Russian God

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Chapter Eight

I woke up again without Dimitri next to me. Had he gone home? I looked at my phone and it was eight. Maybe he had gone to work. I walked into my kitchen and saw him at the counter. Clearly helped himself to coffee and handed me one as I walked over.
“Do you ever sleep?”
“Not really.” He came to me and cupped my face in my hands, lightly kissing my lips he then picked up his jacket.
“I have to go milaya,” I just nodded. “I’ll see you Sunday?” He put his jacket on and walked towards the door.
“Yes definitely.” I stood up to walk him to the door and he pulled me close by my hips.
“Can we pretend yesterday never happened?”
“Yes,” I chuckled.
“Apart from the bit where you bounced on my dick obviously,” he kissed my cheek. “I think that image will last me until Sunday.”
“I’m glad.″ I threw my head back in laughter. That’s the Dimitri I knew and in between my legs throbbed. I grabbed his jacket and moved closer to him.
“Do you have to go?” He sucked in a breath.
“Milaya don’t do this to me. Yes I have to go I need to change my suit for a start.”
“Oh,” I murmured, rubbing my hand over his dick in his trousers.
“Bye,” he lightly kissed my lips, opened the door and slipped out. I turned around with a grin on my face. Only three days until I saw him again. I could handle that right? My phone ringing threw me back to reality. I ran into my room and picked it up, it was Latisha before noon?
“Hello you okay?” I answered panicking.
“I’m good, can we meet?”
“Now?” My stomach dropped.
“Yes please. Can I come to yours for a coffee?”
“Yeah of course. What’s wrong?” My eyes flickered around my room in panic.
“I’m fine, I just want to talk to you.”
“Okay yeah come now”.
“See you soon.” I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Latisha wanted to have coffee with me at not even eight thirty in the morning? I ran and had a quick shower, Latisha lived about a 10 minute walk from mine and as I was drying my hair the doorbell went. I managed to put some clothes on and threw on a hoodie as I opened the door. She looked up at me, she had been crying.
“Come in.” She slumped on the sofa, her bottom lip trembling.
“What’s wrong?” I sat next to her panicking. “Talk to me”
“Sorry and I’m sorry to call you at like the middle of the night.” I chuckled.
“It’s fine.”
“It smells like men in here. Was Dimitri here?” I had to laugh.
“You a fucking blood hound? Yes he was here.” She lifted her eyebrow at me.
“Oh really.”
“Yeah long story but you first.”
“I’m pregnant,” she spat out. I jumped up and screamed, I didn’t even realise until tears fell on my hands but I was crying.
“Harp?” She stood up.
“Oh my god! Are you serious?!” I had my hand to my chest, my heart smashing against my ribs.
“Are you happy?”
“Of course I’m fucking happy! You think I’m a monster?! My best friend is pregnant with a dude she loves.”
“But you’re always shitting on Graham,” her voice was quieter. My heart dropped, am I really that much or an arsehole? I started crying again now for a different reason.
“I’m sorry, I’m clearly a super shitty friend. I’m so happy for you and Graham. Maybe I was jealous, no I probably was jealous.” She wrapped her arms around me.
“Don’t sweat it. I met you with all your faults and I love you regardless. It is however a massive weight off my shoulders that you’re happy.”
“Okay I’m going to ignore all the faults bit but are you happy?”
“I’m super happy. Like can’t stop grinning happy,” she sat back down while I made some tea.
“Why were you crying?” I handed her a cup of tea.
“Because I have to quit work. Like effective immediately.” My mouth dropped open which was followed by my stomach.
“You do?”
“Yeah I can’t work the pole in case I fall and I don’t really want to grind on old men while pregnant. Do you understand?” I pondered for a bit then nodded. I did understand. My head spun at our lives now. Latisha is pregnant and about to live her life and I actually met someone I wouldn’t throw to the curb when it got too serious.
“How are you feeling physically?”
“I’m okay. I actually felt a little sick this morning but nothing major.” She sipped her tea.
“I’m going to be a better friend Tish I promise. I want to be here for you, Graham and the baby.”
“Babes, stop, you are a good friend. You really must stop beating yourself up all the time. This baby is going to have the best auntie ever.” I grinned from ear to ear.
“Thanks Tish I mean it. Did you need anything? I have savings.”
“No! Stop, I just want you. Graham is working overtime at the minute. I’m not sure if I can get another job now, like who’s going to hire a pregnant woman,” she chuckled.
“Never know. Maybe some bar work?”
“Yeah that’s a good idea actually. Now your turn. Tell me how is Mr Dimitri?” I threw my head back before taking a sip of tea. I told her about the booth incident. Her face changed every time I spoke and as I finished she held my hand.
“It sounded like he felt like a massive douche.”
“Yeah I think so.”
“You forgiven him? He comes across as a passionate man for a better word.” She looked deep in thought.
“What are you thinking?” I put my empty cup on the coffee table.
“Oh I think you should grab him with both hands and not let go,” she laughed. “And it’s good to know he isn’t perfect. Everyone fucks up and it isn’t the same as Adrian. I know you panic that it is but it isn’t. It sounds like he really cares for you.” I nodded. It did seem like that and the thought of it made my heart flutter. “I have a scan on Tuesday. Graham is working, did you want to come?” I nearly jumped out of my seat.
“Yes! A million times yes. What time?”
“Two PM. I got to shoot now. Sorry I’ve got a meeting with Lucy.” She stood up and put our cups in the sink.
“You don’t have to do that.”
“It’s fine.” She gave me a cuddle and went to the door. “Harper promise me you’ll stop blaming yourself for everything. Promise me you’ll enjoy your time with Dimitri whatever it leads to. You deserve it.” I sniffed trying to keep a tear in.
“Thanks Tish I’ll see you Tuesday. Let me know how you get on with Lucy.” She kissed my cheek as she left.

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