Begin Again

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Scene 2

Skylar stepped out of her changing area into the theater's lobby after saying goodbye to Bay, she dissipated back to the coven. There were many people standing in the lobby, audience members meeting and giving gifts to the actors. Skylar was instantly greeted by a man in his sixties with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

The man smiled widely at her. "Hello, Miss Holme. You were incredible as always." He extended his arms to give Skylar the bouquet and Skylar accepted it graciously.

"Thank you, Fred, you shouldn't have." Skylar returned a smile of her own, she knew that Fred was a harmless human man. He's come to plenty of her performances throughout the past months and she has grown quite fond of him.

"A beautiful flower like you deserves many beautiful flowers." He grabbed her free hand and lovingly looked at her in the eyes. "You remind me so much of my darling Margaret. I know she would have loved you."

"I wish I could have met her..." Skylar gave him a slight squeeze. "I know she would have wanted you to find someone new and be happy."

"Oh dear child, I'm perfectly happy." Fred chuckled softly and let go of her hand. "Now, don't let this old man hold you up, I know there are others who want to meet you. I'll see you at your next performance."

Skylar continued to smile and gave Fred a small nod as he walked away. She watched as Fred went to speak with a group of people around his age and she noticed a woman showing interest in Fred through her body language. Skylar mumbled a few words of a spell, to help Fred become more open to the possibility of finding love again. Skylar didn't notice that a certain red head saw what she had done, but Abel would confront her later about it.

After almost an hour of meeting and greeting the audience members, Skylar headed home as it was getting pretty late. She decided to walk as she only lived about fifteen minutes from the main town square where the theater was located. She didn't bother with riding a stagecoach.

A stagecoach is usually designed with a compartment that has the shape of a shallow U, with a protective roof above. There is a door on each side and the coach can seat four people, in pairs facing each other. The coachman, driving the horses, sits above the front wheels. It was an expensive mode of transportation and Skylar found no need to waste money for a short trip home.

Five minutes into her walk home, Skylar had to walk past the woods. She was never scared to walk alone, but she always felt like there was something out there watching every townsperson. As she continued on her way, she was suddenly yanked against a tree with a hand covering her mouth.

"Shhh. Was that a kind gesture I witnessed back there from the Great Skylar?" Abel planted his lips on Skylar's and they both kissed each other like parched humans drinking from an oasis.

Skylar and Abel have been secretly seeing each other for about a month, she didn't want their cast mates to know about them as she doesn't want to be in a committed relationship. Abel is a half Witch, but was unfortunately born without any magic due to having a human father. Skylar had confided in Abel about coming from the Witch coven located in Avery Falls and that she came to this human town, Eroda, for a new beginning.

What she didn't tell Abel was the reason she left the coven. Witches, Spirits and Werewolves had once been allies, but the Spirit wanted more than being a type of sidekick. Being Familiars of the Witches, they convinced them to take over the throne. But things took a turn for the worst a year ago when Willow became the Spirit leader after the previous leader lost her powers due to the sudden death of her Witch. The Spirit's agenda quickly changed from taking over the throne to taking over the world. Skylar had had enough of Willow and planned to stop her as Skylar just wanted to rule over a small village such as Avery Falls. Skylar was determined to make that happen.

Skylar broke the kiss for a moment and in a seductive tone of voice she said, "The Great Skylar can be very kind in other ways."

Abel let out a grunt before slamming his lips on her again. He lifted her up, pushing her body even more against the tree trunk. He started to loosen the bottom layers of Skylar's dress. Once he was done, he broke the kiss to pull his cock out of his pants. Already erect, he pulled out a condom and handed it to Skylar so she could put in on him. Once it was on, Abel slipped inside her. Skylar shivered for just a moment as Abel placed his mouth against the side of her neck, giving her small open mouthed kisses. Skylar grabbed on to Abel's ass as he pushed in and out of her, her wet pussy clenching around him. He cupped his hands over her clothed breasts as he fucked her harder and faster. His hard cock rubbed her walls, pushing against the tender spot inside her. Abel moved one hand to rub Skylar's clit. All that could be heard in that quiet part of the woods were Abel's grunts and Skylar's soft moans. Skylar came with an explosive gasp and Abel let go a moment later. Once Abel pulled out, he discarded the condom and they both pulled their clothes back on.

"You are amazing, Skylar." He then kissed her softly on the lips.

"I know," she teased.

Abel leaned towards her to give her another kiss, but was interrupted by a sudden growl coming from deep in the woods.

"What was that? There are no wolves in this town." Abel questioned.

"Maybe it was just a dog, you know they love to run and play in these woods."

"Yeah, maybe." Abel whispered to himself. He wasn't convinced with Skylar's explanation because it didn't sound like any dog's growl to him. Skylar knew exactly what creatures were beyond the woods, but it wasn't something would let Abel know.

"Come on, walk me the rest of the way home." They walked hand in hand the rest of the way, in comfortable silence. When they reached Skylar's porch at her nice little cottage, Abel turned to her with a smile.

"So... when will I see you again?"

"Hmm, I don't know. I'll contact you, I have plans for my days off." Skylar responded, but she had no plans, she just didn't want Abel to get too attached.

"Oh... okay." Abel said with disappointment evident in his voice. "I'll be waiting."

Abel grabbed her hand, kissed her knuckles and walked off into the night. Skylar sighed deeply as she watched Abel disappear into the darkness of the night. She stood outside for a moment, staring up at the moon.

"It's almost time." She whispered and then mumbled a few words, an incantation to changed her appearance and clothing. No one would be able to recognize her. Her dark hair was now platinum blonde, her full lips were now thinner, her pointed nose was now slightly wider, and her tan skin was now fair skinned. The only feature that remained the same was her almond shaped brown eyes. Skylar was now wearing a pink off-the-shoulder neckline bodice with full, mid-length, cartridge-pleated sleeves. She wore a ivory colored satin skirt with it. Her platinum hair was tied back with a butterfly clip, with tendrils falling at the front of her face.

Using the incantation to grant her speed, Skylar ran off. When she came to a stop, she was standing in front of the entrance to a secret underground club that was located deep in the woods where no human dared pass because of stories heard about demonic possession. It was all a lie, it was just many different supernatural creatures getting together and having some fun. Only creatures that come to this place were rogues. There were two types of rogues: those that were kicked out of their families because of wrong doings and those that didn't fit in so they decided to be by themselves.

Skylar took one step into the cave that led underground. She didn't know that this night was the night that would change her life forever... when her eyes met his.
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