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Straight laced teacher Mia believed she was destined to be alone. Her friends and brothers having fulfilling lives with weddings and babies made her think she might have missed her time. After being stood up one night she meets mysterious but shy Oliver who brings much needed exictment and love into her life. But will older Oliver's past effect their future? **Please note there is discussions of abuse in this story**

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter One

I took a deep breath in before taking another sip of my drink. The amaretto burned my throat as it went down, while I stared straight ahead. I looked at my watch, it was eleven pm and I was done. I don't know why I even bothered accepting love help from my friends. I just felt like a complete idiot, alone in a bar having my third drink. Everybody wanted me to meet someone, everybody wanted me to be happy. Clearly it wasn't meant to happen and definitely not tonight. I was thirty and still hadn't settled down. Don't get me wrong thirty is young, however when everybody around you is in committed relationships some even with children you can feel lonely sometimes. I sniffed to try and get rid of the tear in the back of my eye. There was no way I was going to cry over some man I hadn't even met. I downed the rest of my drink and grabbed my bag, I was over this and wanted to get home with some ice cream. As I stood up the bartender stopped me.
"Here's a drink for you", he was young, floppy blonde hair everywhere. I smiled weakly.
"I didn't order another drink, '' I said firmly. Just get me out of here. He chuckled, throwing his hair out of his face.
"It’s from the gentleman at the other end of the bar." I scoffed, not even looking over to where the bartenders hand was pointed.
"No thanks" I replied, putting my bag over my shoulder and walking away from the bar. My feet were killing and I needed to get these heels off. I normally would just jump on the tube home but I thought I deserved a taxi. It had been one shitty evening. I also didn't want some creep who buys alcohol for women rather than talking to them to follow me home.
"You're leaving?" I barely heard the voice behind me due to the noise in the bar. I turned round and swallowed hard. The voice was deep and dark, the person who the voice came from matched it perfectly. At least six foot five, grey eyes and the most perfect jawline I had ever seen. I looked back behind me. There was no way this man was talking to me. He chuckled, showing his dimples.
"I'm talking to you" he boomed, throwing a hand through his dark brown hair. It was short on the sides but longer on top.
"Are you sure you’re talking to me?" I asked, pointing at myself.
"Yes, I bought you a drink, you're not going to have it?" His voice seemed shy and insecure for a moment, shocking coming from such a powerful man.
"Ermm I'm not really in the mood, shit night," I replied tugging on my bag strap. He shrugged.
"If you've had a shit night you deserve a drink more no?" I giggled at his sentence, looking down. "Come and sit with me, tell me about your shit night." I looked back up at him and he had a shy smile on his face. I shook my head quickly, turning to leave. "What's your name?" His voice got my attention again and I turned back around. "Mia," I replied trying to avert my gaze from this beautiful man.
"I'm Oliver," he replied putting his hand out, I moved closer to him, smelling his musky aftershave. I shook his hand feeling my legs turn to jelly. "So Mia one drink? You look like you need cheering up." I laughed out loud and he smiled, staring at me. His face was absolutely beautiful, his dimples softened the rest of his hard features and as I scanned the rest of his body I had to stop myself biting my lip. Yes he was definitely gorgeous. Before I could actually think I found myself nodding. He didn't say anything either, instead he grabbed my hand gently as we walked to a booth in the corner of the bar. As we sat a bartender approached. "Amaretto?" Oliver asked me. I nodded someone had been clearly watching me. I turned to him as the bartender walked away with our order.
"How do you get the bartender to come to you?" I asked, looking at the manic bar.
"I tip him," Oliver chuckled leaning back. "So Mia tell me about your shitty evening". The bartender put our drinks on the table and Oliver went into his inside jacket pocket. For some reason the simple movement of his hand made me shiver in excitement. He handed the bartender what looked like £50 pound notes. My mouth opened in shock as the young guy walked away.
"Did you tip him a hundred pounds?" I turned to Oliver who was already sipping his drink, it looked like whisky.
"Mia your shitty evening?" He shuffled closer to me by the tiniest measurement and my heart jumped. I took a gulp of amaretto, glad I could handle my booze.
"I got stood up." I looked into his eyes and then down. His head went back and he laughed. Great thanks.
"You’re lying," is all he responded with. I shook my head, my dark brown hair, basically identical in colour to Oliver's was in a bun on my head but a few strands had now come loose and were near my eyes. Oliver's hand quickly pushed them away and his touch made me jump. "Sorry," he said quietly. I smiled at him looking into them beautiful eyes.
"It's fine and yes I got stood up. My friend set me up with one of her friends."
"Oh matchmaking," he said, taking a gulp of drink.
"I know, I should have known better," I laughed looking up at him. God he was gorgeous. "He was meant to be here at nine and he hasn't arrived." I shrugged, this was already embarrassing enough I didn't want to re tell it to someone as beautiful as Oliver.
"Did you know what you both looked like?" He asked his brow puzzled. I nodded. "Yeah my friend showed him my picture." I took another gulp of my drink, my hands in my lap.
"Wow he saw how beautiful you are and didn't turn up. What a dick," he shook his head chuckling. My cheeks turned bright red and I looked at my hands. As I looked up I saw him looking into my face. "You're not upset are you?" He spoke like he had known me for ten years, not ten minutes.
"It's kind of embarrassing." I looked back down. I felt him move closer to me and his arm went on the top of the chair behind me. I took a deep breath, he smelled amazing and it made me shiver.
"I wouldn't say embarrassing. His loss right and my gain," his voice was cheeky and I looked up at him and smiled.
"So what happened to you to make you sit in a bar on your own on a Friday night?" I downed the last of my drink. I was curious.
"I didn't get stood up." He laughed, "you had a shit night and I had a shit day so needed a drink". I smirked up at him, opening my mouth to talk and he cut me off. "I had a stressful day." He sounded sad and for some reason I put my hand on his arm. He looked at me and smiled, god them dimples. Oliver was definitely doing things to my head and body. I shook my head to try and get back to myself. I never randomly took drinks from strangers let alone sat with one at nearly midnight. I suddenly felt very shy and went to get up.
"Where are you going?"
"Home, thank you for the drink." I stood in front of him, throwing my bag over my shoulder. His face screwed up and he still looked like a fucking god.
"Let me take you to dinner," his voice was rough but somehow reassuring.
"It's midnight Oliver." His eyebrows went up as I said his name and I pushed a laugh down.
"I know a place," he stood up and did his suit jacket up. My brain was telling me to run away from this complete stranger but as he put his arm out I looped mine in his. We walked out of the bar and I nearly fainted when he walked towards his car.
"You have a bugatti?" I barely heard myself. Oliver opened the passenger door for me. I looked up at him and started to panic.
"You want to walk?" He asked, clearly reading my mind. "I won't kidnap you." He smiled and it was beautiful.
"I don't know that for sure but the want to get in a bugatti is changing my mind." He threw his head back laughing.
"It's just a car Mia, you want to drive?" I stepped back shaking my head.
"What! No way!" I giggled and he opened the door more. I took a deep breath and got into the car. It was beautiful as I ran my hand over the leather. It was somehow flashy but classy at the same time. Oliver got in and started the car.
"Are you okay?" I looked up at him and nodded.
"Just don't kidnap me."
"It's tempting but I won't." He whispered but it was in a sexual way not creepy. It made me giggle like a schoolgirl as he started to drive. I looked out the window and we stopped after driving for about five minutes. I turned to him.
"Yeah, we could have walked," he shrugged, smiling. Oliver somehow managed to get out of the car and opened the passenger for me before I even touched the door. My hand was held and we walked towards a old building, the lights were on but it didn't look like it was open. Oliver pushed the door open and as we walked in the smell of coffee hit me.
"Mr. Moses." A Italian older man walked towards Oliver grabbing him in a bear hug. "Phillip, nice to see you" Oliver said, his hand still on mine.
"Oh who is this?" Phillip looked at me.
"This is Mia, are we able to stay?" Phillip smiled at me and nodded.
"She's beautiful Oliver. Of course please." His hand went out to the back of the shop towards a small booth. I looked around and it was just the three of us. The shop felt homely, warm and the low lighting made the small shop look romantic. Oliver held onto my lower back and it made me shiver. He guided me onto the booth and sat next to me.
"How is this place open?" I looked around and Phillip was long gone.
"I asked Phillip to open it" I put my head back and my mouth slightly opened.
"When I sent you a drink," he chuckled and put his hand through his hair. I sat up and
looked at him.
"You were sure I would take it?" I said firmly. Oliver laughed and I couldn't tell if it irritated me or not.
"Maybe," he shrugged.
"Do you always take strangers out at midnight?" I asked.
"No," he simply replied pulling his suit jacket closer to his chest. The material caught my eye and I impulsively ran my hands down the collar. It felt soft and the navy colour reflected his grey eyes perfectly.
"Wow," I whispered, touching the soft material. I heard Oliver laugh and pulled my hand back as he looked down at me.
"You like it?" His voice was darker and it made me gulp.
"It's nice, expensive?" I asked, knowing the answer.
"I suppose. Do you like pizza?" I nodded just in time as Phillip approached with a pizza in his hand and two bottles of drink. I rolled my eyes, luckily I said I like pizza. "Take all the time you need," Phillip said as I smiled at him.
"Thank you for opening, I feel a bit silly that you had to stay this late," I did. Did Oliver get this poor man out of bed? Phillip waved his hand in front of him as it was no big deal.
"Me and Mr Moses go way back. I owe him a lot."
"Thanks Philip," Oliver said. I got the impression he wanted the conversation to end. Phillip smiled and walked away. Oliver grabbed a slice of pizza as I turned to him.
"So you don't make restaurants open in the middle of the night just for you all the time?" There was a level of sass to my question.
"No actually, Phillip has only done this for me once." Oliver looked at me finishing his pizza as I grabbed a slice. "So Mia tell me how old are you?" I laughed, we were finally actually getting somewhere.
"30, you?"
"I'm 38" I gulped audibly. He didn't look that old at all. Oliver slid off his jacket and I looked down at the biggest watch I had ever seen. It looked silver but I knew it wasn't, with diamonds around the face.
"What do you do for work?" I asked before taking a bite.
"Oh god you don't want me to bore you with work." He chuckled.
"You clearly have a good job." I pulled my face back, why was he being coy about this?
"I own a few companies," is all he replied while taking a sip.
"A few?" I asked giggling. Oliver smiled at me as I laughed.
"Yeah like three."
"You say it like you're not sure." He threw his head back and laughed.
"I'm sure it's three. What do you do?" His eyes were on mine and it made me feel giddy.
"Oh not as important. I'm a teacher," I nearly whispered. Oliver turned his body to me, his arm around the chair behind me.
"No way?" His voice went up and he sounded excited. "That's way better then what I do, my mum used to be a teacher". I grinned at him, so he clearly didn't come from money but he definitely had it. "You like it?" He asked me.
"Yeah I love it. Is your mum retired?" I asked finishing my pizza.
"No she died." His voice was solem and I touched his arm again. I could feel the muscles now he wasn't wearing his jacket and it made me blush. "Mia it's fine like ten years ago. Tell me about your family?"
"Erm my mum and dad are divorced. I have seven brothers." I looked down at the response I knew I was going to get.
"Seven brothers? Fucking hell. Are you close?" I shook my head sadly.
"Not really, I'm the only one that lives London side my dad lives in Portugal."
"You’re Portuguese?" He asked, smirking.
"Yes both my parents."
"Can you teach me Portuguese?" His voice got flirty and I realised my hand was on his arm still. I pulled back giggling.
"I'm not great at it myself to be honest. I only talk with it to my dad."
"That's why you're so beautiful, I could get lost in your dark eyes." His hand went to my knee and I giggled again. How this evening had changed. I had seen the picture of the guy my best friend Angel set me up with and I was thanking God he didn't turn up. Oliver was a Greek god compared to him.
"Thanks," I mumbled out, not sure what to say.
"And you don't even know it." Oliver shook his head, his hand still on my knee. "What are your plans tomorrow?" He said abruptly.
"Erm," I thought for a minute, I had no plans at all and the thought of seeing Oliver in the daytime made me tense with excitement. "Nothing I don't think." I tried to play it cool. I didn't think I was that successful though.
"Let me take you out, not at midnight."
"Okay," I simply said as his hand moved to my face. I swallowed a breath. Was he going to kiss me? I felt his breath on my cheek as he kissed me there, touching the edge of my lips. It made my heart flutter and as we pulled back slightly I stared into his beautiful eyes.
"Your eyes are amazing," I whispered, I didn't expect myself to say that but the minute it came into my head it came out of my mouth. Oliver smiled and I nearly said that was amazing too.
"You're one to talk. Thank you for making my shitty day better" he said it with shyness and it made me smile.
"Thanks for making my shitty night better," I said in return.
"The guys an idiot, you're the most beautiful woman in that bar." His face was still inches from mine and I could swear he was going to kiss me. I took a deep breath in and smelled him again. Even at nearly two o'clock in the morning, he smelled amazing. His eyes went to my lips and I smiled. My heart was beating in my chest for this man I had just met but god there was something about Oliver. I moved my head forward and was shocked at my own action. What was this man making me do? This was so unlike me. Oliver took my movement as game on and kissed my lips gently, his hand still on my face. His lips were so soft and the kiss was smooth, romantic and made me nearly crumble into him. Pulling back he smiled.
"Let’s get you home." I nodded as he got his suit jacket and threw some notes on the table. "Thanks Phillip" Oliver shouted as he guided me towards the door. My legs were a little bit like jelly and I welcomed his hand on my lower back.
"Any time Mr Moses take care." Phillip shouted back but I couldn't see him.

We sat in Oliver's car outside my house and I turned to him.
"I can't believe you have a bugatti" I chuckled, he wasn't chucking me out of his car and I didn't particularly want to leave.
"It's just a car Mia."
"Yeah but this must cost me like ten years in rent". He laughed and it made me grin like a mad woman.
"Maybe, my lamborghini cost more though." He said it like it was the most normal thing in the world. I put my hand to my chest, Oliver didn’t give off any arrogance about his appearance or his money.
"I don't even know what to say."
"I don't drive that one too much though" he rubbed his forehead.
"Let me go, you're tired," I said as I went towards the door.
"No I don't want you too. Come to mine," my heart jumped in my chest. I had just met this man and I was embarrassed to say my heart was telling me to get to his house pronto.
"Maybe tomorrow," I whispered.
"Okay, wear something nice. I'll pick you up at six." It was a demand not a suggestion and it made me cross my legs. I got out of the car and Oliver was already behind me as I walked to my flat.
"Thanks for being such a gentleman," I said as I stood by my front door. He smiled, his dimples showing and I nearly crumbled and went to his house. "You smile so much it's beautiful," I said then slapped myself mentally.
Oliver looked down smiling again, I was digging this shyness about him.
"Careful I'll kidnap you to my house," his head came back up to my eyes and he kissed me on the cheek.
"See you tomorrow Mia" I waved as he walked back into his car. I got into my house and kicked my shoes off. Checking my phone to see if my actual date let me know why he stood me up. He hadn't. I clicked my kettle on to make myself a cup of tea and caught myself in the small mirror I had hanging on the wall in my kitchen. My cheeks were a little pink and I was grinning stupidly. My twenties weren't roaring like most people's, even my university days were pretty calm. I knew what I had to do and got it done. So I could do my true passion which was teaching. I had a couple of boys here and there but nothing to write home about much to my dismay. I had been single for around five years, which is why Angel wanted to set me up with someone she works with. She told me how great he was, nice car the rest of it. I chuckled to myself as I poured my hot water in my cup. I bet he didn't have a bugatti. I threw my dress off and got into bed, telling myself I would take my makeup off in a minute. I snuggled under my duvet with my cup of tea thinking about Oliver. I laughed to myself, I didn't know anything about the man. I didn't even check if he had a wedding ring on. No he wasn't married, he is a lot older than me though so maybe he was married, I wondered if he had any children? My eyes started to close so I placed my tea on the bedside table.
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