are you pissed?” My arms were crossed, suddenly I felt very uncomfortable being half naked. His head shook.
“No, I was worried. I thought I had done something wrong.” I breathed out, it was good to know a sex god like him felt insecure. The music in the booth was playing and I did the only thing I could think of.
“You did nothing wrong, let me give you a lap dance.” His head went back on the chair and I took that as a yes. I got on my knees and bounced back up, one knee next to his on the chair. I slowly took my bra off, dancing to the music as I ran my free hand down his chest. Suddenly he grabbed my thigh and pushed me down on his lap.
“Let me fuck you please”, his voice sent shivers down my spine. Don’t need to ask twice. I went a little bit back on his lap and undid his belt, my chest beating in excitement. A new suit today, a grey one which did him wonders. In one swift motion I released his dick and pulled my knickers to the side. Balancing on my knees I lowered myself down on his dick. “Harper fucking hell,” he grabbed my arse and pushed me up, letting me go for me to bounce down on him. I kept on bouncing on his dick as his hand came to my throat and grabbed it. It made my pussy clamp shut and his voice helped me ride to my orgasm.
“Harper keep fucking me, you’re fucking perfect.” I threw my head back, bouncing up and down as he moaned, his dick was perfect for my pussy as I clamped shut around him. His moan was so loud I put my hand over his mouth. Eyes burning into me made me cum right there and then. I moaned out ever so quietly as he moved his hand from my thigh to my nipple, flicking it with his thumb made me moan out again. The hand on my throat tightened and he placed a finger in my mouth. It was sexy as fuck and I sucked it as I felt his dick twitch, his eyes were directly on mine, his mouth half open. His eyes slammed shut as I felt his cum inside me. Shit. Thank fuck I was on the pill. I went to stand up but he grabbed me back.
“Don’t be scared of this. Do I make you feel good?” I nodded. Yes, you do.
“Then there’s no problem.” He released his hands and I stood up. I needed to go to the bathroom and change ASAP. I looked down and he had cum on his boxers. Quickly he pulled his trousers up and his hand dug into his pocket. Pulling his wallet out he grabbed some notes.
“Excuse me?” He looked at me that stupid sexy puzzled look again.
“Take it.” He had a few fifty pound notes in his hand.
“Erm no.” I crossed my arms. I was livid and my stomach fell.
“But you’ve been in here with me for ages.”
“I’m sorry when did I become a fucking prostitute?!” I nearly screamed. I turned around and picked up my bra and threw it on.
“Harper it’s not like that,” he came to touch my face and I slapped it away.
“What’s it like then? Hmm? You come to my place of work, you tell me you need to fuck me, I do and then you want to give me what? Three hundred pound? Fuck you Dimitri,” I spat out the last words and his face had anger all over it. Putting his wallet in his pocket he grabbed my throat, it wasn’t hard but made me look him in the face. It made my stomach drop and terrified me instantly. Dimitri wasn’t a small guy and his once sexy eyes turned frightening. I grabbed his hand to try and pull it away but I was weak compared to him and it didn’t even budge.
“Harper I know you’re not a prostitute. I came to your place of work to see you. I was worried and you’re making it seem like I fucking forced you to ride my dick. Did I force you?” I looked down, my hand on his hand. “Answer me!” He shouted, inches from my face.
“No. Dimitri please.” I tried to rip his hand away again, again with no luck.
“Your time is your money and you’ve wasted time, so money with me here. Chill the fuck out”. Tears pricked my eyes as he let go of my throat, pushing my head back. He saw my face and his own dropped.
“Harper sorry I didn’t mean to grab you,” he shook his head.
“Fuck off.”
“Milaya no.”
“No! You fuck off with that Russian shit. Get the fuck out before I call security.” I was pointing at him now.
“Harper don’t be like that.” He came closer to me and I moved in the direction of the chair.
“I will be like that. I told you all of my shit and then you do that to me. You aren’t any different.” He came even closer and put his hand out.
“I am, you know I’m different. I wouldn’t hurt you”. His voice was annoying me even more now, how could he say he wouldn’t hurt me but then grabbed me?
“You just did.” His eyes looked up at me, he looked completely broken. But I didn’t care. “You actually led me to believe you were this perfect guy, caring, thoughtful and wanted me. But no you just wanted a quick fuck.”
“Harper!” His voice boomed and I jumped. “You know that’s not true! I’m all of these things. Please let me make this better.” His hand was still there hanging and I pushed it away.
“Dimitri there is a panic button here and I press it and 10 guys run in. Please leave. ”
“You want me to leave?” His face looked hurt and his voice was low.
“Yes. Get out.” Tears were streaming down my face now but I didn’t even care that he was watching me cry. Good. His whole face dropped and he left the room, he walked backwards never taking his eyes off me. As the door shut I sat down on the chair and just sobbed. What the fuck just happened? I needed to leave work now. I stood up and marched out of the booth, towards the changing room. Leon saw me and grabbed my arm.
“You okay?” He was a tall guy, muscular and beautiful dark skin. In another world I would have jumped his bones.
“I’m okay, I need to leave.”
“You don’t look okay. What happened?”
“Just some handsy guy that’s all.” I was trying to walk and his hand tightened. Why didn’t men just fuck off away from me!
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“I seriously sorted it Leon. I just need to go.” He saw the urgency in my face and let go. I ran to the changing rooms. I texted management, an amazing woman named Lucy who I had grown to be friendly with.

Harper: ‘Lucy can I leave? A super hands on customer has freaked me.’

It wasn’t a lie. I had already done my pole set for the night. She texted me back instantly.

Lucy: ‘Of course. Go. Let me know tomorrow if you’re coming in.’

I put my phone in my purse and got dressed in record time. I just wanted to throw myself on my bed and cry. I jumped in a cab and was home in minutes. As I started to unlock my door I could feel the tears coming, no Harper hold it together. Didn’t last long and I could barely see my key through the water in my eyes. I finally burst in through the door and ran straight for my bed. I kicked my shoes off and got under the covers. My whole body shook as I sobbed my eyes out. I couldn’t even call Latisha as her and Graham were on a hot date. My eyes hurt and my chest was pounding as the sound of my phone got my attention. I looked at my phone. Dimitri. I pressed the red button and it went to voicemail. Moments later he called again and again I pressed the red button. Fuck off! My phone went again, a text.

Dimitri: ‘Talk to me. I know you left work.’

I just stared at his text before my phone rang again.
“What!” I screamed down the phone, my voice breaking.
“Harper talk to me.”
“I don’t want to talk to you. Not sure what you’re not understanding about that.”
“Please.” He was practically begging. I hung up the phone and threw it on the floor. I ignored it as it rang again. I huffed getting out of bed and ran myself a bath. I got into it, my head almost going under the water and just stared at the bathroom wall. As I calmed down my brain went back to the situation. Had I over reacted? I certainly didn’t over react to a hand on my throat but maybe the money thing I did. Clearly it’s a soft spot for me. There was something about this man that I had never encountered before. Such a catch but so powerful and knew what we wanted. It was definitely an attractive trait normally. I still found it a little hard to believe he wanted me. My past meant that any sudden anger left me terrified. Suddenly there was a knock on my front door. I jumped up in panic, throwing a towel over me. I opened the door. It was my next door neighbour Ahmed.
“Oh hey Ahmed,” I tried to pretend I wasn’t completely naked.
“Hey Harper, there’s some super scary Russian dude outside and he wants you to talk to him or?” He trailed off. “Do you want me to call the police?” I shook my head.
“No thank you. He’s my friend.” He nodded and gave me a little wave as I shut the door. Really Dimitri? Luckily I had calmed down now and threw on a pair of leggings and a crop top. I looked at the time 1am, great my neighbours were going to love me. I grabbed my keys and walked downstairs, when I opened the main door he saw me and looked surprised his plan had even worked.
“Harper can I.”
“Come in,” I cut him off leaving the door open for him. I opened my front door and he walked in shyly.
“Sit down, do you want a drink?” He sat on my sofa and turned his head to me.
“No I’m good”. I got myself some water and came and sat next to him. He was still wearing his suit but his face looked tired.
“Harper,” he turned his whole body to me. I didn’t cut him off and I think it threw him. “I don’t even know what to say,” he confessed. I took a sip of my water staring at him. There was no way I was going to start this. He ran his hands over his face.
“I’m sorry. Please don’t tell me I’ve ruined this?” I shrugged. Still not giving him anything. “Oh my god this is so hard in English,” he put his head in his hands and my heart ached. I pulled his hand away and put it in my lap.
“I may have overreacted regarding the money. But there’s nothing like having crazy sex with someone you really like who then gets his wallet out.” He went to talk but I put my hand up. “I’m used to using my body for money but I also make a hundred percent sure not to mix business with pleasure. You’re that grey area for me.”
“I’m not your customer,” his voice was strong.
“Then why did you try and give me money?”
“Because you lost money.”
“I don’t care Dimitri, if I did I wouldn’t have stayed in there with you.” I looked up at his eyes and they had softened.
“You’re right. I never thought of it like that. I’d feel like a massive prick if you got your wallet out after that. But there’s no grey area with me. Just think of it as you work in a shop and I fucked you in the stock room, ” he was deadly serious and I cracked up. “I shouldn’t have grabbed you. I was annoyed that you thought I saw you as a prostitute. I don’t, I’m proud of what you do for work.”
“I know.”
“No I’m on a roll now,” he smirked and I laughed again, his hand still in mine.
“I let my annoyance take over me. I wanted you to know I respect you and like you so much, which then makes no sense by grabbing you like that. I was out of order. Like a proper prick and I hope you can forgive me.” His head went on my shoulder. I tapped my hand on the back of his head.
“Hmmm,” is all I could respond. He had massive arse kissing to do. “You know,” I started and then stopped. Looking up at me he squeezed my hand. “My ex boyfriend didn’t just punch me in the face. He basically beat the shit out of me.” I looked down.
“I scared you?”
“Yeah a lot. You’re a much bigger guy than him,” I huffed. Grabbing both of my arms he pulled me into him. I was trying with all my might not to cry. Wrapping his arms around me he kissed my head.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” My tiredness suddenly got the better of me, I was physically and emotionally drained. I sat up and looked into his eyes.
“I’m going to bed,” I stood up. He looked around the room confused. “Are you coming?” I asked, holding my hand out.
“You want me to come?”
“Yes come and sleep with me and I mean sleep. If you want.” Nodding he stood up and took his jacket and shoes off. I pulled him by the hand into my tiny bedroom, I took off my leggings and got into bed. Following suit, he stripped and got in next to me grabbing my arm and pulling me close.
“You forgive me?” His voice sounded sad and it broke my heart.
“Yes, but touch me again like that and I’ll chop your dick off.” I did, while it felt the same in the moment as Adrian it wasn’t and that’s not some trope beaten women say believe me. It wasn’t the same and I felt comfortable with his warm body behind me.

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