Begin Again

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Scene 9


Kate slammed her head against the shield protecting Skylar and Kieran. This broke them out of their moment of staring into each other's eyes. They both turned their head to the side to see Kate ramming herself against the force field again.

"Put the shield down," Kieran demanded as he pulled himself off from Skylar. "I need to get Kate to calm down."

"Are you crazy," Skylar said as she pulled herself up from the ground. "She'll kill us both," she stared at him in disbelief. Kate again rammed her head against the force field as she was trying to get to Skylar.

"She's not. It won't hold her back forever and you know that," Kieran growled out as he started removing his clothing.

"What do you think you are doing?" Skylar stared at his rock hard body once his shirt was off. She was not ashamed to look at a man's body, she was comfortable with nudity compared to the human women.

"Saving your life," he looked at her over his shoulder and instantly shifted into his white beast. Skylar stumbled back in shock as she assumed he was a Werewolf and not a Lycan.

"You're a..." Skylar didn't get to finish her statement as Kieran growled at her to put the shield down. Skylar quickly put down the shield and only let it surround her.

As soon as the shield went down, Kieran ran toward's Kate. Kieran tackled Kate to the floor and was quickly able to subdue her by biting into her shoulder. Kate passed out from the pressure Kieran's canines were putting on her. Kieran dragged Kate by the back of the neck like a puppy towards the temple.

Skylar stood watching, still in shock, at what she saw. She gripped the dress that Kate had given her, close to her chest. She didn't know what to do so she just stood there inside the protection of her force field. After ten minutes, Kieran walked back out of the temple, fully clothed.

"You can take it down now," Kieran said with a calm tone but his face still held anger.

"No. You're a Lycan," Skyler replied back.

"Don't you think you would be dead already if I wanted to kill you," Kieran's husky voice was no longer calm, he was beginning to get irritated. Skylar stood shut at that statement which caused Kieran to speak again.

"Get back inside before you injure yourself even more or you can stay out here and I'll let the rest of them get to you instead," Kieran growled out. Skylar took a couple of seconds to think about it before closing her eyes. Finally the force field dropped and when she opened her eyes, she rolled them.

"You know, you could be a lot nicer to me."

"You haven't earned anything for me to be nice," Kieran replied. "Looks like Kate is being nice enough for the both of us," he gestured to the dress in Skylar's arms.

"It's beautiful, isn't it." Skylar whispered as she passed her hands over the dress. Kieran heard her, but he didn't comment.

"Are you able to walk inside? It's not safe for you to be out here," Kieran's voice became softer and Skylar snapped her eyes to him at hearing his tone. Kieran really adored his sister and felt sad knowing no one outside the walls would ever get to see her talent.

"Yes, I can walk." Kieran nodded and turned to walk towards the temple's entrance. Skylar limped as she followed him inside.

Once they made it back into Kieran's room, he left quickly after. He came back a couple of minutes later with some food and water for Skylar. He didn't stay anything to her and was quickly on his way back out the door.

"Thank you, Kieran." This was the first time Skylar said his name and it made him stop in his tracks.

"You're welcome," Kieran replied before he moved again.

"Wait," Skylar softly shouted. Kieran turned around to face her and he stared at her expectantly. "How are you able to shift willingly and control it."

"That's none of your concern, Witch." Kieran muttered out his reply. He wasn't about to trust Skylar with information about himself or his Lycan family.

"What do I have to do for you to trust me?" Skylar had about enough with his attitude towards her.

"No outsider can be trusted," Kieran said as he walked to the door and opened it. "I'll be back in a few hours with your next meal," he then walked out the bedroom.

Skylar groaned as soon as Kieran left. She needed to think of something that would get him to trust in her. She wanted to see Kate again, see if she was okay, and get her help in befriending Kieran.

Just like Kieran promised, he returned a few hours later with food and water. When he entered the room, he noticed Skylar had not touch the food he brought to her earlier.

"Why didn't you eat?" Kieran questioned.

"I wasn't hungry," Skylar mumbled. When he had entered the room, Skylar didn't move to look at him, she just stood lying on the bed with her back towards him.

"You need to eat so you can heal," Kieran growled out as his eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you care?" she continued to mumble.

"Because I need you out of here as soon as possible," Kieran snarled at her.

"What difference does it make, if I die from starvation, you'll still be rid of me." Before Kieran could respond to that, the bedroom door burst open.

"Kieran, it's Mama. Somethings wrong." A little boy about eight years old, shouted hysterically with tears coming down his chubby cheeks.

"Hey hey Jake, calm down." Kieran kneeled to Jake's level, "it's normal for her to have minor pains, we can't get scared every time she has them."

"No. She's bleeding this time," Jake said through his cries. Next thing that was heard was a woman's scream followed by a pained howl. Kieran quickly got up and ran towards the screams. When he entered the bedroom the screams were coming from, he saw Jake's pregnant mother with blood stained on her dress.

"Lydia, what happened?" Kieran was beside the pregnant woman on the bed.

"I don't know. Sam and I were talking. Felt pain. Then Sam shifted," Lydia said through her panting. Kieran looked to the other corner of the room where Jake's father was in his beast form, curled up into a ball.

"Sam, go outside. You're no help here," Kieran spoke to the Lycan and Sam instantly looked up and ran out the room. "Okay Lydia, where does it hurt?"

"Mama, will you be okay?" Jake cried out.

"Jake, go to Kate. I'll take care of your Mama," Kieran instructed the boy and Jake nodded as he ran out the room.

"I think something's wrong with the baby," Lydia grunted out.

Kieran didn't take notice that Skylar had followed him to the room. She had watched how Kieran was able to command Sam's beast and the beast didn't even bat an eye at Skylar's presence.

"I can help," Skylar spoke up.

"No. Get out of here, go back to the room where it's safe." Kieran didn't want Skylar anywhere near the other Lycans, he was not going to trust a Witch with the safety of his people.

"Kieran, I can help. I've delivered babies before. If you don't let me help, they both will die." Skylar pleaded as she stepped closer to the bed.

"Who is she?" Lydia asked Kieran as her eyes were wide in shock at seeing a non-Lycan.

"My name is Ky, I'm a Witch. I can help you and your baby, let me help you." Skyler spoke softly to Lydia and Lydia nodded with approval. Kieran grunted and sharply threatened Skylar.

"If anything happens to them, I will not hesitate to kill you."

"You can trust me," Skylar gently responded with a small smile.

Skylar placed her hands on Lydia's stomach and closed her eyes as she chanted a spell. Skylar was able to see what was happening inside Lydia's body and noticed that the placenta had separated from the inner walls of her uterus. Skylar had to work fast or else Lydia would lose her babies and die right along with them. Skylar recited a healing spell to help the babies receive blood and oxygen they were deprived of for the last few minutes.

"Okay Lydia, I have to deliver your babies or all three of you will die."

"Babies?" Kieran and Lydia both shouted.

"Yes, you're having two beautiful babies," Skylar confirmed. "Lydia, this is going to hurt like hell. I need to cut you open, you can't deliver naturally."

"You're certain about this?" Kieran was still skeptical of Skylar.

"Just save my babies," Lydia cried out as she thought about potentially losing her babies. Skylar nodded and then chanted a spell to make a blade appear in her hand.

"I won't let any of you die," Skylar promised right before cutting through Lydia's skin.
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