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Run and Hide

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Fated to spend all of eternity alone. One man stands to break down the walls. Selene has spent her whole life building them up. Will she let herself be happy? Does she even realize she deserves it? All she knows is that shes a trained killer and the world doesn’t appreciate people like her. This my first story ever so please be kind to me. Offensive and brutal content in this story. Abuse, cursing and all the bad stuff we hate to love. Loads of triggers. Please don’t read if you are sensitive to these things. I am not really an author type but I’ve been reading on this app for a long time and wanted to give it a go! Have fun and Enjoy!

Erotica / Action
Age Rating:

1 | Dont Fuck With Me...


Walking down a pitch black alley at night. Most people, even more so women, wouldn’t dare to on a hot summer night. My combat boots echo against the brick walls and I hear voices around the corner. I stop and smile. These guys are in for a rude awakening. I begin walking again and as I round the corner I make eye contact with one of the guys, glance around to the other three. They look like typical street thugs, baggy clothes, beanies even though its summer. The first guy looks me up and down. "Hey Sweetie, you lost?" He smiles at me showing a grill that's all too fake. I smile up at him with my best innocent smile. "Yes sir! I just was trying to get home and got lost." He chuckles at me moving closer, "don't worry Baby we'll help you home." The other guys behind him start to laugh as he looks at me like I'm something he's about to devour. I start to imitate fear and back up slowly. "We're going to enjoy this!" The second comments as the other shakes his head in agreement. I take a look around to make sure no one is about to witness what is about to happen. When I look back at the first guy approaching me, my face turns into a menacing grin and start to laugh like you see the villians do in all the Disney movies. His face turns confused as his eyebrows scrunch together, all of a sudden this just became a challenge to him. He gets closer to me as I stopped backing up and he swings his right arm in a hook at my face. I grab his arm and slam it over my right quad and enjoy the loud snapping sound of bone. Music to my mother fucking ears.

Most people would look at me and just assume I’m a stereotypical introvert, non-confrontational and weak. They’re wrong, as most people are about everything. My five foot frame is slim but sturdy, usually coming as a surprise to people in these very situations. My light brown locks twisted up into a tight bun so that it doesn't get in my face. My hazel eyes burn with a passion for death that most men couldn’t rival. My accentuated jawline is one trait of mine that screams masculinity but my stature takes away from that. Men usually assume I’ll be an easy target. In complete honesty, I revel in that fact. It brings me complete and utter joy to know that when someone dies looking into my eyes they wonder how the fuck they ended up in this situation with someone like me looking down at them.

He screams out with agony and I smile down at him. “Wasn’t expecting that, were you.” He grunts up looking at me. “You fucking bitch!” His friend runs up on me next after the chuckle he let out laughing at his incapacitated friend. He reaches for me, I spin, duck, and jump on his back right as he gets to me immediately wrapping my toned arm around his neck. Takes about six seconds to lose consciousness from a proper choke hold. He slowly starts to drop to the ground.

Next thing I know, I feel something hard hit me on the right side of my head. I fall off the second guy, rolling onto my back and take a second to collect myself. Guy number three is smiling down at me, “Think again cunt.” I slowly start to smile and with all 130 pounds of my weight I swing my leg behind his and as his head slams into the concrete then I slam my five and a half boot heal on his throat. He starts to cough because I just crushed his trachea. I start to stand back up and look at the three men, one clutching his arm to his chest trying not to cry, another passed out on the ground and the third trying to breath clutching his throat. I cant help but to enjoy the pain and dismemberment that I’ve caused and yet to inflict.

I pull out my spring loaded titanium knife and flick it open. The guy with the fucked trachea is now on his hands and knees trying to crawl away all the while choking on the air as he sucks it in. I walk up behind him standing over his back and grab the front of his hair and jerk back. As he looks into my eyes I see pleading, gasping out, “please” as he struggles for oxygen. “I have a wife and children”. I look back into his eyes, empty and completely void of any emotion. “Sir, are you having a hard time breathing?” I mock him and flash him a small smile. “Here, let me help you”. I reach down, press my finely sharpened blade into the flesh of his neck and drag it from left to right. Blood pours out and he starts gagging now drowning on his own blood flooding his airway. I watch, intently as the life slowly starts to fade from his eyes. When they glaze over and realize my fun is over, I release his hair and his head drops to the concrete with a thud.

I stand back up to my full height and turn to find my next play thing. I notice the man with the broken arm trying to sneak away while I was distracted with his friends. He's attempting to quietly run away in the direction I was originally heading, down the alley way. All the better for me, the more secluded the more noise I can make. I start walking towards him, picking up my pace, I start skipping. I giggle at the thought of the fun I’m about to have, “Mister! Where are you going? I thought you wanted to play with me?” I fake frown pretending to be disappointed in him leaving.

“Leave me alone you freak!” He looks back and starts to run when he notices me closing in on him. “Awe! See now you’ve hurt my feelings Mister! I’m going to enjoy this more now!” I say with a menacingly large smile. I start to full on run and tackle him when I get close enough to reach him. I roll him over and straddle him while he clutches his arm to his chest trying to prevent more pain. I feign concern, “Are you ok?” I grab his arm and squeeze as tight as my small hand would allow. Unfortunately, for him I work out seven days a week and I can rip someone’s throat out bare handed. He screams out in agony, “Pleeeaaasseeeee!!! I'm sorry! We were just having a little fun! We wouldn’t have hurt you!”

I look him in the eye, “You and your friends are the ones who give men a bad name, and I wont allow for men like you to prey on harmless women walking the streets. You deserve to die for your actions. We don’t need men like you walking the surface of our planet”

I reach down pressing my nails into his throat and squeeze till I feel the flesh ripping. He squirms below me and I squeeze my thighs tight so he can’t escape my grip. My fingers enter his body and blood pours out of the holes I’m making. My adrenaline rushes and the satisfaction I get from this is anything but Human. I love the sight of that crimson liquid pouring out of the human body. In fact I think its one of the most beautiful things in the world. The literal life force of all existence. Continuing to squirm I tighten my grip around his esophagus and rip it out right between him and I. His eyes wide from shock and complete terror. “Whose laughing now?” I smile sweetly at him. “There we go. No more toying with women for you.”

Blood continues pumping out of his throat and I chuck the flesh in my hand to the side of the alley. No worries, I'll call Selby when I'm done for clean up. Cops don’t even come to this part of the city anyway because they know its not for fucking around. People get shot, stabbed, raped, and murdered everyday on this side of town. Me, I enjoy “policing” the streets. I know. I know. Vigilante bullshit story but no one was there for me when I needed them. I hope to be there for someone when they need it.

I stand up and walk casually back to the place it started. The unconscious one still lying there. I stand over him and sigh, “Hmmmpphh...” I’m bored with this now. I pull out my 9mm and put a bullet in his head. I don’t fuck around and I definitely don’t leave behind witnesses.

I pull out my untraceable cellphone, you know, the indestructible Nokia brick phone and dial one of my favorite numbers. “Hey, it’s me. Yeah, I need clean up in the alley between 3rd Avenue and Madison. Thanks.” Click. Line goes dead. I holster my beautiful fire stick and reach up behind my head to inspect the damage. Pulling my hand in front of me, it’s wet with blood but not bad. Grabbing my forehead, I collect myself and continue my peaceful but very enjoyable walk to my favorite hangout in the most fucked part of town.

I walk through the door, low light, dingy bar with paint peeling off the walls and neon lights half working and half broken. Nod at Garcia next to the door. Either him or one of the other goons is always at the door watching over Ellie mainly. Everyone in this bar knows each other. But no one knows the other if you ask, they’ll take it to their grave, literally. I slip onto my usual stool at the end of the bar in the shadows. I don’t like attention and I always sit in the spot with the best vantage point at the bar. I can see all patrons, entrances and exits from where my nice ass rests. Just the way I like it. I just want to observe and drink. My two favorite hobbies, drinking and killing. Ellie walks up to me from behind the bar, “The usual?”

“Yeah, thanks Ellie”. She’s cute, tall, blonde, curly hair, blue eyes. Typical babe. Probably a 36D with legs for days. That's the type of chick dudes want. She smiles like every day is her best and the guys in this bar honestly wouldn’t know the first thing to do with a girl like her. Don’t get me wrong, you still don’t fuck around with Ellie. She's got an arsenal behind the bar and wouldn't hesitate to use it for a second. Plus, everyone knows her Dad and Brother are in with the Mafia. Shit. If anyone even thought of fucking with her they’d disappear. Not only that but I'd slit the throat of anyone that intended her harm. She saunters off and grabs my favorite Don Julio 1942 and pours it into a low ball. Brings it back over and sets the bottle and glass down in front of me. “You having a great night, Selene?” She looks down at my hand holding the glass and sees the blood dried hand. Ellie looks back at me with a eyebrow raised.

I smirk at her, “How do you maintain this happy and ever glowing persona knowing what takes place outside these walls by the people sitting in your bar?” I laugh, knowing that deep down she likes the fucked up society that we live in too. Maybe not as much as I do but she definitely does.

She laughs, “You and I both know the only place we’d ever fit in is right here.” I groan at her truthful statement. “Besides you know the only place we will ever find someone that can handle women like us will be in a place like this!”

I screw my face up, "You have at it sister! I have zero interest in any men”. I pick up my glass and take a swallow of the smooth tequila. I close my eyes and savor the liquor running down my throat.

Ellie giggles, "Eventually Selene, someone will swoop in and steal your heart”

I smile brightly at her with my straight, pearly whites, “That's where your wrong Ellie, you have to have a heart to steal in the first place”. I drop the fake smile and focus back on my drink.

Ellie turns and walks away to serve other fuckers at the bar. I keep looking down at the golden liquid in my glass. I always face the entire bar and door, never allowing anyone the opportunity to sneak up on me. In my peripheral, I see someone walking up and plop down next to me at the bar with a gruff. I look up from my drink to the man next to me, “What do you want Selby?”

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